Please give me a feature to disable all chat

i don’t want to be abused or trash talked by others.
your game is infested with players who treat others poorly and belittle them to boost their own egos. reporting does nothing. my block list is full. reporting abuse says ‘thank you’ and then allows it to continue.

i HATE interacting with other people in the starcraft community. i HATE people who join clans and gang up on others. i HATE having to play this game with chat enabled.

do something.

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you can block everyone from messaging you, as well as shut off general chat. as for ingame chat your screwed. and dont ask for new features, there is no development with the game so you wont get it.

The answer hasn’t changed since Dec, bleh.

First, again, if you want all chat disabled, use the communication preferences in your account’s Parental Controls. Know that it will disable chat everywhere across all of Battlenet for the account.

The only other option is to periodically clear out the oldest 1/4th of your blocks to make room for new ones.

Second, again, the game is out of development. There will be no more developmental changes, including new chat options.

Hopefully this is all clear now.

Then why do you write here, instead of directly to the Customer Service through e-mail or even postal mail?

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