New Help on a few Stetmann Units

Just returned to play Stettman again and could use some reminder on some of his units. Namely: Baneling, Corruptor, Infestor, and MDL.

Baneling: I haven’t used it because Gary kinda melts waves and base defense on its own. And I heard it got bugs? (no pun intended)

Corruptors: Hydra has been handling air compositions without issue, so I haven’t used it much, let alone its Terraclean Solvent ability. As for handling a group of flyers, see above about Gary.

Infestor: Does UMI-C Charging Protocol static? Is Deconstructive Roach-nites for sieging? Which leads to…

MDL: How beastly is this one?

Mecha Banelings are my least used Stettman unit but would shine against Fatal Attraction, Double Edge and Props I would think.

Mecha Corruptors I find underwhelming compared to Hydras most of the time but they are a natural anti-air option for P3. That said, the cluster buster rocket is very effective against clumped up air. Terraclean Solvent is really just to give them an anti-ground option which other anti-air fliers lack.

Mecha Infestors are great fun. Throw their abilities and then circle Charge them all back up. Requires rapid fire (like most Stettman units). Deconstruction roachnites is probably too much micro compared to just spawning roaches and charging back up.

Mecha Battlecarrier Lords are super fun but so expensive as to be rarely worth it except in specific circumstances. On P3 they provide mecha broodlings for your Ultras to absorb health from. Can be great to build these against ground comps with weak anti-air. Against some protoss ground comps with anti air like Scouts or Mirages you can even use their Stettmato Cannon to clear the skies. Great to go heavy into them when you get a Swann ally.

Generally as P2 I go Hydra/Ling. Against specific mutators I’d switch to P1 (reanimators or poops for example) and then maybe use Infestors or other tech units. My favourite though is Ultra/Corruptor/BCL P3, works so great against anything ground.

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Lol, just give them a try. With Stetmann, a lot of the carrying and/or engagement is dependent on your hero-unit usage.

Banes I believe still aren’t getting their full damage. Corruptors are great just that you’d usually have to use either Zerglings for AG or make BCL (but the latter is great fun and they are very strong if you got your macro down). Overly costly they are though. As for Infestors, they are perfectly fine (even post the nerf).

It just sounds like you need to give them all a few tries to get to know them.

Apparently aside from the Banelings, others could use usage depending on the army I pick, eh?

I only use banelings late game when I’m sitting on a big bank as they really are just a luxury or a supplement for ultras in wave clearing.
I only ever use infestors on DoN coz the deconstructive roach nites destroy small infested buildings in one cast and yes the charging protocol roots the infestor but I think it has a long leash range.
I get corruptors for P3 (coz they don’t compete with Ultras for oil) or when I want to run a mass air comp.
MBCLs are another luxury unit IMO and they have a lot of upkeep since you need to switch to purple field after every engagement so they have full “ammo” for the next but when properly microed and against a mostly ground comp like immortal-colossus they are uncontested as you can just yamato their scout escorts and they can’t touch you.

Bait some Carriers to attacking something. Then fire the Corruptor’s Rocket Clusters at a swarm of Interceptors and they’ll all die, rendering Carriers useless.

  1. Banelings are worthless. Literally worthless. There’s zero times you’d want to use them with Gary, and further more Super Gary, around. Gary does their job, but better.
  2. Corruptors are AMAZING at clearing air units. Oh my god they’re amazing. The Cluster Buster Rockets are so OP vs Air. You shoot off a rapid fire volley of like 3 or 4 of these into an air wave and they just evaporate immediately. Amazing support for your Hydras, or even good in Ling/Corruptor // Ling/Corruptor/BattleCarrier Lord compositions.
  3. UMI-C is not static, you need to manually activate it and it lasts for a set amount of time unless canceled. Generally not seen unless you’re massing Infestor. Deconstructive Roach-nites is for sieging but is never used, since that energy is better used for Roaches awaaaaayyyyy!
  4. BCLs, against the right composition, can be amazing. I love going mass BCL on trains vs mostly ground (even if they can shoot up.) Getting +Attack on both the BCLs and the Broodlings means you’re pumping out some serious damage, and Stettmato Cannon gives you extra burst. You’ll be on the JUICE field most of the game though, as BCLs need the energy to fight. They’re also the most expensive unit in the game that can be produced en masse. Pretty sure they’re more expensive than Mengsk’s Prides, and H&H’s air doesn’t count as you can’t mass produce it.

