Dehakaburger's Co-op Revamp proposals for Co-op Developers

10th Anniversary of Starcraft 2 is right around the corner.
Here are the total Co-op revamp compilations I have proposed.
I hope this sheds some light of what ability/unit/effect could be changed.
I uploaded revamp/buff/fixes experiments/implements on my Dehakaburger Channel:



1. Medic healing from Bunker
It is confirmed they do not do this. Although healing within Bunker is possible.
Having them heal inside from bunkers with +1 range could open up new potential to Raynor’s defence.

2. Spider Mines
Amon’s detectors can easily discover these mines detector and will shoot them down before the mines are activated (they will be shot down anyways.)
I propose the Cereberus upgrade to decrease arming time, trigger time, speed, splash and trigger range by 50%.
Also, the upgrade should enable mines to attack immediately as soon as they are armed. Right now, they just stare at enemies mindlessly.
Also their sight should be decreased to 3 to 2 so they can be used with the Orbital Command




  • Have Broodlords benefit from Rapid Regeneration as well.


  1. Queens can now have spawn Larva be autocasted (please apply this to Zagara’s Queen).

Omega Worm

  1. Omega Worm ally bug
    If ally leaves and player can control their forces, however they cannot put them inside player’s Omega Worm.
    Enable Omega Worms to be accessible to your allies so controlled ally forces can use Player’s Omega Worms
  2. Omega Worm can emerge from thick of enemies, and knocking them aside** (adding 1 second stun could be nice).
  3. Kerrigan could be foremost in Omega Worm Selection

Kerrigan (Hero)
Improved Link:

Please have a look at CHAIN REACTION

  • Have Chain Attack do spell damage (armour value decreases her attack)

  • Have Chain Attack SHOULD recover Carapace .

  • Have Chain Attack correspond to Kerrigan’s current attack 25% or 33%.

Improved Fury

  • Fury increase Life/Energy/Shield regeneration +1/+0.5/+1 with each level (To promote more aggressive Kerrigan Play)
  • Immobilization Wave could affect buildings

Improve Kerrigan’s Mastery 3.2 (Ability and Attack Speed)

  • Can you increase the value from 30% to 45%?
    Mastery 3.2 should increase Fury and Chain Effects as well.
    Fury/Chain Reaction aren’t active abilities but they are still passive abilities that contributes to offence.
    I left the Immo, Aura alone because it exists as separate ability as it is.
  • Reason: for me, 3.2 Doesn’t show much effect unless 20 or 30 points are invested. at least it is not as useful as the Upgrade discounts and speed.
  • Kerrigan could be foremost in Omega Worm Selection



Personally, I think there are untapped potential within Tempest.
So here’s how I tweaked it

Air Range 6 > 10
(I was going to give ladder version’s Air range of 14 but I took it back)

Improved Disintegration
Disintegration has increased damage,
500 over 20 seconds (25 per sec) > 375 over 10 seconds (37.5 per sec), While maximum damage has decreased, its over the time damage has increased by 50%. During those 20 seconds your units can get sustain more damage, and for a capitial ship 25 per second is not entirely efficient especially for Stronger enemies.

  • Also. Disintegration cooldown is 60 seconds = 33 seconds

Disintegration is now stackable by 3 or 5

Also Disintegration range has been decreased to 15 > 10 like other weapon range.




  • When partnered with Raynor, please have Raynor build Tech Reactor instead of Techlab or Reactor.
  • Have Defensive Structure benefit from Ground Weapon/Armour Upgrades
  • Swann’s SCV does not benefit from Armour. please fix this error.

Science Vessel

  • Swann’s Science Vessel now can use teleport


  • Swann Cyclone gets following upgrades
    Mag-Field Accelerator upgrade increase speed
    (2.815 > 3.375)
    Targeting Optics upgrade provide 3 > 4 range and +3 sight


  • Hellions now get moving shots



Baneling Regenerative Acid
Experimental video of Regenerative acid.
Link: (new link)

Test for inserting Regenerative Acid for Zagara.
Regenerative Acid is 33% of attack.
40 damage > 13.2 heal
Attack Damage and Mastery point will increase its potent, Corrosive Acid will not effect the healing however Rupture will widen the effect.
Zagara’s Baneling Barrage has been implemented.
Zagara can heal 79.2 > 139.86 HP with 25 Energy (Give if they are at the exploding Vicinity).

