How long can you last?

With this week mutation, how long can you survive without cheese ?
DoN is being hated by some for being boring and easy even on Brutal, so how about trying the challenge above ?

I don’t know if Dead of Night is actually widely disliked, but if it is, it’s probably because the special zerg can be annoying or because turtle players like to pick it and be worthless all game and not because it’s especially boring or easy.

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Bliz has a co-op Arcade game called “Left 2 Die” which is another variation on DoN/Outbreak.

The four standard difficulties are essentially the same concept as DoN (clear the map) with a couple extra twists. However, in addition to the four difficulties there’s a “Night 2 Die” mode where the objective isn’t to clear the map, but to build a defense and hold out as long as possible.

It’s worth a try since theres some differences in the mission’s mechanics. If anyone decides to look it up, watchout for the ton of community made variants. If you’re interested in the official Bliz game, be sure to look for it specifically.

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Didn’t someone post their night7 video in the other topic? So I guess the current record would be 7 for now.

Depends on the condition of the challenge. Is it only def and no clearing the map or allowed to clear the map too?

If allowed to clear the map while trying to last, then clear all but one infested structure and then just relax. There will be a very slow stream of infested, as well as the occasional attack wave which you can then spend time defending against easily. And then the game auto-ends in 9 hrs, 6 mins, 7 secs as a fail.

If not allowed to clear the map at all, then, well, that’s a self-punishing challenge. And if one does manage to keep holding out forever, see the part above for when you’ll hard-fail.


Agreed, I find any prolonged DoN is exactly that. The nights don’t really get harder each night, imo, after the 4-5N. Nothing too noticeable for me anyway.

Yup, as long as you’ve fully cleared entire sections of the map, there will be no infested coming to the entrance on that side of the map (or almost none).

Some mutations can make this less easy but do-able. For those who can handle Void Rifts starting at 2:20, those would be the only “extra” things to worry about. That and maybe Aggressive Deployment will keep things interesting the entire time.

Void Reanimators are pretty punishing as well, as they force players to come out of the turtle to take out.

I’m fond of alien incubation on DoN. It doesn’t make it all that much harder (well…for Swann or Raynor anyway), but the massive wave of broodlings is funny.

I played a survival game, and I’m pretty sure the attacks max out on night 6. That’s when you’ll get 3-5 nydus worms or stanks each night. After that it doesn’t get any harder.

I think it would be difficult to last 9 hours. Even strong defenses usually need some level of resource input, especially against stanks. Throw in some mutators, and it would be tricky indeed.

Not really, just take a look at videos on YouTube. And more to the point, it’s not really a challenge if you are just grinding for time. Mutators simply scale a 15min game into a 20min or 25min, the number isn’t important but the concept it shifts it a tiny bit.

There’s value in that, don’t get me wrong, (see any tower defense type of arcade) but the progression in coop compared those are vastly different. Coop just doesn’t scale well past the 20min mark. If you haven’t maxed out and fully researched by then, there’s usually a skill problem. Commanders are just not designed to continuously power up past that mark (in fact, some don’t even need half that time).

Heh, you seem to be saying one thing than the opposite -
“Won’t be hard”

Followed by -
“Commanders do not continuously power up”

I basically agree with both of these things. Several combinations of commanders could make a stout defense that could handle night six waves…in the context of finishing the game soon thereafter. I think it would be challenging to make a defense that was so self-sustaining* that it didn’t draw resources that would run out long before 9 hours passed. I think that would be challenging, especially if mutators are involved.

*Assuming you didn’t cheese it by destroying all the buildings except one to massively reduce the attack waves.

I think Swann free scvs and Kerrigan free meat shields say hi. But yeah i think there was a video on YouTube that lasted a few hours. They built a bunch of defenses with swanns free repairs and used nydus worms and lurkers to defend with Kerrigan for some minor chip assimilation aura resources. About two hours in they left and went afk and let the defenses fall several hours later, but I’m sure if you stayed there and rebuilt the meat walls and got Kerrigan to get some chip resources you could last indefinitely over there.

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Well my 42 minute game I did earlier, we lasted through 4 full nights and killed the last structure on the 5th.

I would have said we could have gone way longer but my ally was massing carriers and those are pretty terrible at killing Stanks which were ripping through my tank and turret lines at that point since they were spawning in 2 at a time.

Doing this mutation with Nydus Worms instead of Stanks would WAY WAY easier, but Stanks that respawn immediately are pretty brutal when there’s 2 or 3 of them attacking you at once.

I don’t think I am but if that’s how you wish to interpret.

And the last two commenters showed you easy examples of why.

Several commanders have infinite resources, just not in the form of minerals/gas. Energy, free repair, free structures, free projections, free calldowns are all obvious examples.

And it’s not like I’m trolling you here. There’s a ton of examples of people going well beyond night6 and further. And no people didn’t just cheese and leave 1 infested structure. If you bothered to look though… that may be entirely a different story.

There was one Mutation (included the one where objectives are NOT marked on the mini-map) where enemies still come out despite clearing the structures. We had 11 to 1 structure left, but enemies were still pouring in in full force. We finished a few moments into night 4. Else, we would’ve been done for.

I dunno. My Swann ally holding down the fort while I cleared the map on the mutation seemed pretty useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just did a test run on a Maguro map. I was controlling Swann and Dehaka at the same time. My defense was focused on siege tanks and swarm hosts. I ran out of resources around night 18. Now, I was AFK several times and that definitely led to me losing some stuff I wouldn’t have if I was actively microing the whole time. But as a proof of concept, it more or less confirmed what I thought - if no buildings are destroyed, even an extremely strong defense soaks up damage. In this case, guardians that could outrange my turrets were the main culprit.

You make a good point about Kerrigan. She would be ideal.

I suspect that if someone wanted to go for the full 9 hours, they would need either Kerrigan w/ minor micro (like checking in every 10-15m to Assimilate and rebuild defense), or micro nearly the entire time. It would certainly be possible though. Karax + Swann might be able to make an entirely self-sustaining defense as well with all of their free repairs.

So yeah I think you’re mostly right. Mutators would certainly make this a lot more interesting.

You can change the enemy composition is Maguro Map with “-aichoice”, just saying.

Yeah, I don’t think for the full 9hour run, both players can go AFK, especially if mutators are in play.

Definitely would need a commander with some sort of freebies, and agreed that Kerrigan’s Nydus honestly intuitively feels like the optimal choice.