Need Tips on Swann Strategies

  1. I haven’t used Hercules yet. Blasphemy, I know, but I could use some clue in on the infamous Herc-Tank strategy. Is it as easy as it sound?

  2. Pulse Amplifier micro with Wraith. I tried to us the M and A key to keep Wraith moving, but it’s rather tedious. Help!

1 - For hercules micro you’d want to reserve 2 control groups, one for your tanks and one for the Hercules. When loading control the tanks and right click on the herc so they all load up. Then control the herc and move to the next spot and use the unload all command (D hotkey). rinse and repeat. Some big IQ players also load up 4 scvs instead of a tank slot so that your tanks get repairs when unloading.
2. For wraith micro, I think the proper way to do it would be the stutter attack/step technique. A-Move > Move > A-Move, etc. But I rarely use mass wraiths unless I’m turtling with Turrets or as a complement to mass Goliath-Thor. So some people might have a better way.

Swann isn’t one of my stronger commanders so take this with a grain of salt:

  • I don’t even control group my tank/herc but rather just F2-unload, F2-right click on herc. Only trick here is tabbing forward and back through army groups with side buttons on my mouse.
  • for Wraith I think I just use move and hold commands. Better when they don’t move without being told so you can box or select more effectively to avoid AoE (parasitic bomb, seeker missile etc).

I should probably use tank/herc control groups andbload up some SCVs but there you go.

  1. I wouldn’t call it easy, but with practice you’ll get good at it.
  2. I use right-click-move, and S (stop).
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I actually prefer to keep both Herc and tanks on the same control group. The tanks will still load up in the Herc even if it’s in the same control group. As for using the Herc/tank combo, there’s a few different stats. Trying to rush those tanks and hercs out allows for some early game aggression, but it is more punishing if you make a terrible mistake. Just make sure your not dropping your tanks to close to the enemy. If it’s an enemy wave, let them come to you. Fire, scoop, scoot, drop again. For base defenders, you can always drop your tanks and use the Herc to scout and draw defenders into your tank fire.

As for a compliment to this play style, there’s a few options that go fairly well with it. The original is good 'ol goliaths. The tanks can wipe half the enemy, then your goliaths can soak up some shots and deal with the rest of the attack wave. This can also be a bit F2A friendlier. Just keep your Herc/tank on it’s own group and treat it like a hero. Herc/tank can take a lot of micro, so I recommend having your factories on a hot key as well, so you can queue up more units without looking away. Hercules are cheap, so build a few extra to ferry your troops to the front line.

As for wraiths, I usually do what Caffeine does, and right click move and hit “S” for stop. As long as that wraith is still drifting some from the move, you’ll get that extra damage.

BTW, I know your didn’t mention it, but another important thing about Swann is making sure you have a good opening, such as destroying rocks with turrets, defending the first wave with turrets, multi build with SCV’s to get things going faster, etc. If you want any tips on early game macro, feel free to ask.

  1. I don’t use Herc much either. I’d rather just manually siege and unsiege.
  2. Don’t use your M key, lmao. Use your right click to move command, then a click. That’s how you stutter step.
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I use Herc + Tanks and Science Vessels for all my standard brutal games. They work on almost all things. You need to watch out for Zerg air and Terran air where they will target your Science Vessels. To prevent your Science Vessels from being detroyed I put defense matrix on themselves rather than your combat units.

Only time I would mass Thor is faced faced against banelings + scourge. They are forgiving since they have high HP and have immortal protocol. You don’t need science vessels for burrowed units because you can use Thor’s barrage to remove them.

Here are some of my own gameplays using Herc + Tanks.

Part n Parcel
[ Swann P1 Solo on Part and Parcel. - YouTube ]

I used P1 for this mission and built vespene geysers on neighboring gas so I can drone them. I used Ares bots to help push, notice they can clear quite a bit early game. I micro Herc+tanks a little differently from Swordier. I don’t put my tanks in a single control group, but rather I double click on a single tank to select all tanks within the screen and right click them onto the Herc. My hotkey assignments are the following:

“1” Laser Drill
“2” Production Structures
“3” Command Center(s)

This way, I could keep producing SCVs + combats units while I am mirco-ing my combats units + laser drill on the field.