Zagara’s units are supposed to have short sustaining power, but Abherrations and Corruptors lasts too short for their price. Mixing in Regenerative Acid will greatly benefit them.

Zagara’s Corruptors are arguable the oldest unit that lot of people had problem with.

  • Apply gas -50 (> 25 ) Scourge Discount on the corruptor.
  • Corruptors attack +1 units (with 50% damage) (Could not implement to target 2 separate targets), Thus I decreased the damage to 14 > 10.5 with each missile.
    14 + 7 = 21/2 = 10.5
  • Corruption is now automatic (Unfortunately it seems to focus on one target rather than spray them equally)
  • Corruption has minor splash
  • Corruptor also have protective Carapace that shields Scourge from -50% damage
  • Protective Carapace grants +2.5 seconds protection after leaving its premise.
  • Scourge and Banelings spawned from Dead Aberrations and Corruptors have +50% speed for 5 seconds.

Some of this is implemented but unfortunately it is still not complete.

Bile Launcher
Virophage are one of the underused Building units, although I haven’t made any touch to I urge you to fix them so they can be useable. Please take note of Maguro’s work.

  • Have them Carried by Overlords
  • Have them target an area one at a time, never at the same time (like Raid Liberators). Otherwise it will be difficult to organise them again.

Zagara’s Unit Order
Zagara’s Army order needs to be fixed.
The Order goes like this.
Zagara > Hunter Killers > Corruptors > Baneling > Baneling Spawn > Roach > Overseer> Overlord> Aberration > Scourge > Zerglings > Drones.

Zagara (Hero)
Link: (Please start at 1:57)
2. Zagara’s Infested Drop

  • Drop targets sky
  • Drop deal 75 damage (owing that there are two Roaches)
  • Drop Deal +50 damage to structures
  • Roaches are now Corpsers
  • Roaches now last for 45 seconds
  • Roach bonus are not applied on Roachlings



Black Hole

  • Black Hole should have short cooldowns (to prevent rapid use).
    Black hole has no cooldowns right now.


Dark Pylon

  • Dark Pylon’s cloak grants 5 second cloak after exiting its aura.
  • Dark Pylon mastery increases cloak duration (+3 seconds with full.)

Void Rays

  • Fast movement to speed 2.5> 3 (or faster)

These two improvements provide synergy for more aggressive hit and run tactics on using Void Rays. Their attack and survivability is further enhanced.

  • Double the time of Void Ray’s Prismatic Charge

Vorazun’s SOA

  • Please Apply Strike of the Shadows Energy regen buff to the SOA.
    Resulting in 5.6 > 8.4 Solar energy in 20 seconds.

Karax (Please Note Maguro Map’s Karax 2.0) (Updated)



  • Have Defensive Structure benefit from Ground Upgrade
  • Enable Shield Batteries to charge themselves or other production buildings.

I wanted to give Karax’s Mirage contribute to his Aerial Superiority.
Practically Aerial Graviton Beam brings down aerial any units (excluding heroic) to the ground.

I’ve made a video to experiment on this (with 16 Mirages and 16 Sentinels).

    1. Standard Mirage shows greater support for Sentinels by disabling ground units. While Mirage suffered only one loss, it had sustained more damage.
    1. While there are more Sentinels losses, Mirage is comparatively unharmed with no loss.

Chrono Field
Can Chrono Field benefit Structure building speed like they used to?
Also can you have Chrono Field be upgraded with SOA level upgrades?
+10% per upgrade?


  • Decrease Bloated Bile Ducts from 200% to 150%
  • Decrease Locust Pressurized Glands cost from 200/200 > 100/100 or so.

  • (MAYBE) Give Brutalisk and Leviathan to store Biomass
    (They should gather the Biomass last)
    or Enable Overseers to gather Biomass during Watch mode with Pneumatized Carapace upgrade.



War Prism
Link: <>

  1. Supposedly, these War Prisms emit Pylon Matrix which enables Alarak’s units to attack 15% faster but moreover, move 50% quickly.
    When I moved them, they no longer felt cumbersome (but not too fast). Extra Attack speed made good synergy with the war machines, it is as good as Stukov’s mastery.
  2. Enable Structural Overcharge to be casted on War Prisms (Transportation Mode), provide shields but does not attack (until it turns Phase Mode)
  3. War Prism can no longer be abducted by Viper while in Phase Mode.

