If you have to resort to carriers to win

It doesn’t matter what the victory screen says. Your Opponent is the real winner. There’s no way around it. up down left right North South and whatever the 4th dimensional directions are named, you are the real loser for thinking your victory screen holds any honor or legitimacy, after having used carriers.


Truest words have never been spoken.
Make it so carriers and targeted first, interceptors second.


Sounds honestly more Like a you Problem in Bronze League. Sry man.


the problem is that it doesn’t affect the top 25.

look at na tournaments full of toss or generally at tournaments you have the top players taking their place and the remaining places are filled with toss.

after the first group these “fill” players are gone.

That doesnt have anything to do with Carriers tho. The only time we really saw Carriers having an Impact is when skytoss was the Direct way to Go vs zerg.

The reason why lower brackets and gm is filled with toss is Not about Carriers. What are you guys Smoking. The average Game length is what? 10 to 12 Minutes?

forget we have a lot of top toss players who all have GSL + lvl but due to “anti toss balance” they are not in the top 25.
only through their brutal skill they manage to qualify. and kick out in the first round out by the patch terran/ zerg like clem serral maru dark HM…

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Dont know Whats that supposed to mean or how its linked to Carriers.

Bruh it so hard focus fire carrier

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I believe its a roundabout way of saying “get good, scrub.”

thats what everybody says. have you watched twitch? there isn’t a single grand master who hasn’t had enough. You prolly are less immersed into the SC2 scene and there for wouldn’t know about this.

Do you really believe that it will help you defeat carriers? Of course not. Carriers after releasing interceptors move behind the main units. What your units would do? They would run after the carriers, because they have the priority, so what would happen? Well, they will run into storms, colossus, disruptors, and you will have to focus fire every single protoss unit, because carriers would be behind them and your units would try no matter what to reach them. Even in case of corruptors, they would either attack many carriers at the same time, making their damage useless, or fight with a single carrier, what would result in them being stacked and dying to archons/storms really fast. Your suggestion only works if you are fighting against poor carriers. But for that you dont need priority, only marines or corruptors.

carriers are easy, stop whining about them already.

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How is your micro not patched already? Do you know what focus fire is? Carriers are just big tin balloons dude, learn to aim.

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exactly, everyone whines about how they cant beat carriers, and there one of the simplest to counter.

ever seen desert strike?
the unit ai is set like this and the difference is big.

you shouldnt have to rely on ai to target fire for you. Get better, im tired of listening to all you whine about toss air.

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Why should my opponent rely on AI to mess with targeting then?


how is your opponent relying on ai to mess with tageting.

there are already some.
queen prioritizes air > ground (if air can attack ground).
same for thor because (in wol?) thor focus ling instead of the mutas because the lings were in melee range than the mutas.
the others are tempest/ BC according to liquipedia.
also think lib focus is smarter, but not sure.

also makes partial sense, as with Thor, queen as anti-air.
viking/ Corruptor are, however, counter to carrier…

the only counter argument I see for Corruptor is because zerg…
the swarm is controlled by the overmind, meaning the player, so you want him to do all the orders for each unit.

holy moly, first off most players that have any brains that plays know that focus down there targets is better than letting the computer do the targeting, the ai targeting sucks, plain and simple. Focus Fire, LEARN IT, its a game changer. Second off stop whining please.

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