Issues losding SC2 after installing windows 11

I finally allowed my computer to update to Windows 11 about a week ago. Since then, SC2 fails to load from launcher with error, “Graphics device is not available at this time.” Since then I’ve been actively searching the forums, re-installed the game, checked OneDrive (i haven’t set it up on this machine, not a function i use), and the post from Kershew (Feb 2023).

I had the same issue. I did alot of stuff that tech support told me to do (reinstall, dont have ANY start up programs on my PC etc). But what finally made me start the game was going into the launcher and “Reset In-Game Options”.

Cogwheel → Game Settings → Reset In-Game- Options

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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YUP! That did it. Community for the win. TYVM!

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