Alarak (Hero)
1. Telekinesis
would do some extra damage with Destruction wave to sky units only (+25) like in campaign.
Deadly Charge can deal +75 damage to Massive/Heroic/Structure.
<The idea is telekinesis increase charge’s attack area so much it can deal wider blunt to massive units>

2. Imposing Presence Cast splash stun with Destruction Wave deal slow effect (At. S by -50% & Mv. S by 50%) to All type of units for 2 seconds.
<I could not implement this, adding “slow” effect to “ability” slot did not help>

3. Lightning Surge can deal +50 (250 vs 300 for Massive) Primary damage and 50 damage to all enemies (Ground/Air) with Deadly Charge.

4. Empower me Empower me Field increased from 10 to 13.


I renamed it into a Royal Destroyer and separated them as a special unit becuase of possibility of a commander having a “Destroyer”
I was thinking of them have +50 Shields and have +25% attack = 7.5(+5).
Most importantly, their special ability are also been augmented.
Instead of dealing 1(+1) Damage, They deal 7.5(+5) Damage.
Their Upgrade rate is +1 (+2), Their Splitting Beam should also benefit from weapon upgrades.

I have made a comparison between Normal Death Fleet and “Royal Death Fleet”. Mothership remain untouched.


  • Pellets should drop 100% faster so it can hit target much more precisely.

Nova (She is Fine)


Nova (Hero) Mode Switch Bug (Hero)

  • Please fix Nova’s small frame gap between switching modes. It isn’t a big problem but it does make Thrasher ignore you for a second.

Nova (Hero) Snipe + Just Die

  • In “just die” mutation, enable Nova’s Snipe to gain energy
    for the first “death” of the enemy.

Stukov (Updated)


Infested Buildings

  • Enable Karax’s Chrono Boost/Field/Wave to affect Infested Barracks/Factories/Starports

Infested Bunker
2 proposals for Infested Bunkers:

1. Decreased Collision Space (Video Provided)

  • Infested Bunker is larger than it appears and infested can’t pass through them (when they are positioned diagonally which make it appear there are spaces to go between).

2. Separate Rally Point (Video Provided)

  • Infested Troopers have separate rally points than Psi Emitters (Highly useful in situation where you have to divide your infested).
    Outside Infested will still follow the Psi Emitter but the IT coming from the Bunker follows the Bunker Rally point (Until psi emitter is updated).

Infested Units

Infested Broodling

  • Decreased Broodling radius by 16.66%

Infested Civilian

  • Enable Stukov’s Infested to Leap on ledges even there are no path to climb up.
    (Infested can Leap over high places if there is a path to high ledges)

Infested Banshees
Please enable them to attack several enemies at once like other units. I know they are meant to snipe but it should be a choice (Restore their scan range to 5.5 from 5).
I have two proposal for them.

1st Pitch, Tanky Snipers

More effective “Tanky Snipers”
This is practically an improved version of what I think of the Infested Banshees.

  1. Rapid Hibernation now gives Infested Banshee to move while burrowed. it is quite useful to move around while regenerating as well as quickly running away from while healing.
  2. Braced Exoskeleton now coats Backlash rockets to deal 50% damage to armoured targets. It also increases +3 vs armoured units with each Weapon upgrade.

They are now highly suitable to snipe powerful ground units behind army of the infested (Which I thought it was their main purpose).

2nd Pitch, Plague Terrors

Infested Banshees into “Plague Terrors”
Basically I gave the Infested Banshees the weapon of cloud plague which damages enemies over time.

  1. Plague Cloud Weapons are spells and cannot be mitigated by any means. These clouds are quite wide and effective crowd controllers.
  2. They emits clouds of stackable virus when they have Rapid Hibernation. They can make a strangely useful defense mechanism against enemies while burrowing (although not very effective).

They are now highly suitable against multiple units. Although this idea was conceived from miscommunication and deviates very far away from original concept, I think the result has some promise.

Infested Liberator

  • Cloud Dispersal is available in default and can sustain in that form for 2 seconds.
  • Cloud Dispersal upgrade now changed to
    “Enduring Virus” Upgrade. This Upgrade increase:
    1.Increased Cloud Speed by +50% (5.07 Speed)
    2.Increased Cloud Duration by +50% (3 seconds)
    (Please note Maguro Map’s Infested Liberator Design)



Praetor Armour Bug

  • Fix bug where destroyed Praetor form which was filled with health/shield/energy is once again emptied when previously undamaged form/s are summoned.

