Nova Covert Ops Crash

I’m getting very consistent crashes in two of the Nova Covert Ops missions - Flashpoint and Dark Skies. The game goes black, then my entire PC goes back, and usually (but not always) recovers but SC2 needs to be force-closed. I’ve recently played all 3 campaigns and the rest of Nova without issues, it’s just those two.

I don’t have any actual crash logs or folders, none generate, but “2024-02-24 16.25.37 Graphics” has hundreds of copies of this error, all identical;

GFX 16:37:08.867 DirectX call failed with error code -2005530519
GFX 16:37:08.867 Lost D3D9 device
GFX 16:37:08.867 DirectX call failed with error code -2005530518
GFX 16:37:08.867 DirectX call failed with error code -2005530518
GFX 16:37:08.867
GFX 16:37:08.867 D3D9 Device Reset from ::OnRender returned Graphics device is not available at this time. Please try starting StarCraft II again, or restarting your machine. If the problem persists, for more information consult our support website at

I have tried Scan and Repair and reinstalling, neither helped. Reading other issues, I don’t have OneDrive Sync and Gamebar was disabled, and my PC is comically above minimum/recommended specs. Graphics card is a 7900 XTX.

If there’s any more info I can provide, or different forum/tickets preferred, I’m happy to oblige.

I’m having almost the same issue for the Nova DLC, but in the Level “Night Terrors”. Happens when the flashback sequence happens, like its a visual effect triggering it (both into and out of the flashback). Screen goes black, sometimes recovers going into the flashback, but not back. I have the same video card, although I’m not seeing any errors listed in dxdiag. I’ve been playing the campaign fine till now. Not sure if its the new patch.

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Very interesting - thanks for sharing your experience! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I wonder if it really is the card, just seems weird since every other mission works for both of us?

I can crash before then, but the flashback sequence in Flashpoint is a guaranteed crash for me as well. So maybe something to do with those.

After a little testing, I believe it has to do with the shadders (not shadows). I turned everything low then section by section started maxing things up inbetween flashback areas. I was able to get everything high/ultra other than shadders (mid, so I could get shadows selectable) and post-processing (didn’t get to test). But at least I was able to beat the level. Hope that helps.

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I had the same problem (7900xtx, same crashes, same flashback sequence). Turning the shader setting down to minimum works. After finishing the mission you can reset the settings. Thanks to MrX20XX

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Very helpful! Doubt we’re getting a Blizzard fix for this anytime soon, so that’s the best solution for now.

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