How Do I enable "Slow"/"Slower" game speeds?


I am having trouble with some achievements. Some people suggested slowing down the speed to “slow”/“slower”, but my setup only allows “normal”. Are game speeds tied to the difficulty level - aka become available on hard/brutal?

Yes, but in the opposite way. Harder difficulties are limited to the higher speeds.

Well odd then. I am playing on normal, but the left most speed indicator is normal. I cannot access slow or slower.

You can’t go that slow.

To go slower, you’d need to play on Casual.


You should be able to access ‘slow’ at least if memory serves. Another possibility (which is just a hypothesis) is that you need to start the mission in that difficulty already and not restart the mission (while in a mission) on a different difficulty.

Testing Game Speeds with [difficulty].

Game speed options change with the expansions. Man this makes my head spin. On Terans you can go to slower - on the others you cannot.

Wings of Liberty

  • [Casual] slower, slow, normal, fast, faster
  • [Normal] Slower, slow, normal, fast, faster
  • [Hard] fast, faster
  • [Brutal] no option – assume faster

Heart of the Swarm / Legacy of the Void/W.o.Oblivion

  • [Casual] slow, normal, fast, faster
  • [Normal] slow, normal, fast, faster
  • [Hard] fast, faster
  • [Brutal] no option – assume faster

Legacy of the Void - Main Story/Epilog – Nova

  • [Casual] slow, normal, fast, faster
  • [Normal] normal, fast, faster
  • [Hard] fast, faster
  • [Brutal] no option – assume faster

TL/DR @Kyrie Starting with Legacy of the Void Main Story slow mode is no longer available. Slower mode only for the Terran missions. Slow for Heart of the Swarm – This is not really intuitive and caused me some headache.

You can just edited your post. You don’t have to delete it and write a new one.

Also, while I agree that the inconsistency is real and can cause a headache, this is a very minor issue. Most people either go causal in order to win or just grit through it. I guess that’s why nobody care to make it intuitive.

I wish there was a speed setting used in starcraft 1 :blush:

The initial post mentioned achievements though, so lowering the difficulty may not be an option.

Yes, but I was talking about why Blizzard of old didn’t make it consistent. My guess is that most people don’t have any problem with it.