New Help on a few Stetmann Units

Man, amazing how narrow minded you can be. The point is, BCLs are expensive but not overly so compared to other commanders capital ships (4th most expensive?) have great DPS vs ground AND an anti-air weapon.

They are a niche unit! D’uh! Man they work great against ground comps though and Man they work great supporting Ultras.

Maybe time to chill your vibe?

Nice way to spin it.

Nobody said BCL are so expensive that they are not affordable. Everybody including you is saying they are just expensive af.

You went out of your way to jump upon Sprite’s comparison with PoA and Sov BCs. Then tried to justify how they are somehow great DPS for their money. They are not, end of story.

For something that cost equally to PoA and Sov BC, they don’t hit Air at all. They don’t have a level3 AoE Chain massive damage like the PoA, nor do they have the bulk like Sov BC. Not that Sov BC is a good unit to begin with.

Look, you are welcome to all the opinions and posts (as nobody’s gonna stop you?) However, don’t cry “chill your vibe” when people find your post dumb and tell you it’s dumb.

Also, if you didn’t boast all these times on just how great you are a player (for playing a few B+ games lmao), then I wouldn’t judge you so. In all of your posts, you ignore a fundamental problem of BCL, they cost Egonergy you dumb dumb. So that alone makes them far harder to use and less effective to use than anything else. 5 per actual attack, and 50 per locust, and I think 100 per yamato.

Maybe… though the Broodlings can soak damage for my army, no? It’s not uncommon that enemy dump AoE attacks on the first large group they see, one reason why I favor Swarm Host so much as they provide blockades against incoming waves. Granted, DCL requires energy to attack, but its long range is a + compare to Banshee when handling land units.

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Absolutely, those Broodlings do really good work as long as you stay on top of melee upgrades. Managing the energy really isn’t very hard if you stay on top of doing your overcharges and zone switches.

With 550 health they can certainly take a hit the hardest bit about them is their movement speed (though of course they get nicely speed up by FAST zone).

MCBLs are about half the price of Prides and Sovereign BCs yo and have similar DPS vs ground, that’s two for the price of 1 yo! Pointing out the special abilities of Prides isn’t some revelation, we know they are good! (And are more accurately thought of as a spellcasting unit).

But how are MBCLs not got DPS for their money? They have maybe the 3rd highest anti-ground DPS in the game after Sovereigns and Raid Libs with a price point to match? I didn’t know the DPS of the unit until I tried to write it out above (I’m still not sure if it’s right as I don’t know the duration of the Broodlings). Once I wrote down the DPS as much as I could work out I made an opinion based on that.

Finally, I know it sucks when your Stettman units run out of energy! But hey I can help you there, first, switch to JUICE confirguration which is one of the top bar abilities which will restore small amounts of energy to all units and then if you group all your units under a Stettelite and use Gary’s Overcharge ability then all of your MBCLs will receive an energy refreshing buff! Cool huh? Then if you are happy with your egonergy levels you can switch to FAST for attack speed buff (though im not sure how much MBCLs can benefit) and HUGs.

HUGS for everyone! (Overcharge your allies units too!).

Same circle statement as always.

100x DPS for the price of 1 still can’t deal with Air. It’s the same stuff u keep spouting. The only way to do so is micro a lot with Stetmato, which in my 10k+ games I’ve seen maybe <10 players do it, let alone properly.

JUICE sustains only the Locust and Broodling (with 60% into mastery). The only way to sustain Stetmato is “you can’t”.

It’s clear you don’t use BCL for shiiit. Each Locust cost 50 to build unlike carriers. This is a huge problem when you’re fighting. Cuz you do lose them and that 400egonergy pool drains quick when you lose Locusts. (That means your DPS drops quite a bit due to Locust lost, dumb dumb.)

If you cast Stetmato at all, you’re basically running low all the time.

Fact remains that it’s not impossible to use them (much like Banshees). However, to use them “properly”, the player has to:

  1. Triple charge rotate super charge, then keep on JUICE 90% of the time.
  2. Micro cast Stetmatos a lot.
  3. Have a good sense of Super Gary usage.
  4. OR don’t/rarely cast Stetmato (most people), then run on JUICE far less.
Anyone playing BCL knows Super Gary carry a lot. They are just there for fun and not for their actual DPS at all.

It’s totally doable but far far far harder than PoA or HH BC move attack, then click Y. For all that trouble, a glorified Broodlord. The cost and work doesn’t justify their DPS.

Also, not like the DPS on HH BC or PoA are great at all. They are also pretty mediocre. The only thing makes PoA good is the Chain Yamato. So it’s not like if the BCL price is justified to their level then all of a sudden BCL are great. They are still mediocre…

I guess because you had a really terrible time with MBCLs and your tendency to externalise all of your short comings you ended up assuming that MBCLs are bad.

No need to project onto the rest of us though.

Nah, just experience speaks for itself (10k+ games is just a lot of time invested in coop, nothing more and nothing less.)

People can take one look at the things you post and the games you post, and they’ll know where your skills are at.

And it shows, despite your massive ego and that big pump you keep using on yourself. You keep debating with me cuz you just can’t accept that the BS you spout is just that. Sorry it hurts but truth does that.

Seems like your projecting again when your ego just can’t accept that your 10,000 games on Brutal don’t matter when people have moved on to playing B+.

Do you call people dumb often? You might want to talk to someone about that.

Just remember, you don’t get any extra exp for pvping your enemy teammates in Co-Op XD


And yet you don’t even know how bad you are at B+ because you don’t play it and then give people terrible advice on how to play against different mutators. Wrathwalkers when playing against Double Edge was it? Yeah good one!

You throw around your 10,000 figure like it means something and if Brutal was still the hardest difficulty then it would be fair enough! However, times have changed.

I oscillate between consciously competent and consciously incompetent depending on the situation but you’re stuck right down in the unconsciously incompetent with your 10,000 game ego assuring you that you could play B+ except you don’t feel like it and will just tell other people how to play :rofl:.

At some point you just become a joke.

You know, Stetmann often talks about voices debating in his head…

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Your posts are getting so funny with your egotistical projections. I didn’t cry about anything, which would be a strange thing to do given its a computer game but I did point out, and will again, that drawing conclusions after playing 1 game with someone is a bit extreme.

So far I’ve managed to piece together from your various posts and projections that you like thiccbois with beards but you’re worried they won’t like you back because you smell and aren’t confident in your intellectual abilities. But fear, you shouldn’t feel this as at least you are good at SC2 coop Brutal mode and you can tell them this via chat and maybe that will be enough? Put yourself out there man! I’m sure you can show them your posts on this forum about how you bully and belittle people with less experience at the game than you and they’ll be very impressed :grin:.

Go for it!

Consider reading the “starcraft2coop” website, it is great.
It has good info on these units.

Corruptors obviously have the advantage of flying, and can “assassinate” important buildings and ground units with their ability as well as AOE burst air units with their rocket ability.

Infestors spawn huge waves of units, like Swarm Host but uses energy (that they can recharge to each other with the Charging protocol). They can also infest buildings to disable them and spawn more units.

Baneling is just a baneling, use it to kill blobs of units and defenses. Make sure they got full energy.

The broodlords are extremely expensive but fun units, they require a lot of energy (egonergy) so keep them in the pink fields (or plugged by infestors). Keep them safe. Effective against all targets.

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I did, I post my Q to learn from people’s experience. :3