Installing starscaft 2

when i try to install the game it just says can access a file and wont install the same goes for heros of the storm but diablo2 and warcraft 3 can install no problems what do i need to do to fix this

Hey there Shadowdragon,

The installation for both Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm not working makes me think that there is a problem with permissions. The documents folder has some files and settings for both the games and if it can’t be accessed, it will cause issues with installing and running the game. Let’s see if we can fix that with the following steps:

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to your Documents folder
  2. Right-click the Documents folder and click Properties
  3. Click the Security tab towards the top
  4. Click the “Edit…” button next to “To change permissions, click Edit.”
  5. Ensure “Full control” is set to “Allow” for all Groups or user names
  6. Click Apply and OK

If that doesn’t help, please try creating and switching to a new administrator account. This sets many settings to defaults and can help even if already using an administrator account.

i checked and full control in on and im log in as a administrator and i made a new admin account but when i go to install starcraft 2 if i wait for it to tell me how big the game is then try to install it just sits there doing nothing if i try to install before it says how big it is then the button will light back up when it finally says how big it is and if i press it again then i get the error that it cant accesses a file i also tried reinstall the bnet app as well

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