Log in issues/Bnet password not working

My Battlenet password is not working on StarCraft 2, I have reset my password multiple times for the entire account and I can log in to anything but StarCraft 2, keeps telling me that my password is wrong and after I click log in the Login button gets disabled, I have been trying all morning to log in with no luck, please help.

Try switching regions and then logging in using the Blizzard Desktop Application. (Globe symbol next to play button) See if the issue affects all regions. If you can log into a different region, go ahead and logout then switch back and retest.

If the issue persists I recommend submitting a ticket using the support option at the top of this page. (Click the support link, then click contact support) as there may be a license issue that needs to be looked at.

Can’t get in. Problem with launcher? Installation??

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