Files are damaged in the installation of StarCraft 2

I do not have one drive on my PC and am still having this issue. I have also tried Uninstalling and reinstalling and the Scan and Repair Tool.

Here is the Bug ID: 66030379-B0E6-48A8-98F0-E739159A7410

Any help is appreciated.


same here, can’t load the game under win11 on a brand new pc with amd process and rtx3080 graphics

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Hey Blade0fZeus,

I’m afraid the error code is still pointing to OneDrive. Even if you’ve turned it off, if its run at all in the past it can affect the game. I do recommend the following:

 1. Go to OneDrive settings
 2. Click the Account tab
 3. Click "Choose Folders" and then cherry pick the folders you want to exclude. StarCraft 2 being one of these.
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I do not have OneDrive I removed it months ago because it was interfering with a different game.

Simply removing it won’t help with SC2.

You’ll need to install it and manually disable the sync of your My Documents folder.

After that, you can uninstall it again.

It worked. Why is this still an issue?

Unfortunately, SC2 ended development a couple years ago. The state it’s in now is how it will be for the remainder of its life.

Ok so i just installed the update and now all my progress was removed and campaign back at 0%. Also keeps crashing. I litterally finished one of the stories and after hitting continue it crashed and all of that happened. Need to fix please

just go into one drive and delete the sc2 battlenet folders completely and it should work

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