Don’t underestimates Swann’s statics, I think they are the best stand-alone statics out of all the COs and effective on almost half the number of coop maps. Here are some more gameplays mixing statics with Herc + tanks:

Oblivion Express
[ StarCraft II COOP: Swann P0 solo on Oblivion Express - YouTube ]

P0: Statics worked on Zerg Air because Swann Turrets are splash. It would had been harder if I had to contend with other comps.

Void Launch
[ StarCraft II Coop: Swann solo on Void Launch - YouTube ]
P0 against Terran bio, this is pretty easy because Herc + tanks dominates them.

Miner’s Evacuation
[ StarCraft 2 Coop Swann P1 solo on Miner's Evacuation, no expansion - YouTube ]

P1: I did not expand because I did not need to. I built statics to defend each shuttle and they are supplemented by tanks. The statics were savaged after the shuttle had left.

Benefits of statics: Swann is known for it’s inability to cover early-to-mid game effectively. However you can build some statics to remedy that. The downside (from my build at least) is I expand later in the game.

Thank you all for your precious suggestions! I will practice further on Herc-Tanks.

As for Wraith, I only started using it because of the Protoss composition of High Templar/Reaver, which eat away my land units a little too quickly, so I use Wraiths to pinpoint and kill.

As a side note, I don’t get why they implemented the wraith this way. they could’ve just implemented it like the wraith’s next attack after moving will get +X damage so it would be more micro friendlier. What we have now forces you to make your wraiths move as their projectiles travel so that you get the bonus damage.

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The old way (which I preferred) was it did damage that was less than what it is now, but didn’t require any micro. I believe they changed it as such since they wanted more skill out of Wraiths

You just need to stutter-step, though not as quickly as with marines - once per second. It’s really not that hard. You’re also not forced to use them either.

Wraiths really were pretty useless before the change. Here’s a quote on why the change was made:

"In its current form, the Wraith suffers mostly because it’s too similar to the Goliath—both units are primarily strong against armored air units, with a weaker anti-ground attack. The changes we’ll be making to the Wraith attempt to more differentiate it from the Goliath.

The primary change to the Wraith is that it will now have greatly increased damage output when it is moving. In addition, we’ll be making a lot of changes that make the unit feel more fluid to control. As a result, Wraiths will be much more powerful if you can constantly keep them on the move, much like how they’re used by professional players in StarCraft I to great effect.

We believe these changes sufficiently differentiate Wraiths and Goliaths from each other and open up yet another unique and powerful option for Swann."

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Any early game tips for Swann? I feel like getting set up with him is the key, as he gets very strong late in the game.

There’s a build guide for Swann on TL dot net just google it. It’s a very good guide.

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All this talk of Tank/Herc and even Wraiths, but no love for the Drill Opener.

sad drilling sound

Is it possible to learn this power?

Though what the heck IS Drill Opener?

Max drill mastery and flying factories galore as early cheap, durable spotters. You can start clearing small enemy bases with it super early in the game. Indeed, some brutations have been solo’d using this strat. Works best with P1 for obvious reasons, but you can still manually take out key units with the normal drill.

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Yes, only those who choose the thicc-ways may learn such power!

Not bad for a ranch junkie. XD It’s not exploitation as long as it’s not fixed. :slight_smile:

So Swann, Tychus, and Gabriel. Got it.

And while people discuss units/drill strategies, I troll the game in Swann P2 by making ONLY SCVs and turrets… :crazy_face: (I make a factory just to unlock armory and drill upgrades, nothing ever come out of it, and it doesn’t make a tech lab either)

Show us your Cyclone gameplay Yo! I wanna seee!!