Please unlock brutal+ matchmaking

They could have just added new maps instead of all this brutal+. That never gets used except by you guys.

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Nice work on the alzheimers.

More maps does nothing to change difficulty… which is what this whole convo has been about. But you managed to wander aimlessly in twice and be totally irrelevant twice

Ah, the classic “you can’t have your idea cuz I don’t play it” argument. Timeless!

Crazy how having more maps and having random b+ 4 to 6 queue don’t interfere with one another. No wayyyyyy?!?!?!

What good does a high/infinite skill ceiling, if you can queue for the highest difficulty and win with just building bunkers and 1apm?

We have 18 commanders with 4 prestiges. Most of them are pretty much never played. The P0 presitges of pretty much all commanders have been made pretty obsolete. Some of them have a pretty f-ing high ceiling, while being hard to play overall. And they never are played.

The game is not boring because the skill ceiling is too low. It is boring because it has become into a competition to see which prestige can cheese the game harder with the least effort required. Infiltration specialists doing nothing but demolition drones, nukes and airstrikes. Tychus just playing tychus and killing an attack wave with 1 grenade while using the other outlaws as static defenses basically. Best buddy playing just Garry… and so on and so on…

When was the last time you saw a raynor laying spider mines? It used to be a good strategy… not completely braindead easy as your typical faceroll picks you see all the time on coop now. It’s simply not played any more cause Blizz has given everyone and his grandma the ability to win as easily as you want, essentially putting the lower end of the skill required near 0.

And you stand there in broad daylight, talking about increasing the skill ceiling… it’s ridiculous. What good is a ceiling if you don’t have a floor?

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Regardless of what “we wanted”, B+ was much lower hanging fruit. New missions are quite time consuming. Even back when we haven’t gotten a new mission for 1.5 years (but long before the “no new paid content” announcement), the writing was already on the wall.

that’s true, but thing is even for the worst commander and worst prestige possible, brutal+ alone is still becomes too easy and repetitive and therefore not enjoyable. Its annoying when you have to come up with ways to artificially handicap yourself because the skill ceiling is set too low regardless. Sometimes I do no heroes runs, 1 base runs, no top bar runs, or use unorthodox army compositions just to spice it up a bit.

I would like to be a to random queue into higher b+, the b+1 mutators are just 3 kinds, bunch environmental, annoying mutators or mutations that are barely any different from normal brutal, very rarely b+1 rolls something enjoyable to play or a mutation that makes me change the way I play compared to a normal game.

Requiring people to party while not providing any way to find people in game is a problem, and let’s not act like the coop chat is an option cause it might as well be renamed to the trump chat (I haven’t joined trump chat in a while I hope It changed a little bit since then).

I know I know there was an announcement about no more sc2 content and the only reason blizz even moved a finger for 1v1 maps was the force of the law for contracts they signed long ago, but I’ll day what I think of b+ anyway.

There are an unnecesarily big amount of b+ difficulties, I think a point system is a good way to make sure more difficult mutations roll in higher difficulties but the point system should also take synergies into consideration. There should also be more restrictions on the number of mutators, a b+1 should only be able to roll 2 mutators but it should be able to roll all except the hardest mutators, this way a player who is just getting into mutations can experience all mutators in relative isolation, this doesn’t mean you should simply go with “b+1 is 2 mutators, b+2 is to 3 mutators and so on”, the mutator score is still a good way to make harder mutations appear in higher difficulties, and with good balance it’s a better scoring than just “x random mutators”, the score also makes sure that not too easy mutations roll.

Another problem of b+ is mutator and commander balance, I can assure you if you select zeratul you’ll be winning basically every game up to b+5, and almost every b+6 cause he is just that op, except if you roll kill bots and then you die. A mutator like kill bots that can only be reasonably beaten with only 4 commanders is just unacceptable, and a commander like HH that makes you feel useless against half of the mutations also is unacceptable. Seeing the mutators before selecting commanders would help but in the current balance of things you can basically sort the commander selection with 1 line of code (if mutator = kill bots -> select stetmann, else select zeratul), I have a lot of problems with many other mutators but kill bots is just the top one.

About mutator synergies, I have no idea how after multiple posts and after appearing in a bug hunt by maguro (we know blizz took bug fixes from there, obviously between the b+ and the prestige patch so blizz was still working on coop at the time), how is it possible that temple of the past can still roll mutators that make you lose in 1 minute?, why does diffusion count as enemy damage making it have synergy with an stupidly high amount of mutators?, why is speed freaks boombots a thing?, In fact, who thought it’s reasonable that after doing a wrong input the bot should speed up AND have a 10 seconds invul period? Why is black hole in the list of things casted by power overwhelming?, The b+ problem goes far beyond just the scoring system of b+ or not being able to queue in there.


Agree with the point system. The 1-6 make no sense and switching to their equivalent points might be far easier to match and better mutator match up.

Co Op chat is still pretty bad most of the time lol. You occasionally do get some interesting conversations about commander strategies, but that is fairly rare, so probably best to leave Co Op chat turned off.

All these people talking about increasing the challenge, yet they never faced off against me in the 2v1 Chain of Ascension. I know, it’s arcade, but a challenge is a challenge, and so far I’ve had a pretty good time making commanders lose as Amon on normal there.

I am pretty sure most people that play Co Op are not really interested in going against other players. I mean… it is called Co Op for a reason… people want to praise the sun together and be grossly incandescent.

I really hope people get that reference…

Well, no amount of Dark Souls references is convincing me that a challenge that some folk don’t want because they don’t want to face against someone kinda makes it look like they can’t actually adapt to changes on the fly. You see it as player vs player, I see it as a challenge that some people shy away from for arbitrary and silly reasons and thus deny me from seeing how good they are at the game.

Course, some folk will argue and whine that “it’s arcade, so it doesn’t matter” and “amon’s op” and all that other stuff, but there’s always folk like that.

Archon mode was a huge fail.