Ideal Mission Order for LotV campaign

I completed HotS for the first time a few days ago, on Normal. Failed maybe one mission on first attempt (forgot about the Hybrid timer in the lab) but none of the others, even with plenty of messups. And my first time playing anything Zerg. WoL was nowhere near that forgiving. HotS was much easier than my first ever WoL run on Normal.

Did Char → Zerus → Kaldir → Space → Skygeirr → Final. Prioritised Zerus to get ‘Supreme’ and the 3rd column of abilities asap. Did Space before Sky so that I could have 5 missions at lvl 60+ instead of just 3. (In Conviction, which units do you miss out on from the reinforcements by not doing Sky first? Infestors?)

What’s the recommended order for LotV to make it easiest? I’ll do my Hard and Brutal runs of these two campaigns from the Master Archive, so Unit availability & Solarite will matter more then - based on the run I’m doing now.

PS. Not interested in “best canon order” - that’s the only ones which keep coming up in searches.

HotS is freaking easy.

Any order is fine in the first half. Just Space before Skygeirr, because there is no advantage in doing Skygeirr first.

As for LotV… The only missions that give people trouble among the ones without set order is Sky Shield and/or Last Stand. I’d start with Shakuras, because DTs can be super helpful in Sky Shield against smaller units.

So, Shakuras-Korhal-Glacius

After Ulnar I’d start with Slayn to get Void Rays, then Revanscar because that mission is really easy and Endion(Cybros) as the last one.

P.S. Take this with a grain of salt. Only tough missions for me were Spear of Adun and Salvation on Brutal.


On the other hand, Aiurlots already deal with swarms really well, and having immortals or… the DT variant i cant remember the name of to deal with the hybrids on Shakuras is immensely helpful.


Okay, good. Finished Shakuras already so will now head to Korhal.

Btw, on Amon’s Reach, when we come across Void Thrashers for the first time, everyone seems to already know what they are. No one goes “what’s that thing?”. Weird.

Last Stand was harder than I thought it would be - the monoliths have such a low firing rate. Not like Karax in Co-op. This might be a problem when I do Hard/Brutal later.

Hmpf! Yeah, I can’t snipe the overseers fast enough to protect the DT’s. Maybe I need more canons for the next run. Hit 1.8bil zerg so not concerned about re-doing it now.

Play from Master Archives, problem solved.

How so? Aren’t Unit Availability and Solarite based on the original play order, like in HotS?

In HotS and LoV, the master archives give you the maximum amount of units/upgrades/solarite/kerrigan levels/whatever else you could potentially have at the time. Its only the regular archives that base it on the current playthrough. WoL does not have master archives.

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You should have all secondaries done in the original playthrough though, shouldn’t you?

Nice :+1:

Thanks, all!

Phew, crisis averts!

Personally, I would reccomend Shakuras last. The Last Stand is the hardest one and you don’t really get anything from the planet (I, too, am bad at sniping Oversee).

All type of Sentries are useful and super easy to deploy just mix some in your deathball to make it more lethal.

Each kind of immortal is quite unique in its usage. The Nerazim variant is extremely powerful and only requies small micro to manage.

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The Annihilator - with the Shadow Canon ability to shoot/snipe units, incl air?

Not sure how the vanilla sentinel would be of much use. Putting up shields for my static def and units? Energisers near monoliths and canons seem good to increase their DPS (can’t recall if they can affect structures). Havocs would be good to put up barriers against banes. But the latter is too much micro for me. Would rather micro just Shadow Strike and Shadow Canons.

Via Master archives, I’d get Immortals and Sentinels regardless of original order, right?

Yes. 2020202020202020


Yep, I’m aware that I’m a bit late to the party, but maybe one day you might want to replay the whole campaign on Hard or Brutal.

It’s a different experience from replaying through Master Archive.

The Khalai variant is like a healer. It increases the survivability of your frontline. You might not feel the difference at Normal, but on Hard or Brutal, they can be quite an edge.

The Purified might be the best one. It increases your whole army DPS; not just building.

The Tal’darim gives extra range. You might not realized this but having extra range is huge. Your unit attack first and by the time the enemy’s range units can return fire, it will be targeted by multiple of your range units. They also grant targeting laser that increase damage taken. The choke point on demand is just gravy.

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Yeah - that would be the real challenge. Along with getting all achievements in the same run. But I’m not aiming for that so for now I’m just going for mission objs + bonuses. Will do the Mastery and 10th anniv achievements later.

Yeah, especially with dragoons and immortals.

Used it on Rak’shir with Void Rays. Was fun. Really nice to be Han [Solo]. (coz Han shot first.)

It makes 0 sense story wise why Artanis why would prioritize waking up some robots over Shakuras or the keystone .

But gameplay wise I find it help to do Galcious in between Korhal / Shakuras whatever order you choose.

Energizer immortals are kind of good in Brothers in Arms, and sentries for force field shenanigans blocking off your cannons and such cannon be useful protecting the Temple.

I could see him saving the Keystone for last under the belief that he needs every military resource he can get before he moves on the Keystone, so that Amon doesnt just crush him. He doesnt have any reason to believe at that point that Amon actually wants the Keystone, so from his perspective, moving on it just makes it a target.

Not that I disagree with you, but it’s as if you wanted a new tire-fire.


Listen I’m in the Shakuras first is the true lore club.

But I just can’t justify doing Korhal last from a lore perspective. But I do it for game play. I like energizer / immortal since I played Karax on co-op (even though co op energizers are better).

That was at Kelthar.

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Which, on the flip side, is why it would make sense to go there first. He think’s it’s a quick errand where he just swings by Korhal, grabs the keystone, and leaves immediately. Giant Mobius invasion fleet was not expected.