Very good point to mention about BCL that they NEED melee upgrades and air upgrades to get the most out of their damage.

However, in regards to cost I’m not so sure:
150/100 or 210/100 (P3)
300/250 or 420/250 (P3)
Total for BCL:
450/350 or 630/350 (P3)

400/900 base down to 320/720 with cost reduction
800/675 P2 down to 640/540 with cost reduction

Sovereign Battlecrusier (which can be massed with P2 and is a much better choice to mass than Prides imo):

So maybe the 3rd most expensive capital ship? Also worth nothing that Karaxs non-P2 Carriers are barely 25 gas less and 5 minerals more than BCLs.

Dude literally provides a premise that he isn’t counting Sov BCs.

Goes and list the cost of them just to prove what here?

It’s fairly clear to me that Sprite is speaking relative price point to usage.

A single BCL cannot compare to PoA or Sov BC. Not to mention that BCL “require” their research - otherwise they are even more so a glorified Broodlord (for their price). That alone adds 200/200, which brings these particular units’ price fairly similar to each other.

Given how poor the DPS BCL has, I think Sprite makes a valid point that need no explanation (except for the likes of El Capitaine who feels the need to debate and scrutinize everything, of course.)

And yet you can mass Sovereign BCs as H&H P2? It’s literally why most players play P2 for their uber BC fantasy :Eye roll:

BCLs are at roughly the same price point as a non-P2 Karax Carrier and I’d argue give better value for money obviously with the caveat that you build them vs ground while usually Carrier is the answer against a tough air comp/mutation combination (that prevents Immortals/Mirages etc).

What does massing Sov BCs have to do with anything discussed here? And by mass we talking about 10-15BCs… so what?

Does it take away from BCL very high cost? No, you dumb dumb.

You just like to be the fool who wants to appear smart, when the truth is always otherwise. The point made was (as has always been) BCL versus a ground comp works, but you have to use JUICE and they are costly. Over and done.

Nahhhh, Capitaine had to be like “oii oii oii! Actualllly… they cost 3rd highest, wahahahaha. Win!” You really are something, you know that? :+1:

Then when it’s pointed out how stupidly off point your post is. What do you do again? That’s right, move goal post to:

Let’s talk about HH and Sov BCs instead cuz I want to be right, ahahahah!

I wonder why BCL can’t attack air, given that it gets a “carrier” upgrade. Isn’t energy requirement for attack an enough setback to warrant air attack, instead of win-more against ground?

That was the sentiment for many, given everything that makes BCL (the cost, the tech, the time, the upgrades, and their theme).

I imagine the devs didn’t want them to be the all encompassing unit that deals with essentially everything, back then anyway. Yet, they failed on so many levels back when Stetmann rolled out.

Oh man where to start, super lag (I literally coined the term lmfao Stetlag on here as a joke) for one. The over-powered mecha infestors before the nerf. The many unfixed bugs that plagues us now even, such as banelings. The no-AA BCL didn’t particular bother me but I can empathize with many people’s view on it.

What’s the baneling bug again? genuinely forgot it.

and yet that’s the end game unit Stetmann could’ve needed and would’ve justified the upkeep it needed.

  • Mecha Banelings are immune to the lava surge on The Vermillion Problem when Egonergy Efficient Barrier is researched
  • Mecha Banelings are immune to Going Nuclear nukes when Egonergy Efficient Barrier is researched

Taken from Sc2coop. Although I thought their actual damage per Egonergy was also bugged but perhaps that was fixed and I just didn’t remember.

