Most Wanted Commanders

It’s been awhile and I’ve been wondering if anything has changed with what Commanders have the highest demand. Why don’t we start counting which Commander gets the most support?

My current most wanted is Rohana. I’m hoping she will fill the role of Daelaam representative and use units from each of the four Protoss factions.

I’ll try my best to keep tabs on each of the Commanders support.

Potential Commanders:

Selendis - 7
Rohana - 2
Ji’nara - 0
Tassadar- 1
Ulrezaj - 1
Ouros - 0

Tosh - 10
Valerian - 6
Warfield - 3
Hanson - 2
DeGulle - 3

Izsha - 2
Overmind - 4
Niadra - 2
Zurvan- 0

If there are any potential Commanders you’d like to add please states who they are and why you’d want them. If you can say what role they’d fill that’d be even better.

Finally, please give a reason to your choice. This isn’t required but it would give clarity to your choice.


I want to see Warfield, as a real skyterran. His Command Center would be replaced with a ShipYard thingy, producing flying workers and having the ability to directly improve ships through an ability. He’d have a Gorgon and an elite unit drop for calldowns, maybe air-to-ground new ships for basic units? And he would have to build a Barracks Factory mash-up before the Starport.


I’m voting Rohana too.
Only Spear of Adun character from the Protoss Campaign that didn’t become a commander yet. I also like her theme of Protoss Historian and Khala specialist, could become something interesting.

Selendis. She was meant to be a big part of Lotv but it got cut so a commander spot would make it up to her. That and I want a lasting Mothership already. Hell give her the Shield of Aiur.



  1. We wait since WoL to see this guy once more. Canonically, Raynor sided with him instead of Nova, so he supposed to be alive anyway.
  2. Spectres also way too cool to not include in any way. No, Tychus’s Nux does not count (same with HERC and Warhound, but thats another story).
  3. We need something shadow-ops related, to kill enemy before he even aware we are here. Fast, sudden strikes with cloaked units, total disruption of enemy defences, utter annihilation with nuclear weapon and swift retreat for regroup. Not only protoss can do stealth. No, Nova does not count, she more about elite terran battle group, then secret operation.
  4. We need some high-tech terran. Raynor go simple, but effective bio rush, Swann only use mech, Nova is elitist, H&H combines two extremes (low-tech cannon fodder and small numbers of elite late-game units), and Tychus prefer to work with his small team, instead of commanding army, so we don’t have this kind of commander yet.
  5. Finally, this will balance commander selection, with 6 commanders per race.

Ariel Hanson, please. NON-infested.


Selendis and her Golden Fleet


That is why she is grouped with Terrans.


Selendis is the Blimp Queen, yo!


@op are you manually counting votes? Maybe you want to make it automatic like with
And regarding commanders I want the next one to be a Terran (Hanson or Tosh) and after him/her I want Izsha.

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Can you add the Barrel commander on there maybe?:rofl:

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I want my Bro-Tosh too.

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I’ve never done one of those. If my method isn’t enough maybe you could be in charge of the poll?

Which do you want? Tosh or Hanson?

Gabriel Tosh or riot!


I’m not sure how I would link it. Would there be a way to display the results here? Or would people have to click the link every time they want to see it update?

I vote Tosh; would fight dirty with asymmetrical tactics.


Right…I found a SKY SHIELD co-op mission and Valerian commander (also a coop-Czhar action but I don’t know what that means) action in the SC2 EDITOR. I’m not so sure will that be true or not.

Optimistically thinking, Tosh commander might come up with a TOSH-based campaign just like Nova.

I hope.


Tosh with an army of tech expensive psionic units and his own hero unit you empower with even more research.


I’m going to take it that means Tosh is your vote.

So a mix of Tycus and Nova’s playstyle?