For the love of god

Get rid of Cradle. It is by far the worst coop map. No one I’ve ever talked to likes it. 90% of the community leaves when they get it. Obviously, it’s a failure as a map. It’s just not fun. I’m sure no one would be sad to see it disappear.


Maybe on NA, on EU we enjoy it.

I’d be certainly sad if it was to disappear, please don’t speak for me.

Also I find it sad, that when game is abandoned and no more content is made, people come and ask to delete what is left of the game.


I think Scythe of Amon? is the worst one - the one where you escort the Protoss ships as a bonus, and there’s a hybrid in the middle of the map. It is pretty poorly designed with how the objectives are pathed out. There’s some issues with Cradle too, this is the one where you put the trucks in location right?

But I am pretty sure most people that dislike it just find it too difficult to play on. That means it takes extra time to level up in (or they can’t be bothered to complete it), so people try to avoid it when they can. Should a map be removed just because it is difficult? I say no. That’s silly.


To dislike/hate a map is really just a reflection of skill and comfort level. As much as many claim it is more a preferential reason than skill.

I say that because when you carry them, then all of a sudden they tolerate it. Whether it’s CoD, SoA, or VP, if you pave the “difficulty” for people, then all of a sudden it’s not bad.

Do note that skills and comfort levels can change and be improved. One way for it to never change is to remove x, y, z map and never have opportunities to learn to be better.


That’s just your opinion man.

And Scythe of Amon is worse, not because it’s a bad map but because it has always been bugged which makes playing on brutal really rough when levelling characters.


Sometimes when I get Cradle I want to leave but my match history doesn’t have any Ls for a couple pages and I suck it up because I like my match history being all pretty and seeing all green.


I love playing cradle for the sole reason of seeing my ally freak out as I immediately send the first truck on a suicide run to find out the map layout and enemy comp.

Heck, it’s also a fun way to judge your ally in the first 30 seconds. Do they probe the enemy bases immediately so that they know what units to focus on? Probably a pro. Do they immediately send it to stun the first construct? Then you’ve got someone who’s showing that they’re willing to put in the effort. And if they don’t move their truck at all until you’ve cleared the expansion…oof, be ready to solo.

And yes, I know this isn’t 100% true… Just 90%.


How is SoA bugged? I haven’t heard from any bugs here.

I actually agree, although I wouldn’t put it quite as drastically as you did.
Cradle takes very long, even if you play it skillfully, an oblivious ally can really screw you over and that truck is quite annoying to control in large armies. But mostly I just don’t enjoy the map design, but that is a matter of personal taste entirely of course.

CoD is actually a sub15 map unlike what many believe. Now can you reach that 15min mark usually with just any random queue? No, probably not.

If there is one truthful criticism of CoD, then it is probably the variability of its length. And that time is often solely dependent on one simple mechanism - “move your truck”. That’s probably the most frustrating thing.

The early attack waves are always stronger then usual (on brutal difficulty) for whatever reason compared to every other map because the early waves are skipped, this is really noticeable from the second wave onwards and really punishes low level commanders.

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Did you confuse Scythe of Amon with Chain of Ascension? The latter map has a mean 2nd wave, the first one just has early hybrid and incentivizes completing mission early, which most casual players don’t want to do.

Crdle of death isn’t a bad map. The problem is Stone never shuts up through out it. So instead of hearing the various commanders it just him screaming about everything from the moment the game starts till it ends.

Sycthe of amons problem is that the expansion is in a location that is positioned in a way that makes people who don’t play it enough to think you have to do it second. When you can do it first. The other issue is you have to know the timings of the map and how to clear shards without losing forces at the beginning. Once you know how to do it its a stupid easy map but if don’t know it can feel like cancer.

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Cradle was a pretty poor map, but it got reworked a while ago. Lots of people still don’t want to play it since their feelings were built back then.

The only time CoD or SoA can be frustrating, is if you’re leveling a new commander and the other player is terrible or new.
Just because you have difficulties with a map, perhaps start looking at improving at the specific CO/prestige you’re playing, rather than complaining about it and wanting the map removed.
I get that we can all get annoyed by the trucks dying now n then, or the damn cyclones if you get terran or reavers if you get protoss, but there are ways to deal with all that.
CoD is also not a long map, it’s more like medium length, depending on you and your ally.

Hell if i was gonna whine about a map, it would be Dead of Night, not because the map is bad in itself, but because the frequency is way higher due to the infamous ‘‘iDeF’’ players that sit in their bases and do nothing, and sometimes can’t even manage to defend, despite doing nothing during the daytime. I often check players profiles if i’ve done DoN on random queue, just to see if they hard queue DoN and damn, it’s so often the case…

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Stone can be annoying, but I’d take him over General Davis on PnP any day.

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I find Cradle tedious. Problematic? Usually no, just tedious. Based my win rates my worst map where I’ve had the most slip ups is Malwarfare. I don’t consider it a harder map (or hard map period) but I’ve actually lost more games on Mist Opportunities simply being caught out of position than Cradle.

Sythe of Amon went from being my least favorite map when learning co-op to possibly my favorite. It’s actually one of my favorites now. It’s actually one the few maps you have flexibility and can play different ways.


It’s annoying and tedious, not hard.


Cradle of Death is by far the fastest way to get EXP in co-op so for that reason alone, I don’t want it to go.

But the more important reason is: We want more stuff in co-op, not less. If you take away a map, that’s less content overall. I’m not on board with that.


The bonus can still glitch too where it will take a different path than what you normally clear out and get itself killed.