Opinion on improving Swann's Vanilla and Prestige

This is just my take on this.


Moving shots for Hellions
I think adding this could open another option for Swann’s build. His hellions are useless as they are.

Twin Link upgrade for Hellions
Another upgrade for Hellions, double the width and +1 range should make them viable.

Faster Cyclone

Cyclone should maintain lock-on even when the target is out of sight (but not out of range)
Enable this upgrade to Cyclone upgrade so Amon’s Cyclones don’t benefit.

Tactical Jump for Science Vessel
I don’t see why Vanilla shouldn’t have this ability, their mobility is slow for a good reason but it is a fact they are too slow to reach their destination. Yes, prestige 3 have them but personally I don’t like when an simple ability have ‘better’ performance for a sake of being a prestige, I think it’s kind of lazy.

Hercules Dropship enable unload ability to be used at once
I have no qualm of P3 having larger space and unload quality but why do I have to unload button multiple time to unload my forces when it just easily can be enabled to be unloaded at once.
Keep in mind I am not talking about “simultaneous drop” like in P3 but the unload command itself.

Prestige 1

This prestige isn’t bad perse actually it is pretty straight forward but I just feel that it have more potential but not fulfilled enough.

Enable all Building upgrades
Fire suppression and reinforced armour works but Faster attack and longer range doesn’t for it. The focus for this ability is the drill itself so I think it would more interesting for players to continuously develop the Drill throughout the game for better pay off.
I think the KMC upgrade should give faster attack speed and Hi-sec auto tracking can rid of the delay for the drill (allowing it to attack instantly).

Enable Weapon and Armour upgrade to benefit the Drill
Again, this is about the drill.

Prestige 2

I can’t speak for lot of people but I find this ability very boring and with little payoff (compared to Karax’s Architect of War).
The following is just my take on it.

Add hero Swann that plays like Sirius
Starcraft 2 Co-op is supposed to be strategy game and not hero game but yeah, do you really need strategy when you play Coop? Well, kind of… but it would be good if this prestige enable an alternative play for Swann.
Swann can instantly build towers.
I’m thinking of enabling costs for the ability, disabling refund costs and the Drakken Drill for additional disadvantages

This is an experimental video I made for it.

Prestige 3

I have no qualm for this prestige actually, aside from slow start this prestige is actually good when you get to it.
I feel some of the benefit like Jump for Science Vessel and unload command (not the drop speed) should be standard to Vanilla version. Like I said I don’t like when a prestige hold on to simple advantage just to define itself.


I am very much for this change.

However, very much against this one.


What I wrote on another forum:

Let Cyclones be as good as they are in multi-person mode. In multi-man mode, these units are perfect for destroying armored targets. The large reserve of the range of arrows allows them to maneuver freely and at the same time keep the targeted units in the range of fire all the time. Slightly cheaper it would be possible to produce them in larger quantities quickly until Thors could be produced.

Give the Hellions more fire range / movement speed / wider flame thrower range. Units would be produced in larger numbers against swarm / bio terran / etc.

H&H upgrade that doubles supplies.

Add it all to P1 with no defense cannons possible like the Karax P2.

It would be played as Stiukov mass Diamondbacks and everything would be slowed down by the laser.

Swann does NOT need a hero unit.


Prestige 1 Change: I was thinking that the drill should reduce the armor of affected units by -1/-2/-4 depending on upgrade level. Units no longer being drilled would have the armor reduction persist for 2/5/10 seconds depending on upgrade level.

Prestige 2: Was thinking that in addition to the bonuses to the turrets, I reckon units should gain increased armor when stationary, to make the increase in vespene cost more to make sense.

For a “hero Swann” look no further then CrapPatrol 2, it’s awesome! (beside the incredible lag at the latest stages even on the best computers…)

Not even sure what a Swann hero would do. I don’t remember him when we do the HotS mutator. In WoL campaign, he throws out Flaming Betties, and perhaps another mini-tower? He’s basically a glorified Sirius from Tychus’ crew.

EDIT: I missed in the OP that Swann would indeed be like Sirius. With that, this post of mine still stands

I am fine with P1 Swann as he is, especially since they increased the slowing effect and splash area.

