Microphone in use

SC2 is still using the microphone, when it shouldn’t. This is keeping me from using the microphone in other applications if I have SC2 running. This has been a problem for YEARS… can this PLEASE, PLEASE, get addressed?

Hey Draelren,

Unfortunately, it’s likely here to stay.

To stop SC2 from accessing the mic, it will require changes to the game’s code. However, SC2 has been out of development (for over three years) so changes are no longer being made.

There isn’t even anyone who could make the changes anymore.

That’s so disappointing, especially when there are threads going back around 6 years or so with people having issues with this, and it just being ignored.

Back sometime before development ended, there used to be another tab in the in-game settings where, among other settings, we could turn the mic on and off manually.

I think the issue arose when Bliz removed that tab but didn’t also turn the mic setting off at the same time. Thus now, it’s turned on and the tab needed to turn it off is no longer there.

And with no one left who could go into the game’s code and turn it off, it’s stuck on forever.


Is there no way to put the menu back that HAD been there, just with all features removed except for ‘stop using mic’?

Not with SC2 being out of development, and with there being no actual developers either, unfortunately.

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