Fleet beacon build time

Could we get a tiny increase on fleet beacon construction time? Like 8-15 seconds? It would give Zerg a tiny bit more time to set up in middle ladder ranks.


No. The fleet beacon build time is fine at 46 seconds. It’s already a crazy expensive building as it is. Carriers take 64 seconds to build and then another 30+ seconds to get to full strength. If you are unprepared for carriers it’s generally due to a lack of scouting. Fleet beacon build time is not why you’re losing games.


It only costs 50 minerals more than a spire and a greater spire costs a lot more (350/350)

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No a Spire is 200/200.

And the drones are free? To all the cost of the zerg buildings you have to add the cost of the lost drone. That’s why the extractor cost 25+50 of a drone


And the power is free? Go ahead and add 100 cost to all protoss structures for the pylon Champ.

I did not know that a pylon was destroyed every time you made a protoss building :thinking:


do terrans add supply depot into the rax cost now, too? Or does zerg get to add another 100 for ovie? gotta have that supply or u cant have drone to kill to make building to make more drone and better unit.


This age old debate about zerg building prices.
And why are we talking about the spire anyway when it’s not even relevant ? The spire is completely different than the fleet beacon. A fleet beacon allows you to build carriers from Stargates which themselves are extremely expensive at the cost of 150 gas a piece. The spire lets you build as many mutas as you want from as many hatcheries as you have. For zerg to pay the same as protoss to get out a large number of flyers the investment should be like 600/600 at minimum. The closest equivalent to the fleet beacon is the fusion core which costs150/150 as opposed to the fleet beacon which is 300 / 200. The price of the fleet beacon is purely a relic of starcraft 1 and not really based on its actual values/cost in the current game.

Yet you can get to 230 supply or so if you want to.

You claimed it was a crazy expensive building when it isn’t

And it allows you to take out 3/3 of air, how much does the zerg have to spend before reaching 3/3 of air? From the beginning to get upgrades in parallel you need 2 spire. The lair and the hive are used for nothing other than to allow technological advancement and it costs 150/100 and 200/150 by themselves. The skytoss is stupidly easy to use and hopefully it will eventually be fixed and these people try to argue that it should be buffed. :rofl:

350/200. It’s one of the most expensive in the game.

If you’re going to add both spires together, then add the 150/150 from a Stargate that you need first to even build it.

Yea what a shame lose to sky toss lets nerf it more i dont want change my play style

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Is played even at a professional level, a style that does not require any skill to execute and is extremely difficult to counter in a macro game. That there are twice as many gm protoss as zerg is not a red flag for all these people who want 500 mmr for free.

Viper Infestor Corruptor good units. before blabbering how OP Protoss Air is take the time to ponder the cost of 4-5 Stargates, FB and similar things.
Or you are reckt by a Protoss that pumps Carries out of 1 Stargate?

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Yes, of course, because all zergs have infinite gas and 800 of apm to beat a normal protoss. There is no point arguing with these people

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Protoss structures should give AOE (ie radiation) to non protoss units. And when stucture is destroyed, radiation should linger therearound making it difficult for nonprotoss units to traverse or build upon the area.

Zerg has creep and when ezerg structures are destroyed, AOE damage is given, and the creep lingers to deter new residence. So I think protoss needs this added damage giving ability via their structures.


Apm never be a measure of skill trade efficensy it was all about infestor have all cast for use against sky toss

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Zerg has exactly as much gas as Protoss. If you don’t harvest gas or don’t put 3 Drones in one geiser, that’s not Protoss fault.
If you like to build 50 Banes at a time and use them to kill 2 Archons each 2-3 minutes than the problem is between the chair and keyboard.
Protoss advice: learn to do cost/benefit calculations and prioritize.

Less whine more practice.
Practice will set you free.

Goba. TM.

The “skyzerg” costs much more gas than the skytoss, if we add 2 spell casters to that, the cost of gas is absurd. https:// drop.sc/replay/19347687 In this game you can see that I have twice as many gases as the protoss and many more bases and I do not have much gas either. With all these bases I have much more difficult to defend than the protoss. I won that game because the protoss literally did nothing. This guy shouldn’t even be in the same league as me