Patch disabled auto log-in from battlenet app

As the title says, after the patch, it created an annoying problem that drops me back to the log in page after starting the game, anyone has a solution to this problem? D3 and OW does not have this issue at all.

This is really irritating. Reinstall and scan/fix doesnt work at all.

Same problem here.
it appeared just after the 4.10 Patch.
Stop me if I’m mistaken but, also there is no “remember password” checkbox.
So the login has to be made everytime I start the game which is really annoying because I prefer more frequent, shorter game sessions recently.

PS: It’s forgetting the Server-region as well

i can log in from the app without issues. i suspect that the app and the client is not communicating properly. for example if the app is listed as offine, you need to log in when you start the client. i am not sure what your problem is however.


It seems the automatic login feature for StarCraft II isn’t working, this can be caused by a caching issue or something blocking the client from properly saving the data. I would recommend trying the following steps:

  1. Go to your Documents folder → Delete the StarCraft II folder. Make sure if you utilize cloud back up software like OneDrive that this folder isn’t being backed up.

  2. Reset your Blizzard app password following the steps Here. This will help refresh the cache on the server’s end.

  3. Log back into the Blizzard app first try logging into another region. Above the Play buttons using the REGION/ACCOUNT drop down try changing the region to EU or Asia. Log in like normal and if that works switch back to Americas retest!

Thank you!

Hello Zuvykree.
Thank you for the fast response.
I don’t know about the others but after trying each of those 3 steps (deleted folder, reset pw, region change) in intermixed and complete order, the issue still persists.

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Same Here and it happened since I installed the app and i still didn’t download any game yet