HotS & LotV Chronological Order

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In one of my prior posts, I discussed how I determined (at least to my knowledge) what the chronological order is for WoL. However, I’m having a difficult time trying to find the chronological order for both HotS and LotV. Are there any solid canon/sources/documentation that confirms what order they’re in (lore-wise)? Thanks in advance.


I’m pretty sure, in your original post, we already listed the official order.

There is no canon order for LotV as far as I know.

Space comes before Sky, Gunblade.


HotS is done as mentioned above me.

Sources are Niadra comic and stuff from old website.

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I’m really not a fan of how the official timeline appears to be Kaldir coming after Char. At least if it was Kaldir before Char, you could kind of see a character flow where Kerrigan kills people on Kaldir and Char only to lead up to Warfield chewing her out for being a b#$^h again. Now you got Kerrigan killing stuff on Char leading up to Warfield calling her out for it only for her to go back to killing stuff again on Kaldir.


Also, I think sky should come before space because the Raynor-Narud would hit her pretty hard that way. Having it happened after space is just weird…

Space coming before Skygirr makes a bit more sense if you see it like Kerrigan would be in a hurry to get Raynor back once she realizes that he’s alive rather than just going off to figure out what a mysterious voice (Stukov) is trying to say to ya.


Always saw that choice the same way.

Also it’s the easier way from gameplay point of view.

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Thanks everyone for your help. I’ve been replaying all the SC2 campaigns again and wanted to get clarification on the chronological/canon order. Since there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer on LotV I’ll probably start with Shakuras first.

We don’t have any canon confirmation in LotV, but as a part of Shakuras first fraction here, I am happy you’re inclined this way.

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WoL Chronological Order

To those curious, here’s my take on the WoL campaign (link posted above). I decided to also take a look at the old Blizzard story website on WoL and HotS via the Wayback Machine’s Internet Archive. It seems a majority of what I had for my take on WoL was on par with the former website. Thanks again for your help everyone.

Yeah, I think it’s Spirit and I on the Korhal first band wagon.

I’d love for a canonical order to be released/revealed someday, just so we can see what’s really what.

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Shakuras first faction for me.

Get Vorazun to safety or else.



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Of course, that’s the actual logic there. Because we know stuff is bad on Shakuras, while we have no idea about any trouble on Korhal yet.

I just need to remind people that Vorazun is undertated af.

Except we actually don’t.

In reality he knows that they are under threat. He says “I must reach them before Amon’s armies.”

They’re the next logical target for Amon after he wiped out the khalai. The dark Templar would be safe aboard the spear of Adun, which is not a stationary target that can be easily assaulted, yet alone found. The rest of protoss civilization are basically sitting ducks on Shakuras.


To elaborate on Gradius, SoA is kind of running on skeleton crew at that time.

Well… in terms of current day Protoss.

Also, your nice but kind of racist auntie Rohana has something to tell you if you pick Korhal first.
And in a way she’s right. Keystone can be reclaimed. Those Protoss on Shakuras if you don’t save them?

Irreversiblr damage to your cause.

Absolutely they’re under threat, that’s not in question. So is the Dominion. So is Kerrigan’s Swarm. The entire galaxy is under threat at that moment.

@Bifrost stated that Artanis knew things were bad on Shakuras specifically, which is incorrect at this point in the story. He believes they will be attacked (logically), but Artanis does not know when.

When he does arrive there, he’s extremely surprised to see how “bad” things actually are; no one suspected Amon would get the Warp Gate activated and invade from that direction until it actually happened.

Unless the canonical mission order is revealed, we also don’t know if Amon does this almost immediately or not.

One day, perhaps we’ll learn.