Iconic Line - "Where are you?"

So here’s a little gem of a game I came across today. Not sure how many download it allows before it is removed but check it out at your leisure. It’s quite short.


This is a classic example of “your level doesn’t mean anything” :joy: . His message definitely got me a chuckle though.

Oh, I didn’t have the “watched a replay” achievement on US server. It will at least have served this purpose :stuck_out_tongue:
But he’s right, you should not push all on your ally like this, you should always have a minimal force behind, you never know when he will be attacked by bugs, phone calls, toilet call, uninvited guests or other natural disasters a player may experience, thus don’t leave them behind assuming it will go right…or assume to the end and don’t quite the game :smiling_imp:

Then perhaps you guys should become play buddies lmao. You’d be made for each other.

He made a small army of a few ambushers on Malwarfare with a Zeratul doing nothing. Meanwhile I’ve wiped half the map before the first Terminal was done.

I certainly should NOT have “pushed” the only small thing left to do. And certain I SHOULD anticipate my ally’s day to day real life ongoings by solo’ing everything in a coop game.

People like you are why these moment become classic :rofl:. Having 0 awareness of what is actually happening whilst believing you’re doing well.

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I’ve had a lot of these kinds of players. It really isn’t very surprising at all. Most of them don’t even speak English I find.

Oh well, just means more practice for us.

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Yeah, this one mostly gave me a chuckle as he was (if I recall well over a800), then rage quit cuz he “didn’t see my units by his units”.

Meanwhile doing absolutely next to nothing, ended with such a “where are you” line :joy: . It’s like, ”I’ve been clearing the map, where ARE U??” Hahaha.

Also, who in the world wouldn’t expect P3 Nova to clear the map ahead? That’s literally their purpose. Just bizarre…

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I mean, I’ve actually had a guy get furious at me because I wasn’t defending at the portals on VL. Apparently going at them close to the source was stealing all the kills :man_shrugging:

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Same, that and “not defending OE at the bases’ ramps”.

Even just today, I had an A1000 leave TotP because I clearly all 3 bonuses before 1st Thrasher spawned.

I don’t get these people at all. It seems their enjoyment is doing the mission, but it seems only enough that they don’t have to do all the work (if not barely any work) and their ally do most of it. To me, if that’s how you enjoy it then play on casual… it is literally designed to have less things and slower pace. No judgment.

Instead, they join in Brutal, done 0 or next to no-work. Then complain or rage quit (often with colorful messages like the above, and that’s a benign hilarious one at that) because you’ve done all the work.

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…Why would you defend at the OE base ramps? Why? Even if you’re playing something like P1 Karax, you always build your cannons forward on the low ground. Taking out the escorts ASAP is always the correct thing to do before they even get close to the base…

How’d you end up clearing all 3 bonuses before 1st Thrasher? I haven’t seen that in a long time.

Hop on some time, it’ll be easier to show you but pretty much just timing the tele.

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All three bonuses and first lane, or did you skip the lane to get the other two bonuses?

It doesn’t really matter since you don’t need to clear the bonuses that early at all.

So it just depends on your ally’s position. I’d say if they are remotely at the 1st Thrasher spawn then getting the bonuses or clearing main lane works. And that’s mostly my own quirk of 0 damage on the temple.

Otherwise, clearing lane is a better choice. And that has a lot to do with tele points again.

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Ahh, ok, I thought you were saying above that you did both before the 1st thrasher. Naturally clearing the lane takes priority.

If I recall for that particular game. I ended up at his lane’s bonus last before he quit (he was P1 position, so top left lane). I started to clear there but I can’t remember if I cleared main lane or not.

My guess is that I didn’t, as it makes more sense in my mind that I’d circle back to 1st Thrasher then go there after.

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Just tested real quick, you can 12 workers solo wipe all 3 bonuses and main lane by 6:45 easily as P3 Alarak. You have 1.5min to spare, which should give you time to wipe another lane clean and come back, especially in the presence of an ally.

I didn’t on my test (wipe 2nd lane), but mostly cuz I wasn’t sure what rotation I needed to do while solo. On the other hand, with an ally I usually place one of the pylons for expansion clearing with 1st OC. So there small differences might mean not able to get back by 8:15 (1st Thrasher). <==And that’s why if ally is remotely active, this position issue isn’t an issue that needs solving by pylons.


I always ignore the bonuses and try to clear enemy hatch/CC/nexus and all workers from as many lanes as possible during that time window. So much easier when not dealing with Amon building static at the bottom of the ramp.

Ah, I wasn’t sure on which CO(s) you were piloting. I generally tend to haul butt down the center lane and deal with wave, clear bonus, deal with wave, clear base, clear 1st Thrasher. If an ally goes for the other bonuses, :+1: otherwise I’ll assuming they’re trying to macro.

Ironically I’ve been letting my macro slip a bit while doing this though. I need to remember to keep building workers lmao.

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Yeah, always clear lane first. If you’re quick and can do anything else that’s gravy. Ally often ignores the lane and heads for the bonus. Oh well.

Depends upon which CO I’m on, honestly. Some COs just can’t clear lanes super early on due to lack of tools or speed.

Hmm… I thought all could. Which ones have you found can’t clear the 1st lane before the first thrasher?

I know not all can do 3 bonuses and 1-2lanes :stuck_out_tongue: .