It's about damn time

It’s been 10 years, 2 expansions, and a mini-campaign. Now, we’ve been given the keys to the kingdom more or less with the campaign editor.
This tells me that they’ve started on something new within the Starcraft franchise. At least, I can only hope that’s the case. I can also hope that the next game deviates from being an RTS, as I REALLY suck at them but enjoy Starcraft’s universe enough to soldier (or rather, marine?) through the campaign.
Ideas I’ve had at possibilities include, but are not limited to: a roguelite/roguelike, reviving the original Ghost shooter that never finished development (unlikely with the Nova campaign having been released), and just a straight up MMORPG to replace WoW when they accept its death.

What are your thoughts?

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They didn’t start anything new if I were to guess. In fact, the contrary, I think we’re reaching to the point of slow death knell. As they stop planning for developing paid content, they probably don’t mind anymore if people have the full access to all of the existing content.

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Ah…I hope they can steal some popular independent games elements into Starcraft 2. Ummmm…Not legal? Make it legal. I guess activision do well in ‘make it legal’.

It definitely wouldn’t be another RTS game. SC2 has no competition so it really doesn’t make sense to make another RTS game. They would only be dividing their own player base.

A totally new genre would be more likely but I still highly doubt it. They already dominate the MMO world, have a competitive card game, a MOBA, and what ever the genre for Over Watch is. Which is basically all the top genres of the day. The only one they are missing is technically Battle Royal but since they are now owned by activision and activision has COD that is unlikely as well.

They are more likely just giving the reigns to us so that they have an official excuse to not release anything new for the game.

The only thing that would make sense to me to turn SC2 into if they want to deviate from RTS is a 4x game. Similar genre to RTS so its not a huge deviation in tone but offers something different.

But that wont ever happen either since it doesn’t really fit blizz MO as far as game development goes. 4x has a very small player base, is mostly single player, very little room for more money to be made after the initial sales of the game, and has basically zero ESports potential. All things that would make it a no go for blizz.

in my opinion, e-sports is a mistake. If the player doesn’t think the game is fun, why they play the game?
What if a player’s annual personal income is higher than blizzard’s entire esports bonus.
In bank industry:
Banks only serve the rich better so bank become rich.

The game industry seems to be the other way around, I don’t understand.

Anything you create in the campaign editor is the intellectual property of Blizzard.

Are you thinking that some SC tactics game will be released?

Star chess? Nine cha

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The biggest games in the world, today, are esports. It’s not about whether it’s esports or not – it’s about whether it’s a good game run by competent people or not. Just because a person believes cars are useful doesn’t mean planes shouldn’t exist type of thing.

There’s just no reason to play SC 2 if you’re interested in esports. It’s like opening up a restaurant that doesn’t even serve food. One of the big problem with esports, for SC 2, is it has “sport” in the word… and no one in the entire company has given any impression of having ever played a sport in their life.

When you embrace nerdism to the utmost… it shouldn’t come as a surprise that no one cares about your “sports.” Cheating in this game is viewed as a badge of honor. The community in this game is so incompetent in regards to sports that they actually think commentators, as a whole, are more important than the handful of people in the world talented enough to reach the top. Talking > playing at the highest level.

Anytime a race has a competitive advantage, pretty much everyone embraces it and turns a blind eye. The balance team is so bad at this game and so biased… that… they’re detrimental to the game, if anything. The game just breeds lying and begging for buffs, regardless of merit.

No one can win a single game without twitch chat spamming OP. This is the worst game ever made. It’s the worst esports ever made. They were gifted the number 1 esport, due to no competition and actually having a good WCS system. But… they weren’t even able to comprehend their own luck, then or years later… Like a lotto winner who lost in the end because he wasn’t literate enough to read it… amazing.

Currently playing MLB the Show 20. It’s basically everything that I wish SC 2 was. If you don’t like your team/units… you just get what you like. You’re not suck with the worthless tempest for 50 years straight, while everyone plays pretend it doesn’t suck and that being able to win P vs Z wouldn’t be a boon to the game. The balance team isn’t even interested in fairness. All one needs to know about how demented this game is and why this game is so lack luster in all metrics.

