Error: A problem occurred while connecting to the game

I’m a coop player play on the Australia server. In the last few weeks, I got this problem countless times. Each time a game is found and in ‘connecting’ stage, it has about 50% chance will fall into this problem. However, my internet connection is always fine when it occurs, I can browse web pages or perform other network activities without any issue.

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For what it’s worth, I am also in Australia (connecting to America server, there is no Australian one) and having the same problem. Half the time a game is found, it will fail to connect and give me a generic “A problem occurred while connecting” error message.

All of the failed connections show up as lost games with 0:00 time in my match history, so I can see that the first occurrence was 11 days ago, and I played a few games without issue 14 and 16 days ago, so I assume whatever is causing the issue occurred about two weeks ago. I haven’t personally changed anything software/hardware related in that time, and near as I can tell my internet connection is otherwise completely fine for all other sites and services.

My ISP is TPG and I’m in the Brisbane area, if that narrows it down at all.

Did u find a solution brother ?