I call TvP comepletely broken. In Protos favour!

Sky toss counters completely sky terran.

If you get void rays with speed with 1-2 carrier completely destroys the vikings.

So many harassment options, Warp prism, dt,

Macro, it is still impossible to out macro the toss ,with Terran.

Recall is completely broken.


Sorry guys, just lost like 4 games in a row vs Protoss. The matchup it is not fun.


Well, we are both in gold. Imo TvP in gold is easiest matchup for Terran (I got 63% win ratio).
Always wallup, and build 1 Cyclone to counter Oracle. Scoute for any cheese. Macro hard and its easy win.


Marines mate, it’s always marines. Don’t make vikings, mass marines mate… Stim shreds everything, just use stim marines. It took me a long time to realize, but it’s just the truth.


On your rank maybe but terran pro’s whine about it the most and even some toss pro’s like harstem says its protoss favored. To be fair below gm balance doesnt even matter so just do what you do that works

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I’m about to change your life. I’m not even that great at sc2 but I have a build that allows me to beat Protoss about 9/10 times. just send new a deposit on PayPal and I got u
Get ur first depot and 1gas, put 2 workers on it
Rax, orbital,
2nd gas, add 1 more worker to 1st gas
Marine for safety
Reactor on rax
2nd CC (on the high ground, u can park it in ur natural but tbh it’s not even necessary u just need the extra mules)
Saturate 2nd gas
2 more rax w/ tech labs, 2nd orbital, start +1 at eBay
Stim and shields
Concussive shells

The whole time you’re going to be muleing, producing scvs, marines, and Marauders, make sure there’s a good amount of marauders but no more than half ur units should be marauders in case the opponent go gateway.

do NOT get supply blocked, if you do drop supply immediately but your minerals will be a bit effed since that’s one less mule.
Soon as ur last upgrade is 3/4 of the way done a move across the map rallyingyour barracks to ur main army

Soon as u contact their army stim and knock out their 2nd nexus (they should only be on 2 bases by now and if they have 3 then they’ll have no units so even better for you), break off 3 or 4 units (preferable marauders) to finish up the probes and send the rest the whole way up the ramp if possible before attacking so units don’t get stuck on the ramp. Target down pylons and production facilities especially the robo because the last thing you need is a colossus popping before reinforcements get there. They’ll surrender by this point but it’s literally so easy and the only build I’ve found to be so overwhelmingly successful.

This is off the top of my head so adjust it as you see fit there isn’t an exact way that I do this so you might wanna switch some instructions around for efficiency.

I used to reaper scout with this build but honestly the only thing you need to check for is proxies which you can send an scv to determine. The quicker you macro the better it works. You don’t want to sit in your base for 10 mins, because they will counter this simple unit comp by then. As SOON as ur upgrades are about done head out.

If for some reason you don’t quite Beat them in that first push make sure ur rally point is back at ur base, fly your CC and start up 2 factories or a factory and a Starport depending on their unit comp. if they’re going skytoss add a couple turrets in case they try to back stab. don’t waste much time. Once the first couple units pop out of ur new production head out again, or if you want to move out quickly do so and use ur factory/starport units in the 3rd push if necessary. If you push twice with just the marine marauder they might think those are your only units and u might catch them off guard if you come back shortly after with tanks or cyclones or something else


Rax Gas FE like Reaper FE timing, make one marine, tech lab, two marauders + concussive shells and go for a little pressure. Then you go bio and push afterwards with 1/1 and stim timing with 2 medivacs
It should work flawlessly until Diamond because your opponent doesn’t have the economy to build a proper sky army at this point

As a new Terran watching PvT played at the highest level in HeroMarine, it looks pretty painful, and Protoss looks very flexible. It really makes me rethink getting serious about playing Terran at a high level. If I have a disdain for Protoss, does Zerg look like something I want to get into? Maybe not bothering and enjoying myself doing other things is the better option.

Streamers generally don’t play Terran. The race has been abandoned by those looking for entertaining gameplay.


Diamond protoss here to weigh in - I currently have a 9-2 win/loss vs Terran

Can confirm is in Toss’s favor if the skill levels are equal.

Terran needs to be a genuinely better player in seemingly every way to take it


This is countered by opening with 21 zeal into expo if the reaper leaves, adept/stalker if it stays and tries to damage f/u with 3gate stalkers/4gate adepts IF you scout T trying to expo during their harass or expo into 1/1 glaive adepts with sentry support if you scout a bio army

If you deny P’s scouting attempts then this push works pretty much every time from what I’ve seen - I guess my main point here is if you stop P from scouting it then you’re gravy.

Side note: Many toss in d+ start the early zealot regardless because it comes out right after the reaper shows up and they cancel it if they don’t see it. Delaying the reaper by about 5-10 seconds depending on the map can force a waste of 100 minerals for P if they finish it or cause them to cancel it giving your reaper the chance to sweep up a couple probies

So fighting Protoss is my highest win rate, here’s what I do. I harass early with a dropship and marines and kill a few probes and maybe some gateway units. Then around 6:30 mins I drop with a banahee 3 dropships 2 tanks and 16 Marines with stim and +1 weapons. That initial attack works 4/5 times. For late game I’ll add on 4 more factories and 4 more barracks and I go drop ships marines marauders tanks and widow mines. It works really well, even when I’m fighting some skytoss (but not maxed out skytoss) it’s also pretty cheap and you can attack one after another. Also scouting is everything in the early game.

