Ideal Mission Order for LotV campaign

Are you happy? 202020

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Sure, but theres not really any reason to delay grabbing at least Shakuras. I can see Korhal being second. I prefer it second actually. I cant really justify it being first.

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No one who values Protoss lives can put Shakuras on any other place bit first.

If you do, you get called on it by your racist aunt Rohana. And this time… she’s right.

You’re thinking like a Terran. If the Protoss really think that way, they would’ve stop send their warrior arm with pathetic dual blade into a gunfight.


Terran guns have serious sustainability issues. Protoss psi blades run for as long as the protoss does. Except when they dont, apparently. cough Fenix cough

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You think like Zerg.

Those pathetic dualblades cleave threw pretty much any sort of armour and the zealots are tanky enough that three of them can close in on a marine platoon with armoured support and make it into melee.

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Before Zerg and terrans, zealots were powerful enough to singlehandedly control entire colonies never mind charge into some gunfire. Can’t make fun of their tactics when they never lost.

A zealot is worth 3 marines despite the fact that they launch projectiles.

@Emperor Probius, the ruler of Probe & Brother Wraith

You’re both right, of course, but what’s wrong with giving those Zealot a plasma gun or something on top of that?

@Brother Bifrost

How so?


That’s wrong line of thinking. Just because something is good doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Being the best is ever committed duty.

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The Adept has something like what youre imagining, and its a fairly new technology and discipline. Presumably the technology wasnt there yet.

Besides, the protoss are terrified of what they could do if they put their all into thinking of weapons of war.

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Cause compared to the psi blade the plasma gun might as well be a peeshooter.

I think zealots remain popular in the protoss ranks for the same reason that heavy cavalry charges remained a predominant feature on European battlefields long after gunpowder became commonly used. So long as you have armour that deflects most attacks and a method of closing quick enough that it’s unlikely for an attack to get lucky, melee weapons remain effective.

In Starcraft we have zealots who somehow magically survive 4 direct impacts from heavy artillery shells and continue to sprint at hundreds of kilometers per hour, pretty comfortably checking off both boxes.


What makes you think they’re not improving it?

Heck, we know that they are. Charge is a new thing, as is Whirlwind.

Guess the protoss played a bunch of Diablo.

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Yeah the SC1 manual directly states they are plus we have the existence of a bunch of new units.

Yep! And here is a thing; the main discussion is about how much Protoss value the life of their own solider, which apparently not that much.

The Protoss is very advance. The technology that I’m imagine should already exist to perfection.

The Protoss is not above breaking some egg when necessary.

It’s Protoss made plasma shooter. I wager that it’s more than a pee shooter. Beside, what’s wrong with shooting your enemy while charging toward them?

Yeah, that’s Strawman.

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Is it? I thought whirlwind is pretty ancient technology.

They have by far the most protection and safety measures built into the armor of any of the races. Heck, they even actually retrieve their wounded.

Its hard to tell what was ancient and what was improved by Karax to make usable, but in general there is a significant trend of taking the existing weapons of the ancient empire and improving them.

Well, they are, but the bar isn’t set very high.

Just look at real world modern advances military. Even though our technology is inferior by far, we have move away from a lot of tactic where we send our troop in a melee range. Heck, we don’t even use manned airplane to bomb our target anymore.

Sure, and the protoss have created the Purifiers and sentinels to replace the Zealots on the field. But theyre A: mired in tradition and B: terrified of their unleashed destructive capabilities, so they intentionally lag themselves.