Finaly beat "End Game"

This mission is so damn hard on brutal. I tried spamming goliaths + rines, then libs + rines. Then after 2 hours i finally beat End Game… by spamming only rines. Just super stimpack away and non-stop spam snipe on the flamethrower weapon. Then just build 9 barracks and constantly nuke the enemy to advance in the map.

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Yeah, Super Stim Marines are gross

And by the by - What difficulty?

Brutal. I mentioned it in the post

Eh my bad. It is indeed damn hard on Brutal.

The campaign drives me crazy. It turns out that I’m not a very good player and trying to go through the campaign is a continual reminder.

Which difficulty? 2020

Hard. I tried on brutal but when I got to the train level I got too frustrated :+1:. Then I got to All In, realized I didn’t do enough missions so my tech was massively underdeveloped (and I still was a bad player, haha) so I failed that too. I’m in the process of playing through again on hard and focusing on getting all research.

Yeah, Brutal is very hard. Your inability to play it means nothing. I was only able to play it after completing the Campaign multiple time. By the end, I know which mission to pick and in which order to allow me access to key unit for each mission. Like the train mission for example, I do it with Siege Tank. I also have a full knowledge of each mission map lay out, timing et cetera. I highly recommend playing on Normal if you really struggling, though. I always finish my first play through on that difficulty.

Trains are easy without Tanks.

For you, Brother. Me? I’m going to turtle with my Siege Tank against those meanie Marauder!

War Pigs with Medics shred them. And Diamondbacks are actually good against Marauders when they are not hit by them. Send in the Bio. Dummy AI will focus the Bio first, especially Marines because of their slightly lower range. Then you send the second most beautiful unit in the campaign and in and you just mop them up.

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Having said that, if you have a bunch of bio, forget the Diamondbacks. A bio ball has so much more DPS density it isn’t even funny.

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You get 6 for free and it’s efficient to keep the prebuilt Factory producing.

Also handy when it comes to baiting enemy Ravens.

Here I see people saying hard is hard and brutal is super hard.

I go to the co-op forum and people are complaining brutal is too easy and they need more challenges.

This forum gets people who’s intro to StarCraft is the campaigns. They’re not playing the brutations every week.

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I doubt there is an overlap between these two groups.

Well the campaign commanders are no where near as powerful as the coop commanders.

Well except for hots kerrigan.

I would argue LotV mass DT with Guardian Shell is a heck of a lot stronger than Vorazun, who is still considered one of the “really good” commanders (though I think she’s showing her age with all the nerfs).

Not rely since you lack vorazuns other buffs not to mention you can have a better guardian shell with an artanis aly

Daelaam powa’! 202020