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I am a Protoss player too. Really no P player dares to stand out and say PvT is P favored. But I have to agree. It’s P favored. At 2 games, I got bored so I started doing dumb things and sacrifice my units. And I still win.

Lately, I’ve tried to learn to T. Especially I’ve found that TvZ seems easier than TvP. I’m having trouble against P at the same rank rather than Z. Many people think that Rax units > Gateway units. No, they are equal (Rax units can fire power but Gateway units have mobility so they are even. Counting also casters like HT and Ghosts). However, I found that Robo > Factory. Players who produce units from Robo constantly (either Colossus or Immortals) generally have no trouble against Factory timing (mines, or tanks). However, T needs 2 starports to compete against 1 robo facility (e.g vikings vs colossus). And P only needs high tech unis at low numbers while T needs a lot of high tech untis at high numbers to be efficient (eg. Libs, Vikings). P generally has advantages when P has 3 -> 5 bases. And lots of T lose during this time.

On the economy part, if T drops mules constantly, maybe T econ = P econ. As mentioned above, T needs more expensive units to be on even ground.

After T has 5 bases and set up proper defenses (ultra late game like after 5 mins), T should be able to play easier than P. Dark templars? I’ve got 6 orbitals commands? Kill workers? Mules are here. Army production rate? Now more econ, T produces much faster. and they get high tech units faster than P.

But getting to 5 bases as T is… Hard, tricky, unfun… Unless someone wants try different 2 base push…


I used to think that as well. However, the key insight you need is that the best counter to carriers is NOT vikings, but battlecruisers. Battlecruisers are fantastic against carriers as they very effectively kill the interceptors. DO NOT target fire the carriers themselves with BCs until you have killed a lot of the interceptors. Then chase them down and kill them.

Battlecruisers are weak against void rays as they are faster and have longer range. However, vikings are good against void rays. So you will need a combination of vikings target firing the void rays, and battlecruisers killing the carriers interceptors.

Widow mines are also very effective against skytoss. Skytoss players in silver and gold seldom pay much attention to detection, and unlike battlecruisers, skytoss units can’t teleport. Keep track of where the army is (sensor towers & scans, or single marines stationed out on the map), and have a bunch of widow mines (with drilling claws so they don’t reveal after detonation) burrowed around your bases where they are likely heading to attack. You can draw them in by retreating your sky army back a bit. They will chase and the widow mines will deal heavy damage to their air units. Missile turrets (with range upgrade) will also help defend against void rays.

You can actually trade very efficiently against skytoss if you have the right unit composition.

PS on recall, you can base harass and deal with it two ways:

*Attack two places at once with a decoy smaller attack first and primary attack at another base located further away.

*Drop in for eg. into a third base where you can easily fly into the main, but it’s a long walk around for ground army via the natural to get into the main. Start hitting mineral line, and when warp in or recall starts, pick up and boost into the main and then attack there. After they walk there army around the natural and into the main, pick up and boost back to the third and hit the third again.

Because Protoss is a much easier race to play for <3k MMR players, Protoss players usually have much lower skill level than Terran in terms of micro. They will probably just F2 everything into the base when you attack. You can exploit their poor micro skill quite easily. P players are lazy because they can just A click attacks.

P is overpowered v T at lower levels, but it evens out as you get >3K because P can no longer get away with very poor micro.


the only thing that counters sky toss is mass thors or mass bc, nothing else

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Looks like you have not discovered Thor yet.

Nobody does Vikings… Just Marine and Stim…

Looks like Warp Prism and DTs that is a lot of options we have wow.

Ye ye with Mech Tanks/ Libs and camp + Planetary fortress it is really impossible…

Sure it is broken, if you destroy the whole Protoss army while it has been recalled…

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It’s a learn to play issue…

I used to main protoss and yes, terran is easier to fight than zerg, or protoss.

Now as terran I see that TvP favors protoss hard.


The problem is that TvP feels like a roulette: as a Terran you have to commit to your build before Protoss chooses his, and you can have BO loss because of that.

In TvZ you as a Terran can adapt on the fly to whatever Zerg is doing and there is not as much openings for Zerg as there are for Protoss.
In TvT despite large number of openings you don’t need to change your BO you need only to change what units you are building and what your units are doing.

This is what make TvP both so infuriating and why every Terran on the ladder have TvP as his worst match-ups.

For example, WM drop is great against Robo quick Collosus build but terrible against Blink and SG builds, while 3Rax push is great against SG, so-so vs Blink and bad vs Robo and proxy DTs. However the difference between these builds begins very early, first is gas-rax second one is rax-gas.

You start the game, you roll the dice…