Hotfixes - September 27, 2019

Today, we have released a hotfix, including a bug fix below.

War Chest: BlizzCon 2019

  • The Tyrador Widow Mine skin should now properly unlock for players who meet the requirements.

Hotfix as in your end or download to update on our end?


y is it call a hotfix

  1. Too small to be a patch in and of itself and doesn’t contain any breaking changes
  2. It is being released out of standard patching cadence to fix an “emergency” problem effecting a multitude of users and preventing them from using the service as expected

Nice job, Blizzard developers. But we have GAMEPLAY bugs that needs to be addressed, please take a look:

but there r not heat so the fix is not hot

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Maybe hotfix broodlord range bug and infestors ? Instead of useless skin !!!

But I like my skin, I need to cause frame drop to my opponent with the BC. Thx OP

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