Known issues 4.11.4[updated: 2/18/2020]

UI and Online

  • New – Co-Op - Collection: View Bundle button is present for the Classic skin sets.
  • New – Co-Op - Collection: Assets from the War Chest bundles do not unlock immediately after purchase.
  • New – Co-Op - Collection: Worker skins from the Terran and Protoss War Chest 5 bundles appears purchasable on accounts that have the skin unlocked.
  • GameHeart Mod - Protoss: Some upgrades are not visible when using the GameHeart Mod.
  • GameHeart Mod - Terran: GameHeart upgrade notification name is incorrect for certain upgrades.
  • Voice Chat - Voice chat is not working when enabled.
  • The premium game variants do not have a distinctive color in the when observed in the Map Info screen and Arcade Lobby.
  • Players cannot join Replays through the Friends List.
  • Briefly disconnecting from a Multiplayer game drops player rather than reconnecting.
  • The Ranked league placement splash screen is not playing when initially placing into a league.
  • Your clan decal will display in-game while you are in a party, even if you have it disabled.
  • Custom Game search is displaying both the name of the most popular map and mod pair instead of just the map.
  • If you load a saved game, then beat it and replay the mission, you are no longer able to save.
  • Clicking the middle mouse button while moving the mouse simultaneously can cause the mouse cursor to snap to the center of the screen.

Game Content

  • New – Co-Op - Abathur: Clean up issue is occurrign with the Ravager’s cocoons.
  • Co-Op - Mengsk: A team color issue is present on Mengsk’s Commander Center with Zeratul as an ally.
  • Co-Op - Party leaders are unable to retry Brutal+ games if they are disconnected during the loading screen.
  • Unearned skin model previews appear translucent on Low graphics settings.
  • It is possible for the Co-op missions “The Vermillion Problem” and “Void Launch” to not end after the win conditions have been met.
  • The minimap icon for Void Rifts changes size depending on Texture Graphics settings.
  • Completing the Void Campaign sometimes does not unlock the Epilogue missions. Some workarounds are available.


  • It is possible for maps to fail publishing when they are published for the first time.


  • The Terrain Change to Player # hotkeys are not working properly on the Mac SC2 Editor. Work around: if you add a Modifier to the “Terrain Change to Player” hotkeys, it will then work on the Mac (PC didn’t have the issue.) You are able to add “option” as a modifier to the 1-0 and the “-” keys, and it will not cause additional conflicts.
  • Performance issues may occur on Macs with OpenGL enabled when loading maps or assets for the first time. This includes longer than expected load times and possibly framerate drops while in-game.

Issues that Should Be Resolved

  • New – Campaign - WoL: Breakout - A progression blocker may appear during the mission.

  • New – Co-OP - Mengsk: Fixed an issue where the Emperor’s Shadow’s EMP Blast did not drain energy on from Heroic units.

  • New – Versus - Fixed an issue where Ultralisks weren’t receiving speed buffs in the Acceleration Zones.

  • New – Versus - Ephemeron LE: Fixed the minerals at the main base so that the closest mineral nodes have higher values than the farther mineral nodes.

  • New – Versus - Fixed an issue where an Adept’s Phase Shift ability could improperly cancel a Phoenix’s Graviton Beam.

  • New – Versus - Fixed an issue where a Battlecruiser would not fire its weapon when issued a queued Yamato command.

  • New – Versus - When you cast Neural on a Battlecruiser, it will interrupt Yamato.

  • New – Versus - Fixed an issue where Neural Parasite would interrupt a Yamato Cannon shot.

  • macOS 10.15 - Certain selected Backgrounds are causing an AMD Metal crash.

  • In MacOS 10.14 the mouse cursor becomes unresponsive in Fullscreen mode.

  • In MacOS 10.13 and up, using the Middle-Mouse key while in any Fullscreen setting degrades responsiveness.