My custom game crashes in every cases leaving it


My custom game Undead Assault Reborn (EU server) crashes every time I leave it since the last update that I have released today. It happens when I click the exit game, it happens in every cases even if I use alt + F4.

The report number of the last time I tried is:

Here is the error in the crash log:

<BlizzardError.Priority>2 - High
<BlizzardError.Summary> ACCESS_VIOLATION reading from 0x0000001C: DBG-OPTIONS DBG-ADDR<026406AA>("") <- DBG-ADDR<0258E264>("") <- DBG-ADDR<0258E377>("") DBG-OPTIONS<>

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Can you try with another custom game (player made) as well as another custom game (melee / Blizzard map) and let me know if it works fine?

If yes, then it is likely an issue with the custom game map.

We have already tried, it happens only with my map.
I would like to fix it, but you may admit that I am not able to understand what to fix having just this memory access violation error.
Can you help me, or someone else?

Not even sure if it is a memory related bug, it only reminds me some errors I met long ago in C++.

SHould I add that there is 899 players on my discord waiting for an answer?

We think now that it happened when the editor forced me to download again and again the dependencies. I think that the map is corrupted. Is there any way to fix that?

Hey Znimu,

The Bug Report forum isn’t a contact point with Bliz. You’d have better luck finding out what the error code means by posting this in the Technical Support forum.

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Okay, thanks for this information.

I had no better luck in the technical support… So…

But I have found where it comes from.

It prevents me to animate the info pannel on shown, because even if the animation works correctly, its code makes crash Starcraft 2.

I have reproduced the bug in an new empty map. Several lines of xml to define an animation in a custom UI layout are enough to make crash Starcraft 2 at the end of a custom map. I can provide you this empty map with only this custom UI layout, or just this xml code to add in a custom layout. It is very fast to reproduce this issue knowing what to do.