It's been a MORE THAN A WEEK - arcade is still broken

Fix the servers please. Look into the changes done recently - revert them. of the thousands of maps only like 5 maps seem to be able to be hosted.


Imagine pushing an update before the holidays just for the game to get completely screwed over. Amazing timing, and no one to fix it


The thing is, it was working yesterday. Along with all the other games. Thought it was going to be a nice 3 day weekend.

It seems like it sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. More often doesn’t. The issue is quite severe though

En Europa la misma historia … Es que nadie va a hacer nada para arreglar el problema??

In Europe the same story … Is nobody going to do anything to fix the problem?

Has there even been an official comment on this from blizz?

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Indeed. Three over the course of the outages.

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I don’t want to sound rude, but I’ve been patient for almost 2 weeks now and still there’s no update on this problem. Last post from them was 5 days ago.

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Before the holiday’s Bliz put out an announcement (which they do each year at this time) stating that due to the holiday break, support would be slower than usual.

Starting tomorrow though, they will be back to full staff again so hopefully they’ll be able to make some headway.

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