High pings (Red bars) in Startcraft 1,


hi, my internet is fast, and i don’t know why each room has red bars next to it, and i am constantly kicked out due to high ping


Press Ctrl+alt+F while you are in SC2 lobby. Then, look up and left and see there FPS, Ping and etc. May be problem is in server choice.


it shows FPS:100, im talking about SC brood war
100 is normal ?


Does it show anything else?


no, just FPS 100, and still red bars


Check your internet connection in other things. If it has issues too, check provider.


i have no problem with anything else, i play overwatch with no problem


Ask blizzard support directly.


this is the starcraft 2 forum. you should post on the starcraft remastered forum.


Go to BW forums to post about BW please.

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Closing this thread. For Starcraft 1 BroodWars, please post on the StarCraft: Remastered forums.