[Extension Mod] Zenith Balanced Mod (v1.7)

Hi guys,

The mod is currently available on the Americas server and hopefully it addresses the current state of PvZ. Here are the list of changes for each race:-


1. Sentry
The sentries can now morph to vulcans (a long range stationary ground unit that emits photonic blasts at ground and air targets) and vice-versa. However, this morph ability has to be researched at the twilight council. With this implementation, it will give Protosses a further variety in mid-game which somehow is lacking in PvZ due to the nerfs Protoss received.

2. Tempest
The Tempests can now switch in between AA mode or AG (Strafe) mode. With this in mind, the Tempests now require more micro to switch in between the two modes, hence the damage for AG mode has been increased to 75 from 40 with a further 0.6 splash damage area. Also, with the micro requirement, the Tempests’ supply cost has been reduced to 4 from 5 supplies. In view of all the buffs to the Tempests, the AG mode speed movement has been halved.

3. Carrier
Carriers received a slight buff with the Interceptors’ create persistent effect reduced from 0.3750 to 0.3250. This will enabled the Interceptors to be launched slightly faster. In version 1.7, the Interceptors’ create persistent effect is further reduced to 0.3125 from 0.3250.

4. Vulcan
This new stationary unit (morphed from the sentry) is now permanently cloaked. Its ground weapon damage has been increased to 25 from 15 and air weapon damage increased to 16 from 15 due to feedback that it is weak. That said, the Vulcan’s weapon range has been reduced to 10 from 12 range. The Vulcan’s wireframe UI has also been updated to distinguish itself from the Sentry.

5. Mothership
Mothership’s Time Warp has been reworked to make it look more like the Time Bomb ability in the Starcraft 2 Alpha Version where missiles fired from enemy units into the warp field face speed reduction up to one-tenth of its moving speed. This change is necessary to make the Mothership a viable option in all matchups. The Time Warp now costs 125 energy.

6. Adept
The Adepts’ health have been buffed slightly to 80 from 70 whereas their shades’ shield have been buffed to 60 from 50. This is vital in making the Adepts as an early harassment option for Protoss particularly in PvZ.


1. Siege Tank
Siege Tanks has a ShockBlast upgrade where this upgrade is behind the tech lab and requires an armory. When upgraded, Siege Tanks’ Shock Cannon has a bonus 20 shield damage. This change will not affect TvZ since Zergs do not require any shield, and the reason this upgrade is locked behind an armory is because marines plus tanks openings are quite strong. With all the buffs to Protoss, I do hope that this buff to Terran will even out TvP and PvT and to further encourage mech in TvP.


1. Nydus Worm
The Nydus Worms now have a max cargo limit of 48 supplies or 48 units as opposed to unlimited cargo limit. This is because Nydus Worms might be too strong especially in ZvP where the Nydus and Swarm Hosts combo or other variations with the Nydus is considerably deemed overpowered.

2. Overseer & Overseer in Siege Mode
The Overseers are now equipped with a new Parasitic Reveal ability which sends a swarm of parasites to reveal a location. This change is necessary due to the limited options in Zerg detection and the buffs to Protoss including long ranged cloaked Vulcans which hit air and ground units which require the Zerg to use ranged detection which somehow is lacking.

With the details as listed, I do hope that this balance mod will address the current imbalances with the Starcraft meta especially in PvZ and ZvP.

Lastly, thanks.

The sentry is actually a cool idea. It makes it act more like an actual sentry. I actually had a similar idea. Too bad blizzard wont ever test it. This tries tackles the issue too head on for them.

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Does need some testers mean you want us to play with you.
Or mainly for fixing bugs?
Keep in mind that from a design point of view, stationary units, switching vehicle or ship mode is extensively related to Terran (With the warp prism an only exception).

How about this? Include one more building that allows some kinds of Protoss to stand close. And it will allow upgrading mechanical units to a stronger version?


Actually both. I want the testers to play with me so that I can gauge the strengths and balance of the units and also to fix bugs as well.

While it is exclusive to Terran units, I don’t see it as only limited to Terran units. In my opinion, protoss morphs into stationary unit variation promotes positioning which aside from micro and macro are an important aspect of the game as well.

That is quite a good idea, but unfortunately, I think I’am done with my mod for now. Protoss now has many options and I presume that PvZ and ZvP is in a healthy state (though I need players to test my mod to confirm it).