Compiled 10th Anniversary Achievements Tips / Issues / Bugs

Maybe just an error. I did it and got it first try. Consider restarting your SC2 and trying again.

Done it on brutal. 30 seconds before fourth night.

This thread is immensely helpful, thank you.


Dev in Campaign Discussion, now that’s a novelty.


Hope for the quick fixes for bugged achievements.

Hey Kyrie (and Hooves),

Here’s another. It’s not one of the Anniversary chieves, but one of the originals.
Wings>Moebius Factor>Hard Core.

Just some opinions on some of the working achievements that have elusive criteria:

  1. Thanks for the Advice - Complete “The Dig” mission without killing an enemy unit with the Laser Drill on Normal difficulty. An achievement shouldn’t prevent an objective, even a bonus one. Perhaps modify it to allow destroying the artifact structures for the bonus objective. Plus, the achievement says enemy “units”, not “units or structures”.
  2. Templar’s Charge - Complete the “Templar’s Charge” mission without losing a unit on Normal difficulty. An achievement shouldn’t directly prevent the use of the intended, newly introduced campaign unit. Since Carriers are the newly introduced unit for the mission, modify the trigger to allow only interceptors to die.

hiii i got the salvation achievement by having those abilities : diply pylon/ orbital strike/ orbital asimilator/mass recall/guardian sheell/time stop …
may i ask how you got “disintegration doctrine” in “into the void” mission which you have to kill all structures in less than 28 minutes? i destroyed everything but still cant get it


Likely you missed a couple of structures. The best way to go about is to load your last save before the end and then run a cheat to remove fog of war. Then you will see where are the remaining structures that you have left. Remember you need to load back the same game again because using a cheat will disable achievements for that game.

I think the common areas that might be overlooked would be the 2 at the mid sides (left and right) and also the 2 areas just beside Narud’s area.

thx i was about to loosing my mind, did the mission like 6 times… :stuck_out_tongue: i wait a few days then got band of brothers next

I went into Gates of Hell and added a text message to the trigger that’d mark the achievement as failed, then went into the mission and tried making MULEs, didn’t pop up. So I’m pretty certain MULEs are fine. Not sure if you already got this info or not.

i just need the moebius now. just got all lotv

I can confirm that this works. As long as you don’t use your top bar, these abilities work just fine for getting Big Spear Diplomacy.

The achievement for The Evacuation mission (WoL) is also bugged. It’s called the Great Purge and requires you to destroy all Zerg structures, but is in fact given only after completing the mission, not after destroying the bases.

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Confirmed working with this setup. I used “Repair Beam” before - could be the source of problems.

As of right now, the only achievement I’m missing is “Contract Saviors”. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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Thanks. I tried but with Reconstruction Beam and didn’t get it. Maybe I accidentally used an ability.

i just need the moebius now. just got all lotv

How did you do the warpprism one from The Infinite Cycle? Did the mission get fixed?

Details in main post above.

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@Kyrie, thanks for adding the Into the Void issue to the list, but please take a look at my EDIT in my post; I used fog of war cheat to verify there were NO buildings anymore, also tried to eliminate last enemy units on the map, did not help.

Hmm, the key issue is that I have obtained it, as with other people as well. Your only other option is to restart the mission and try again (preferably also reboot your computer just to eliminate every possible error we can think of).

It is unfortunate but when it comes to technical issues, the most difficult part isn’t solving the problem, but finding out what the problem is.

Thanks haha, though I just thought I’d focus on purely the 10th Anniversary Achievements. It’s good that you listed it here though, so people can read and know as well. :slight_smile: