Known Technical Support Issues - [Updated June 14, 2023]

Hey there everybody!

We’ll be using this forum thread to track known technical support issues, like conflicts which cause performance errors, crashes, and connection problems. Check out the list below, and give these steps a try before creating a new topic!



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Crashing on Launch - "Files in your StarCraft II Installation are damanged"
This issue is caused by OneDrive being linked with the Documents folder where the folders and files for configuration are stored for StarCraft II. Unlinking OneDrive will work around the issue.


“Can’t connect to Blizzard services” error on login - Region XX-07

This error may show up if you have installed the game from an old backup or using the old game disks. Delete the PTR executable to resolve it.

  1. On the Application, go to the StarCraft II tab.
  2. Click on Options :gear: then Show in Explorer
  3. Under the Starcraft II folder, delete the StarCraft II Public Test(.exe) file.
  4. Try launching StarCraft II again.