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Don’t forget the cost of the unit-specific upgrades, without mastery. The Mecha-Locusceptors and Stettmato Cannon. That’ll tax on a good chunk of change.

I’d tone that back just a teensy bit. I think Capt here was just making a point of base cost, but not really looking at the upgrades/research needed for the BCLs. I don’t think they were argumentative, but just providing a small, but valid, counterpoint. I mean, Prides have a 100/100 research for range bonus to your ground army (which if going mass Pride, doesn’t matter and is a pointless upgrade), and Sov BCs have a 150/150 upgrade to give them the Mini-Tomato Cannons.

Wait, are these ACTUALLY true? I want to see a video about this now. That’s wild if true, but the Mecha Banes are still really bad, since to get the most out of them you need to dump your mastery points into Egon Pool instead of Field effect.

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Yup, got fixed right around the 5.0 patch iirc. Got buried under the prestige talks, and… other issues at the time.


Yeah, those are still listed from the site. So I generally assume they are current (though I didn’t test it for sure, kind of pointless situational bugs lol).

I’d also add that PoA and Sov BC research are unnecessary. In the latter case, there is an actual drop in DPS in most situations. Certainly, massing any of these 3 is a chore. BCL doesn’t attack air at all unless you use Stetmato (name? Lol). So from almost all aspects BCL are very poor (yet again, usable and fringe like frakking banshees in some sense.)

I’m not shy to admit I don’t like Capitaine. So I am more critical of his inputs. It’s the point he’s making that the base price somehow changes the fact BCL are pricy af. I’m just sick of his usual picking up 1 tiny outlier and making it stand for the discussion at hand. (Is all). Fact remains, even if BCL’s price is 3rd, they are still expensive af and does little by comparison.

I think we can agree that BCLs, like Banshees, are niche units and there is usually a better unit to build.

However, they must be one of the highest non-heroic anti-ground units in coop right? Though damned if I can figure out what their actual DPS is lol.

Something like:
Main attack: 30/2.5 (plus an additional 30 on first attack): 12 DPS (or 24 DPS in first 2.5 seconds)
Locusceptors: 8x2/3x6= 32 DPS
Mecha Broodlings: 4/0.65= 6 DPS x(# of broodlings?)

So it’s a weird curve that starts medium, dips and then goes higher (as more broodlings are spawned assuming they don’t die).

0-2.5 seconds: 24+32+12=68 DPS
2.5-5 seconds: 12+32+18=62 DPS
5-7.5 seconds: 12+32+24=68 DPS

After that I’m not sure as not sure of the duration of Mecha Broodlings. Is it 6 seconds?

In comparison:
Karax Carrier with Graviton Catipult: 33 DPS
Raid Liberator: 78 DPS (costs 375/375 which incidentally pushes BCL into 4th place cost wise)
PoA: 52 DPS vs ground
Sovereign BC: 80 DPS

Seems like it’s actually right in the ballpark comparing cost vs damage output?

The research cost, economy speed and other costs are all pretty hard to quantify and compare but certainly as P2 BCLs are much slower to field due to the crucial Super Gary upgrade. P1 would be the fastest but in this context they have the least support from Gary. P3 gets the best use of BCL imo providing mechanical fodder for Ultras to eat.

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Guess the “no-AA” extremely crucial part of this whole discussion went right over your head huh?

This is exactly why I am critical of your stupid posts. You do the exact same BS with Banshees as you do with BCLs. You open up with:

That should have been where you ended it. But no, you had to go multi-step further to circle back to your TRUE trolling purpose and ‘prove’ that per cost to DPS, BCLs are trolololool greeeaaaat!

After all of that, all it showed is that BCLs are expensive, still attacks ground-only, and slow to roll out. So one might ask, what exactly was the purpose of going to such lengths to dispute their priciness, or their DPS, or anything? See this:

Or the purpose of this:

Or our latest:

Nothing at all…