Need help destroying Mengsk's trains

I’m on the mission where you’re supposed to destroy 8 trains and I’m doing the whole campaign on brutal mode. I get four of the hidden Diamondbacks to assist me on my mission and I destroy the first 3 trains just fine, but after the first checkpoint, it seems like I always run out of units to fight the trains and the armies that accompany them. It often feels like I can’t build fast enough to replace the units I lost, even after building another factory and/or barracks to do so. What do I do?

The wonders of Youtube, just a simple search, :slight_smile:

Take your pick.

Well you have to try to go mass diamondbacks here. It’s very important to find all the diamondbacks, because each one usually comes with resource packs.

It’s very important to find all the resource packs as well, preferably early. That way you can be building more diamondbacks back home. I think I went triple factory on this one.

Avoid the marauders. Until you’re almost maxed out, then you can go for it. Just go mass diamondbacks and get all the mercs. Mercs really help on this one.

Sounds like you have to work on your macro as well. You should be spamming SCV’S until you are fully saturated. I remember mining out and then having to go mine the expo. There’s plenty of money here to max out with, just work on your macro.

Also your micro. For example, pull back the low health diamondbacks that get focused to keep them alive and repair back home with scv’s. Make sure you get the armory going and upgrade armor and weapons.

Alternatively, forget diamondbacks completely. Make mass siege tanks if theyre available. Nothing will be able to fight them and their DPS against the trains is so insane they dont need to chase it.


Bio and Diamondbacks should be enough though. Marines and Marauder upgrades, Medic heal upgrade from Armory. Get all the Mercenaries.

Look up the locations of Diamonbacks on the internet. You get resources in bursts given the nature of the mission, so it’s important to keep your troops alive as it’s not that easy to replenish them.

Set up smaller patrols of units so you stop SCVs and Infantry from setting up Bunkers. Fight the Kill Squads, do not avoid them. It’s Marauders, so a bigger ball of Marines cuts through them, Diamondbacks also deal bonus damage against armored, so if you engage with Infantry first they can help in the fight a lot if they don’t take damage.

This is actually one of my favorite missions and I find it a pity that most people go for Dig before this one

Yeah, but why would you ever choose to not use siege tanks?

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Having taken the wrong order of missions for it to be possible?

The curse of the campaign that didn’t have a “Master Archives” system with re-customization of choices.

Because for me that mission is freaking easy and I play it almost immediately after unlocking it. I get to it to before The Dig.

You need total 6 missions to play this one. For me it’s Mar Sara, then Agria, Monlyth, Redstone III, Meinhoff then Tarsonis. That’s 7. Not because I need Hellions, but because Outbreak is super freaking easy and I want the credits.

You need Monlyth (Smash and Grab) before the Dig and 8 missions.

To play Haven you need to wait 2 missions after Outbreak. I could play Welcome to the Jungle, but that’s a mission where I actually prefer to have Siege Tanks because of Colossi and buildings.

It’s the only other mission allowing me to access to The Dig and while I don’t really have issues to win any campaign mission on Brutal outside of All In, Utter Darkness, Salvation and End Game and even those I find pretty manageable, in my opinion Welcome to the Jungle is actually one of the harder missions out there.

Trains are a mission that might not be a cakewalk like Outbreak, any HotS mission or first two missions in LotV, it still a mission I always look forward to. I just relax.

Siege Tanks are redundant for me.


Because doing this mission after unlocking tanks is cheating.

Seriously, I’ve essentially never done it, because… I don’t know even, it’s just something that got stuck in my brain on my first play through.


Yeah, that’s like… “why don’t you use Banshees on Haven?”

As they’d say in Hearthstone, “order lol”.

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It’s not that easy to continuously siege and unsiege your tanks on this map. Yes they do more damage. But I believe they also cost more gas. They also can’t fire when moving, have slower move speed and slower attack rate.

Where does it say what is the right order?

Anyway, you need to choose to have either Vikings in Supernova, or Banshees on Haven.
In my first playthrouth I got Banshees first.
I did the same during my Brutal 10th anniversary achievement run.
Except in the end I made no Banshee on Haven when I discovered that mass Vikings easily kill everything, air and ground, and they would have been pretty useful during Supernova as well (to kill warp prisms and observers). :frowning:

Of course you can probably get Wraiths before these 2 missions, but Limited Warranty achievement is pretty hard and I think it’s best done with Cattlebruisers, so I had to delay that one …


If I had a cattlebruiser, I would hunt critters with it instead of playing the mission properly :rofl: :rofl:
I admire people that manage to unintentionally create such jokes :wink:

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Yes there are some interesting decisions how to play the missions, especially if you’re going for 100 percent achievements.

I assure you, calling them “cattlebruisers” is entirely intentional.


If this is the mission giving you hell, it still might be the go to strategy. Siege Tanks with Maelstrom rounds? That primary target damage is insane. There isn’t really anything that’s remotely good against them that doesn’t get wrecked by Marines.

Not to mention Siege Breakers being an option.

I’d still go with the strategy I described earlier.

There is none obviously. However there is still bigger need for some units in some missions.

Getting Vikings and their upgrades early helps a ton, because they win any Air battle.

And yeah, Mass Vikings can take care of Haven’s Fall in its entirety with ease and it ain’t too shabby in that disgusting piece of storytelling known as Safe Haven either.

Who cares about Mutas and Phoenixes. You have splash.

“Cattlebruiser” is probably the second most used nickname for Battlecruisers after “BCs”.

Right right certainly get the merc siege tanks. I mentioned to get all the mercs. If you happen to have the tanks already, you really only need 4 of them. You can run pure diamondback on this mission. Especially if you are looking to do the bonus and so on.

Also, spam scv’s and always have them on auto repair for when you come home in between trains. It makes the diamondbacks last longer.

Wait what? Vikings in Haven’s Fall? But there’s so much ground, plus all those spores and infestors. I would vastly prefer marines, or at least goliaths. Now on safe Haven, that you can Viking monobattle with 1 bunker for your starting marines.

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