Need help destroying Mengsk's trains

For attacking it suffices.

I use bunkers and Tanks to defend my base.

Nukes. Ghosts or spectres are always* the answer.

*Except when the answer is Siege Tanks.


If that’s really a problem for you, then I would recommend using Siege Tank even more. This is an evident that you need to work on your micro. And this mission will reward you a lot for very little.

Yes, but the MORE DAMAGE is enough to offset all the thing you list.

No bud it’s nothing about micro. It’s funner to go diamondbacks. They are faster, cheaper and can hit the train while moving.

When I play that mission, I’ll usually alternate between a huge MMM ball and a medium MMM ball with Diamondbacks mixed in. I typically build three barracks. One with a tech lab and two with reactors. With Stim, that many marines will melt everything in their path.


Never done this myself but anyone ever bring Battlecruisers to Agria just for the heck of it?


Is it possible to get them on Agria?

Yes and I have described it like bazillion times.

In order to reach Maw of the Void and win it, you require only Supernova, which itself requires 14 missions.

You go like this.

Mar Sara - 3 missions. Then you obviously have to pick Smash and Grab.
4 missions give you access to Devil’s Playground which is the only prerequisite to Welcome to the Jungle.
6 missions give you access to Great Train Robbery, which gives you access to the entire rebellion arc, but all we realistically need is Cutthroat which gives us the 8 missions reuired for The Dig.
After Dig we can do 4 Zeratul missions which gives us 13 missions. Which is enough for Moebius Factor (requires 11) to be the 14th mission needed to gain access to Supernova. Not to mention you still have the entire Rebellion Arc and Covert finale.

It’s like the least likely order to play the game during the first run without any knowledge of the game, but yeah it’s possible.


I think it’s the Welcome to the Jungle as the 6th mission that probably deters most people, because it’s arguable one of the harder missions. I usually want Tanksh here as well as all Bunker, Marine and Marauder upgrades not top mention the Medic heal upgrade.

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You can also have them on Tarsonis or Redstone.
Same goes for Vikings or Thors on all planets that start an arc (besides Agria/Tarsonis for obvious reasons).
These are even easier.

You can finish the game without ever picking up either Tosh or Hanson. Former case could create an unexpected scenario in HotS, where Nova would probably “be mad” at Raynor for not helping and Raynor would be like “have we ever met?”.


Unless I’m misremembering, I think CtG used BCs on Agria. Very overkill.

Very likely. Definitely possible.

I’m Kachinsky again.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I log out (and shut down my system) each day. Every time I log in is a clean boot.

That BC mission can be hard if you rush to it. I’ve done it that way and actually mined out both bases and ran out of resources.

I don’t think there’s really much of a difference if you rush to “Maw of the Void” or not since there’s no difficulty to it once the mass Battlecruisers are built up.

You just need 20 Protoss research points to get Science Vessels and you are home.

11 of those should be obtained just by playing preceding Artifact missions rest is obtained in Zeratul missions (up to eleven).

So even in these messed up mission orders you should safely need the only of the two techs that are arguably useful in that mission.

The other being Cellular Reactor, but again you get 13 Zerg points from Zeratul missions, 3 from Moebius factor.

Than you get the missing 4 from the combination of Colonist missions, Devil’s Playground and Great Train Robbery.

Maybe it’s because I’m too used to Co-op Oblivion Express and trains that never make it past the western half of the map, but I’m very surprised those trains have survived 23 days and are still there.

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The train map is the funnest map to play mutations on. Already played it a lot this week.

You should recover all 6 diamondbacks before the first train. Concentrate on creating only diamondbacks and marines against the marauder patrol team.

If you have issues with it, go to Bel-shir first, then you unlock the Dig which unlocks the Zeratul missions. There you can collect lots of research points which can come handy on any map. Like automated refineries and you should bank enough money to buy the mules between the Zeratul missions.

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