In non esports… microsoft flight simulator 2020 comes out this month for PC. I’m very much looking forward to that. SC 2 has taken a dump in the bed, despite having no real RTS competition. What happens when competition arrives?

I’ve always felt this game would have been far better off if they just scraped it… and made Nexus Wars the fun and esports component of the game. Best of both worlds, as 1 vs 1 just plays like a horrible arcade game. Everyone maxes within a few minutes. Nearly everything is automated. The race with the better late game wins. The “RTS” players only care about micro. This game and community is like an inside out shirt. It’s just flat out wrong, in all the ways.

I CAN’T see starcraft more than an RTS I hate MMO’s from the bottom of my hearth if a starcraft MMO happens I’m gonna be really upset.
The problem why startcraft can’t leave being an RTS are the 3 races you can’t put them in one game, unless it’s gonna be like 2010’s AvP having differently controled campaings but all very short.
Terrans? can be splinter cells or a horde shooter depengind the sotry
Zerg? I can’t even imagine what the could be, spore? but good? idk
Protoss? it could be a ghost of tsushima/AC/for honor anything
Also all 3 could have a regular spaceship game
Or heck they could make an evolve like game that actually works, just imagine 2 terran and 2 protoss hunting down one brutalisk or something

Age of Empires IV, Total war.
If Age of Empires IV can give me a new campaign every few months, I will give up Blizzard right away. Even if it’s a little pricey.

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Is there an esports scene for those games?

I feel like it’s actually really freaking “impressive” for how small SC 2 is, compared to the money invested in their esports scene (common theme for Blizzard games). I have a hard time imagining an emerging RTS game being able to pull it off.

I feel like every other game, invariably, has to be a better esport, but they just don’t have the same amount of money to hand out.

The only other RTS game that I tried out was Company of Heroes 2. I would have stuck with it, but the games just took too long. Too tank centric, too. I still found it far more interesting and compelling to watch.

SC 2 just reminds me of the cons of life. We’re trying to make SC 2 into a big esport, again, when… wait for it… that 20+ year old Brodowar game is still far better, yet… what’s going to change to make SC 2 better? New units coming? A new “god caster” coming to… yap?

This game wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the most racist game of all time. When you hate fairness/objectivity and can’t even grasp the concept of punishing cheaters… what kind of people are going to want to play the game? You’re left with a demographic that is more sordid than any prison population.

SC 2: fueled by masochists and maphackers. What an incredibly high ceiling.

Only person probably left without a voice pack is Rifkin. Maybe he will save SC 2…

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The sentence will eventually kill Blizzard in my opinion. Because no rich person is going to watch esports. All I know is that Tencent’s e-sports booth was blown down by the wind. More jokes won’t save a good company.

I really, really don’t get the rich person sentiment, in any shape or form. I’ll have to out myself as a “not rich guy.” But, from a plebs perspective… what percentage of the population is considered rich? It’s kinda like saying a game won’t resonate/do well because “people in wheel chairs aren’t bout it.”

I imagine part of being rich is doing productive things. I can understand it either has to be productive or fun to me mentality, which could preclude SC 2 for some.

That said, it would be like any other stereotype. You’re already focusing on the smallest segment of the population and then… applying something to them that doesn’t even apply to all of them. Probably not even half of them, thus… it comes off more as an “I’m rich comment.” Just seems weird without elaboration.

But, to be factually against your point… One of Incontrol’s coolest/best stories is how he kinda got his start from “one of the richest people in the world.” Some prince from like Saudi Arabia flew him out first class to coach his buddies for a week. He said he was like broke at the time, and the prince paid him 10k just to help his friends. All expenses paid.

People are people. “Everyone” likes StarCraft: Broodwar. If there is a rich nerd… it’s probably one of their favorite games, in general. Even professional basketball players have played it. SC 2, a far less liked game, is even one of Gordon Heywards (NBA) favorite games.

Regardless of what I’d have or not have, I would always want to spend some amount of time playing a game that is devoid of cheating and doesn’t put psychopathic streamers/commentators on some kind of pedestal, where one has to act like they’re 100000000000000x better than they are to “go anywhere.” Honest competition is far more valuable than anything in SC 2. Far more rare.

This game shouldn’t appeal to anyone with any sense. Ignorance should be the only excuse.

