They die rather quickly is it better to use Infestor->Roach instead for frontline?

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mecha zerglings become ultralisk if you use the Green Overcharge shields on them

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Yeah, sounds like you’re not using your zones and overcharge well. Mech Zerglings are literally more bulky/tanky per cost than anything else in coop (short of specific hero units).

So no, it wouldn’t be better to go Infestors.


Thank you for your advice. So in what situation would I go Infestor?

Ignore them till you’re really good with Super Gary + army. Once you can micro multiple control groups and know the right army counters then you’ll know the best situations and how best to use infestors.

They work really well vs certain mutators, but the average player is likely to play worse with them in a normal brutal vs using a regular army.

Expanding on what Caffeine said…

Early on with Stetmann, get used to Zergling + Hydralisk. There’s no ability micro on your army, and what you need to get the hang of is 1) spreading Stetzones and 2) using Super Gary. If Mecha Zerglings don’t feel extremely strong, it’s because they’re not fighting in the green field enough, they’re missing their upgrades (or you’re never recharging their Egonergy with the purple field), or you’re not doing green field Overcharge on them enough.

Once you’ve got those basic pieces of playing Stetmann consistent, you’ll feel extremely strong already.

Mecha Infestors are extremely powerful, but here’s what you need to know:

  1. Zerglings or just Super Gary will carry while you ramp up. They both do this brilliantly.
  2. Your first few Infestors will get more done with Deconstructive Roach-nites or sticking a tentacle on Gary, but most players will just wait for 6–8 of them and go straight into Roaches Away. That’s generally fine – again, Zerglings and Super Gary will carry you.
  3. Infestor summon spam is strong against everything, but you need good minimap awareness and map knowledge to get enough summons in the right places and not get your Infestors attacked. Zerglings are useful for providing a buffer against that.
  4. Don’t use F2. Have one control group for Infestors, and another for your Zerglings (whose main job is troubleshooting positioning mistakes/protecting the Infestors).
  5. If you want to get a bit more out of Infestors as you get better, after spawning a round of summons, rapidfire their tentacles on themselves in a big circlej… (I’m not allowed to type that word). Each cast restores more energy than it costs.

Thx all for your kind words.

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Infestors and lings are not mutually exclusive, one unit uses a lot of gas and the other uses only minerals, you should go for both.


Yeah, Infestors require a lot more planning and micro. Roach away used to be so spamable that you can just sit in one spot and lag Amon to death. After some adjustment to them, they still get the job done but not nearly as spamable. So that meant the player had to manage energy and even micro a bit as well.

And like everyone said, nothing stopping you from using Mecha Zerglings on top of it. Make sure you aren’t limiting yourself in larvae, which again is another resource management. Adding all that together makes a great Stetmann player. Not to mention a ton of other strategies available like hydra, ultra, solo (P2), BCL, ling/corruptor.

I wouldn’t dive too deep into lurkers or banes. They can work ok but again have some bigger weaknesses than the aforementioned for the average players.

Pretty much agreeing with what everyone else is saying here. Just watch out for the dreaded Stetlagg. Zerglings love to cause lag. Infestor’s Roaches Away! ability also causes massive lag once you get enough of them.

Infestors need to sunbath in purple zone, a lot, if you’re going to be using them often. AFAIK, the mastery to up max egonergy helps there, but at the cost of less effective Stetzones? I’m not so sure.

Lings are a mineral dump, and not too shabby one at that.

With a 17/13 split on the second mastery set, together with sensible overcharges of the purple field, you can basically nonstop spam roaches and still be able to switch to green/blue zones as needed

Again, thanks for all the kind advices. I’m sure whatever lag I’m causing can’t possibly be worse than Stukov.

In what situations would we use Stetmann’s Ultra? I presume it’d last longer against Reaver and Templar.

What is the base of your set up here. btw? To be able to cast Roach twice per battle if Infestor is the focus?


To be perfectly honest there really isn’t a situation where going Mecha Ultra would be any stronger or more beneficial than going Mecha Zerglings. It is really just better in every way, which is part of Stetmann’s issue in its overlap and lack of fine-tuning, in that aspect.

As for this, each Roach Away costs 250 Egonergy, as such 2 x costs 500. Mecha Infestors come with a standard 400 pool. Each mastery point is 2% or 8 energy, so really it’s 100 extra energy divide by 8 per point = 13 points in mastery. That’s why Lindroos’s split make sense in terms of supporting a double cast.

I’m sure whatever lag I’m causing can’t possibly be worse than Stukov.

Stet causes way more lag than stukov, all of stet units have energy and the stetzone is not very well coded causing lag even if you don’t spread stetzone at all, just the existence of stetmann in the game makes the stetzone calculations to happen. Stukov infesteds also don’t benefit from ally bonuses reducing the amount of things the game needs to do.

Lings also move very fast making the game struggle more to calculate pathfinding than for infesteds.

I don’t have stetman so i am not really able to give any tips, but i wanted to say kudos to you for the willing to learn attitude, it’s refreshing to see. Too few ppl are looking for actual advice and too many just want a resonance box for their oppinions, because ofc they’re all perfect players and it’s the commanders that need tweaks to fit their style.

Anyway, hope u’ll enjoy stetman and the games with him. Glhf! :smiley:

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Perhaps, though I wonder whether vs certain mutators and a heavy ground comp the stun, aoe, and smaller number of units would be especially helpful. Maybe life leech, etc?

Yeah I think against some mutators (like transmutation as an example), it might be ‘worse’ to choose lings over ultra. The feeding factor can be an issue in that case, but I think that’s more of a ‘bad choice’ versus ‘worse choice’ kind of situation.

I don’t know if there’s a mutator that Ultras really do shine over lings. Maybe some mutation guru can chime in.

There was once a mutation on Dead of Night where the enemy count was so massive that P3 Stetman Ultras actually shined. I never did that strategy myself, but I did read about people using ultras for that. I am trying to remember the exact mutators… one was void reanimators, and the others I think were just die and infested spawning from structures.

Mecha Zergling vs Mecha Ultralisk is a bit more complicated than just “always choose Zerglings and eschew Ultralisks”, I think. The bottom line is both are good.

Here’s a test I just did:

  1. Only 50 supply cap for army: either 100 Mecha Zerglings or 8 Mecha Ultralisks.
  2. Fighting all endgame ground waves: Strength 7, Tech 7, no Hybrid.
  3. Super Gary could attack and Overcharge, but not allowed E-Gorb.

Mecha Zerglings won every single fight, just A-moving, with Gary’s only micro being to Overcharge beforehand. On average, after recycling, 80% of them survived. So to the OP, they definitely don’t die quickly if Stetzones and Overcharge are on point.

Mecha Ultralisks also won every single fight, on average with 95% of them surviving. I did actually micro them slightly, but not a lot. Mechanical compositions were a joke to them but they were fine with everything. Most losses they did take were to Yamato.

Generally, Zerglings are higher tempo, more mutator resilient and most importantly don’t cost gas. Ultralisks are much less Stetzone dependent, take less losses against waves, can actually damage mechanical air, and have different mutator niches (e.g. Transmutation).