How do you stop Terran early game Widow Mines?

I have lost the last 9 games in a row against Terran. No matter what I make, he early game widow mine drops into my base. Even if I defend it successfully and don’t lose a single unit, then in comes the mass MMM and I don’t have the resources to build enough units to fight back. They focus fire the batteries and it’s GG. I have tried a Million different build orders and I can NOT stop this.

Can someone post some replays of them beating a D3 Terran or higher that does this please?

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Widow mines are cancer. You have to either get an obs out or put a cannon down somewhere. Place a shield battery near the probes and use the overcharge.

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I have Obs, I have cannons but it takes 5 hits to kill a widow mine and by then I have already lost half of my probes.

I absolutely CANNOT beat Terran anymore with early widow mine drops to mass MMM which are usually 2-2 before I can even get the first set of upgrades.

EVERY game against Terran players is the EXACT SAME THING yet I can’t beat it no matter how many units I try to make they are just decimated by widow mines. Even if I manage to fend it off then in comes another wave this time with drops in other parts of my base.

IMPOSSIBLE to beat now

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Hello my friend ,

pull away workers use observers+stalkers to target down widow mines without triggering them. If you do not have detection instead send in single probes to trigger the mines so you can take them out afterwards.




This doesn’t seem like a good advice, so unless you are a GM / youtuber / streamer or pro player, (or all of the above) you can’t be taken seriously.

Wink wink he is in top 20 EU players

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all of the above wasn’t a good enough trigger for you?

Instructions unclear. Mothership core deployed

Place 2 cannons would easily solve the problem

Florin, we would all like to introduce you to harstem, if you dont know who he is check out youtube.


If you’re bronze then 4 canons should work. One for each widow mine. If you can micro, pull your workers.

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Make some Bronze league cannons. Don’t forget to make the Arto pylon powering 8 cannons easy to snipe.

Ctrl select workers. But like the guy said, have to send one in to take it for the team.

Actually, it doesn’t. Mines (even without speed) can burrow and fire before a single cannon can kill it. Now, you said TWO cannons, but years ago I actually tried this, and so long as either BOTH cannons are not in range, or two mines are dropped… they can both fire, as each cannon is firing on one mine each.

You just end up spending 300 minerals (+150 for early forge, too), on something that doesn’t protect you.

Best advice I can give is to put observers on the sides of your base. The areas where the Terran is most likely to enter your base with a dropship. This will give you the few extra seconds you’ll need to react properly. I too struggle with Diamond Terran players widow mine dropping me. I don’t think it’s possible to come out of it unscathed. The goal is to minimize as much damage as possible.

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Again, the problem with this is that EVEN if you manage to successfully deter the widow mine drop, you have just spent all your resources doing so then in comes the MMM with siege and stim and it’s GG protoss.

Widow mine drop is auto loss to blink all-in.

Blink all-in? That does not work since mass marines just DOMINATE protoss. I have yet to see a single replay where a Protoss player beats a Terran opponent who just masses marines and keeps sending them in starting at the 3-4 minute mark.

put as many as cannon you want, it only cost 150

if its an early game drop then he wont have an armoury yet so it will be visible after it is shot so just pull the workers when you see the medivac and send in a probe to trigger the mine then have a unit kill it and then move into obs so you can still do this after the armoury has been built

So basically what you’re saying is you’re GOING to lose units regardless. You do realize that by me pulling back my workers and stopping my income just for that duration gives my opponent the upper hand right? Spam Mules like they spam the built in maphack scanner and it pushes them so far ahead in minerals it’s GG protoss.


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