Actually, I often teach my grandfather to play the XBOX. Controller is easier than keyborad and mouse for them. So I ended up putting my company’s strategy for Microsoft rather than E-sports.
It’s like if you go to the bank and say you’re going to take out a loan to run the E-sports competition, the bank will kick you out. Because the bank will think you’re an idiot and hopeless.

I think I can teach my grandfather to play Diablo 4 next time.

In a world where LoL and Fortnite (games with a big esport scene) are making millions a day, there’s nothing wrong with trying to invest in esports; there’s something wrong with investing in games people don’t watch…

Who wouldn’t want to run an ad at a Fortnite event?

Blizzard gives sports a bad name. SC 2 has jack to do with how competition is supposed to be. I could go 10-0 against a commentator who is just stealing my builds to look cool, and in everyone’s eyes… he’s obviously 100x the person. Why? They saw him talking while a game played! Awesome… People just don’t get it.

This isn’t the 1900’s… you can’t run competitions where the “anti cheating policy” is… wait for it… “be 5x better than your opponent, so you can negate his cheating.”

No one normal wants to compete in such an environment. No one wants to be forced to worship people who they would be disgusted to even call peers. No one wants to play a game, competitively, where the “balance team” believes one race winning every macro game is fine and dandy, despite them also winning over 50% of the games for 10 years running.

What’s the point? What’s the point of competing? What’s the point of there even being a balance team? None of it makes any sense.

When your game makes zero sense, how can you expect to compete with modern esports that make sense? Everything is relative… and investing in the worst option is always the worst option… Blizzard is simply too arrogant and clueless to realize any of this or do anything about it.

My favorite computer game ever might be Diablo 2. But, even if you take those same people and had them handle all things SC 2… would they make a good sport? Would they know the impact of cheating? Would they even know it’s very bizarre and kinda stupid to worship commentators, relative to players themselves?

I feel like some nerds got greedy and bit off more than they could chew, lane wise. They can make far more by ripping people off in hearthstone than they can trying to make an esport when they probably failed gym class.

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Ummmm…No. The bank wants to know what the loan is for. Better as a venture capital. Banks make millions of dollars every minute.

Didn’t banks have to get bailed out? Isn’t one of the largest banks in the world supposed to have an unfathomable amount of debt, largely due to derivatives?

Everyone can make a lot of money if you either win your bets or get bailed out. Just gotta keep making bets… Or, you know… you’re that one bank that can print money. Now, that’s another level that can’t be disputed…

When SC 2 was the number 1 esport… there were too many tournaments. If there is such a thing, that was most definitely the definition of too many tournaments.

Everyone wanted to invest in SC 2. Someone was giving them money. I’m sure someone is giving them money now to invest in OTHER games that warrant it.

I worked at a bank, but by no means made me any more of an expert… If something is backed by collateral, then I’m sure that helps… I hear “no one” can get a loan for anything now, though.

Anyways, SC 2 was in fine shape, despite the game being god awful… because the game made SENSE to play, from a competitive standpoint and a fan standpoint. Every country on this planet had their own pro tournaments to play in. You could have been the 20th best player in Chile… and you had just as much reason to train and compete as Showtime did, basically.

That’s huge. But… an ex CEO killed this game, plain and simple, when he forced Koreans to take every spot, for countries they’ve never even heard of and couldn’t even find on a map… “storyline” this “storyline” that. For a seemingly smart person who has a lot of positives to take credit for… I never understood why he wouldn’t just own it.

I knew why people would quit before it happened. And I then proceeded to hear them tell me why they were quitting. Lots of GMs went from playing tons of games to instantly quitting and… those people are called smart people. Sensible people. Sound like an esport worth investing in? Sponsors said they were leaving SC 2 because non Koreans (players they paid) could no longer qualify for events.

The air was completely let out of the balloon and people were left to realize… this game has a competency issue and they have no idea what they’re doing. Fast forward to today. Talking about examples of things done right would probably be more productive. Everything about this game is wrong. Not much more should be said.

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There are certain things you can’t believe. Such as: On Nasdaq stock market, Activision says that Mobile-games have a bright future. Ummmm? Really?
I think market research is better.

Well, I will consider.