DH Masters Atlanta

A thread was missing. Here it is.

While it seems no race lacks won tournaments and one cannot complain they never won a thing, and balance is better… at least compared to past years, some design things never changed

The game once again reminded how the design of protoss is : no matter in what situation and even how many time a Widow Mine evaporates your probes, with Storm and Balls, can always come on top. It is not to say Terrans didn’t make mistakes but herO was nothing short of mistakes. Mismicro, leaving probes clumped to die, etc etc

Good to remind why I’d rather watch and wait for next RTS hopefully by FG will not turn into some moba like game


Bunny gets outplayed heavily and is forced to pull the bois because the Game is lost. He eats 2 very big disrupter Hits that both kill Like 10 Units. Hero has massive supply lead. Bunny wins anyway.

And you dare Come Here and complain. Shame on you. The only atlanta thread on this forum and its a terran complain. Now thats a classic. Shame on you. The series showcased how unforgiving the matchup is or maybe rather both races can give each other so much cr4p in such a fast pace that you will still have a chance.


I’m also taking about Maru. Funny seeing a toss making so many mistakes like hero go over both. Was he also outplaying Maru?

So unforgiving that we saw probes clumped like a gold, losing them and then getting even ahead in workers and in the game to win from losing state.

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Was bunny outplaying serral?

heard about mules?

terrans need a -5hp nerf for scvs. just for 1 month. that will ground them and they start being humble again.
im sure maru needs an incel whiteknight to defend him on forums.

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well said. Game is broken. and everyone knows why and how.

Why ? As if they haven’t got HP nerf already? They did a long ago. it was in WoL.

hero vs Maru shows how much that race helps protoss players even pros with less actions, plenty of mistakes to go further.

No one is defending anyone, it is stating a fact

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Yeah i know but having 40 hp and dying to widow mine in 1 hit or banes (+2) in 1 hit and dts will always 1 hit or adepts in 2 hits would be a lifechanging experience. Terran has mules after all so i think its fair :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny. I only see an opinion and not a fact. Weird.

Not watching minimap for 1 ns = plenty of mistakes.

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you are delusional. Bunny out micro’ed hero really hard. If these games show anything, its that no matter how terrible you play as protoss, you can still collect your free wins because your race is broken.


Thats why it took 5 years for protoss to get a gsl win? yeah ok.
Stay salty my little terran newbs.


thats because there are no decent top protoss players. They’re all D or C tier at best. They’re staggeringly worst than any terran top players.

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Makes perfect sense. Thank you. I haven thought about that. Now that you say that its very obvious to me.

how does it not make sense? How would you not realize that ? Its so obvious, Maru is miles ahead of everyone else.

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So is serral. And he still lost vs bunny. But i dont see 5 zerg players crying their hearts out that serral lost.

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TvZ has always been closer to 50-50 chance who wins than TvP is. Z sometimes even can lose from T although we have seen that Z has plenty of tools but I get that sometimes they can feel like T is in TvP. TvP we see that all the time, some poor execution by toss (poor for pro player where no space for mistakes), comes on top.

It is not that someone who plays Protoss wins, it grosses me to see such low level mistakes from herO and I do not mean the probes (he lost them more than once clumped btw), he had some disruptor go into death etc, And that wins the tournament. Idk what happened with Maru to lose them but Bunny is not Maru so that at least I think he allowed too much from herO and partially should have just played… like Maru (who lost)

Dont accept it as crying, but since commenting on DH, that is all I have to comment on.

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i dont know if thought this through tho. Bunny (who is way worse than hero or serral) beat serral and then nearly hero but bunny should have played like maru? what? And also dont forget that bunny played much more aggressive than maru and you said bunny allowed hero too much? everything you wrote doesnt make sense at all. And btw bunny beating serral is a much much much much bigger upset than hero beating maru (as he did in gsl btw)

Idk man. I mean in the first match between maru and hero both players made similiar mistakes up into late midgame but even tho hero outsmarted maru and got a gold for free he didnt win. I could make similiar remarks about that. REEEE protoss doesnt win vs terran even tho he got a free gold reee. So bad by maru. never scouts just does random bs and wins.

But that would be just silly.

That is completly wrong. For example the aligulac graph has been even for a looooong time and also the winrate overall looks pretty good. tvz is very mechanical and therefore looks pretty fair. pvt is always on a knives edge. as i have said earlier its about trading game ending blows.BOOM 12 worker down with 1 widow mine. Game over! BOOM 12 marines/marauder down with 1 nova. Game over! The other problem is that the ghost and the disruptor completly negate everything t1/t2 related. Ghost hardcounters ground protoss and disruptor hard counters bio.

But its crying tho. Saying 1 player is very bad and the other is godlike and you just cant simply understand or accept why he lost is pretty much crying.

Overall the pvt we saw were pretty cool. They gave them nothing. Pure 100% action no turtle and saw lots of funny strats/interactions. nice all ins of both sides but also many macro games. tvz is nice and all but i think its getting boring after seeing the same interactions for 10000 times.

Also…i have rewatched the series and i have to say this series would have been an easy 3:0 for hero if hero didnt mess up game 1. He outsmarted maru and took the gold and did everything to hide it (also playing inefficient just to sell it to maru; casters also mentioning it) but he lost too much stuff vs the banshee and he threw in the end. match 2 and 3 was a build order loss for maru (which again was mentioned by the casters). hero completly owns maru with cheeky aggressive style and massively delays marus opening. would be gg then and there but maru is indeed a god. he dragged out the game but in the end he lost. we got 2 bonus matches because of that tho. thats pretty cool. last match it was just the blink stalker all in again. fair enough. all in all we can say cool series but hero deserved that.

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It was actually nice to see two rarer finalists (in the international tournament) with herO and Bunny.

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Where have you been, GM terran? I am still waiting for you to beat me.

Solar once again is the most unlucky player of the tournament. Game 5 against Maru, Solar needed at most 1 more round of production and he would have held and won.


Oh. Totally missed that series. I Need to Look it Up. Thanks for the Hint :slight_smile:

I was at the event and didn’t see the game unfortunately, but I got to meet Solar. He’s the active Korean pro with the best English and he’s very nice. He was making a lot of jokes with foreign players in English and being very nice to everybody. I was cheering for him.

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