Game doesn't display

haven’t played the game for awhile now. opened it but game doesn’t load and the screen says “cannot display this video mode, change computer display input to 1600x900@60hz”

it displays multiple settings so unless you got a really crappy graphics card you shouldnt be having problems like that.

i have a nvidia geforce gt 730. and i said, i have played sc2 on this current setup and it ran fine and all. but haven’t booted the game for quite some time now, and i dont remember changing my resolution and aspect ratio in game

730 should definatly work. i have a 710 in one of my systems now that used to be my main and ran sc2 on it. how about monitor display or things like that. you definatly should be able to run it just fine, granted now adays thats gonna push that graphics card hard.

One thing you can try: in your Documents folder, look for the Starcraft II folder, and in it, the Variables.txt file.
Inside, you look for the displaymode=X and replace whichever number was X by 0: this will set the game to run in windowed mode, hopefully going around whatever bug prevent you to start.
Then if it work and you can start, you can try adjusting the settings to switch back to some Fullscreen mode.

You may also try going to C:\Users\YourUserNAME\Documents\StarCraft II → Delete the Variables.txt file and retest.

If the issue continues, please post up your Dxdiag for us to review. Copy the dxdiag contents into your reply, highlight the text then select the code block icon </>. This action will help us review the information faster.

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Thank you.

I am having asimilar issue, here is what I am seeing when I fail to get the game to launch

GFX 23:43:42.712 DirectX call failed with error code -2005532292
GFX 23:43:43.918 DirectX call failed with error code -2005532292
GFX 23:43:45.103 DirectX call failed with error code -2005532292
GFX 23:43:46.362 DirectX call failed with error code -2005532292
GFX 23:43:47.577 DirectX call failed with error code -2005532292

I’m having the same issue. Just started. I’m on a brand new Mac Mini. Anyone have a recommendation on where to find the variables file? Also, to support, I can’t submit a ticket because I can’t save the system report as described in the help text.

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