Hotfixes – October 3, 2019

We’ve released a hotfix today to address bugs below.


  • Hydralisk

    • Changed the Hydralisk melee weapon speed to match the ranged weapon speed.
  • Maps

    • Winter’s Gate LE
      • Moved the unbuildable plates near the main ramps to prevent the main ramps from being blocked by three Pylons.
      • Updated the height of some rock spike doodads to prevent clipping with flying units.
      • Updated some tree and red crystal doodads to prevent clipping with each other.
    • Traitor’s Exile
      • Added an unbuildable plate to the main ramps to prevent them from being blocked by a single Barracks structure.
    • Rhoskallian LE
      • Raised the height of some gas vent doodads so they can appear properly.

Cool, wtf is a hydras melee weapon though lol

Hydralisks have a melee attack animation where they smack something with their claws. To make this work, they actually have a minimum range on their ranged attack, and a hidden melee weapon which is supposed to have identical stats. When everything works correctly, their melee attack is indistinguishable from their ranged attack except for the animation. However there was a bug that made their melee attack speed different from the ranged weapon speed.


Made it faster if I remember correctly ? Because they didn’t change the values for it from the previous nerfs I’m guessing ? Correct me if I’m wrong


It also is supposed to ignore gaurdian shield


You are correct.

Yea, I made the bug report a few days ago:


Ahhh, never knew that. I guess the roaches have that as well right? The roaches sort of headbut or head slash?

Roaches too, yes, and Swann from the Wings of Liberty campaign, and anything else in the game that has a melee animation for a normally ranged attack.

Yes, also Warhound from co-op and campaign. They have a main range weapon and also a secondary melee weapon. The melee weapon should attack at exactly same speed and does exactly same damage, receive exactly same bonus from upgrade. However, they are classified as melee attack, and cannot be blocked by Raven’s PDD, or receive damage reduction from Sentry’s guardian shield.

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Interesting how they addressed the Hydralisk bug but ignored the others. I wonder what is their reasoning.

The Zealot bug is, in particular, quite hilarious to watch.

Since creating separate threads have no effect, maybe post something under blue-post will…
It is good that you fixing animations and maps. But can you consider to add some QoL changes to SC2?

for example:
This, or this

So much variety in skins and colors, and only manual way of using it :disappointed:

Don’t forget to hotfix the social settings!

When I block a player, I want to show OFFLINE to that user.

You have a lot of manipulation that goes on in the higher ranks of both 1v1 and 2v2. Players will spam message you on alternate accounts and either team kill you, or throw matches to boost their own high ranked accounts.

In 1v1 you have people who use map hack and use alternate accounts to snipe players who are at a higher rank to boost their MMRs.

Please do not ignore this issue.

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