With P2 I would only change that the structures repair themselves to full health. The gas increase isn’t really a thing, because you either don’t build units or if you do the gas drones equalize. I don’t think we need hero Swann and instant building either, because we have advanced construction.

I cannot say much about P3, because I don’t use the Hercules drop strategy.

What I could imagine about hellions and cyclones is a prestige talent (but we already have 3 and I don’t think any changes will be made anyway), something like:
Hellions and cyclones can fire on the move and have 50% more movement speed. Cyclones’ gas cost removed. Cyclones deal 400% more damage.
Cyclones cannot use the lock-on ability. Hellbats and vespene harvesters are unavailable. Combat units cost 20% more minerals.

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P1 and P3 are fine

P2 needs
+300% for turret upgrades (range and attack speed)
+200% for building upgrades (armor-+6 and Fire suppression-repair faster so 45 hps)
+50% unit gas costs, no Vespene Drones

I think that would work better on P1 in exchange of some more advantages, to encourage a “scout with Hellions, kill with the drill/calldowns/???” style.

Lol, I can just see those crazed “gimme VD naoooow” players harassing the :poop: out of Swann players hahaha :rofl:. Cuz I bet they won’t even know (kind of like P3 Karax has no chrono, which I had a few incessantly asking until I tell them P3 doesn’t have Chrono).


Swann with drill mastery in a nutshell

P2 Also needs:
Units under immortality protocol burn down 1hp more slowly.

I was thinking of some additions to P2, in the turrets-master spirit:


  • Swann can build additional Laser Drill


  • If destroyed, laser drills don’t rebuild themselves.
  • A drill must be selected to use drills calldowns, cooldown is shared between drills, not individual.

Maybe still not enough to beat H&H P3, Mengsk, and possible other configurations for extreme turtle strategy, but that’s why it’s not absurd either.

Swann players with which I have played tend to get over 50% of their damage done from the laser drill (for which I am usually the one providing the vision).

Second drill would be basically enough to replace all their army and static defense they make over the entire game.

The drills don’t get destroyed unless the base is overrun, which is a gg anyway.
Requirement to have the drill selected is not a biggie, just hotkey it.

I have yet to try any of Swann’s Prestige.
P1 has me interested
P2, as well, although my only wish is that Fire Suppression System upgrade is also “doubled”
P3… I guess I should try Herc tank drop on P0 to see what the hoopla’s aboud

There are two main things that I think Swann should’ve had introduced to his commander a long time ago.

  1. High Impact Payload/Explosive Payload from Ladder. No, really. Even though the Goliaths still would have the Thors beat, it would give them a better anti-air niche as a Massive/Armored destroyer.
  2. Smart Servos. With HIP/EP, Swann would have 3 units that benefit from this upgrade. Hellions/Hellbats, Siege Tanks, and Thors. As the mech master, it makes no sense as to why he doesn’t have this.

P1 is good, some may still prefer the calldowns but it’s good enough if you know how to deal with attack waves, makes wraith and cyclone comps better.

P2 is fine I guess, it’s not interesting as Karax P1.

P3 is gud, mass thors are better with this, or get your main army to attack bases from another angle. Far easier to deal with attack waves too.

You already mentioned it but that’s a complete waste of time. Goliaths are one of the best anti-armored anti-air that can exist in co op, and even when they aren’t the best answer Swann has Wraiths and Cyclones too.

There’s simply no reason for him to have yet ANOTHER anti-armored anti-air unit. The fact that Thors have that special ability means that they serve a role that isn’t redundant in Swann’s army, not that I ever use it mind you but at least it isn’t redundant.

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P3 is better with Siege Tanks than it is with any other unit. Simple reason, loading Tanks into a Herc reloads their shot, when you deploy drop micro the tanks fire when you drop them. Aside from being just awesome to have them fire on command like that, it also removes the innate weakness of Siege Tanks: their immobility. Mobile Siege Tanks are super powerful. Why would you need Smart Servos when the Herc can just redeploy them as fast as they do?

Also P3 improves the Herc even further by reducing the cooldown on Tactical Jump.

Honestly it’s just flat out superior to Swann’s default. All it takes is a little practice using the Herc to understand why.