Dehaka (Updated)


Dehaka (Hero)
No huge revamp like damage increase, minor things.

  • Dehaka’s Psionic blast with consumption is very overpowered. please Halve the damage.

Tweaked his mastery 3.2 Dehaka Attack Speed (maybe give another name).

  • Attack speed +1% per point
  • Movement speed +1.5% per point
  • Sight 0.1 per point (13 sight) (It doesn’t affect detection range for some reason.)
    This ability gives Dehaka more hunting potential in earlier stages.

When Dehaka reach level 15, Upgrade button is replaced by
“Apex Primal” Button
“Dehaka has reached his peak. He can now walk over ledges and Gather essence from further away”.
Developers mention Dehaka is so big he get attacked by air attack so why not give him an ability to walk over edges? (maybe the ability to walk over ledges can given to him at level 10 ?)
Also increase Mammoth Breath by +2 range.
Dehaka’s Priority target is increased to 30, making him targetted the most than any other units.

His level 3 leap armour duration has been lengthened from 2 seconds to 5 seconds .

I wish Dehaka’s Striking power can launch enemies across the map with fatal hit.
It’s a cool cosmetic effect.

Dehaka (Hero) Skill Point Bug

  • In Dehaka’s Level 1 state, If you continuously hold press a wanted Upgrade hotkey during burrowed state, (Leap for Q), (Intimidating Roar W) or (Devour E) for example you will straight-up upgrade them twice.

Normally, you can upgrade only one at a time.

  • Verified: I can confirm this is the same Dehaka Skill Bug that Maguro discovered back in Bug Hunt 5.

If you hold press a wanted skill button, you will waste your skill point.

Primal Wurm

  1. Primal Wurms costs 200 minerals
  2. Primal Wurm can be battle ready in 1.5 seconds after emerged from deep tunnel (was 3 seconds).
  3. They benefit from Weapon/Armour Upgrade.
    Primal Wurm (50/1 > 69/4) Greater Primal Wurm (70/1 > 91/4)
  4. They benefit from Dehaka’s Regeneration Aura.
  5. Primal Drones can build them in the fog (not the black area)(this is a bug)

Greater Primal Wurm

Dehaka’s Greater Primal Wurm got some love.

  1. It can now burrow more often (60sec to 20sec cooldown)
  2. can be burrowed to explored area (Not the Dark area). Since the Wurm calldown is possible on already explored areas.
  3. It would be good if 1 Greater Wurm is immediately ready as soon as Glevig’s Den is complete.

Primal Pack Leaders
They are one of the most powerful and versatile calldowns in the Co-op. Nerf would be appropriate.

  • Fix Primal Leader’s immunity to Propagators
  • Lengthen Primal Leader cooldown time to 60 seconds


Dakrun has now the Highest Attack Priority of 35



Small changes to Han Horner. For Galleons and Mines.

Han Horner Galleons

  • Fixed a problem where Galleon under construction was not perfectly 3x3 therefore you could not build them right next to them.
    Replaced Movement: Pathing Footprint from (Footprint 3x3 (Creep+Normal+Contour)) to (Checkable 3x3) unfortunately, Galleons can no longer be built in creep. Need a mode with (Checkable 3x3 + Creep)
  • Gain +100 Health with Hangar upgrade.
  • Can carry SCV for auto repair
    3 SCV only, 0.3 for each SCV = 0.9 health per second.
    For faster regen, dropout SCV and spend money


  • Galleon can land onto the ground, immoblised and restore its health. Unit Production, Attacks and Drones are still functional

Han Horner’s Mag mines
To some who are wondering: I did not add extra 2~3 mine charges from the start like Abathur because Han Horner units do not rely on third resource like him.

The problem with this skill that this almost rarely hits its targets. So I increased its speed foremost.

  • I was thinking of limiting numbers to 10 not 35. the charge rarely goes above 10 anyways at least for me.
  • Magmine move +100% faster so it can hit its target

Mag mine Mastery now includes

  • Increase Mine damage +2% 50 > 80 > 400 damage in total.
  • Decreased Descend time 3 seconds > 1.8 seconds
  • Decreased activation time (not arming time) 1.5 > 1.05 seconds.

Deimos Vikings
Revamp implemented for Deimos Viking.
I was getting complaints that Deimos Vikings in Air mode isn’t good in air battle despite costing 100 gas more than Wraith.
My greatest complaint was the W.I.L.D missiles. So I improved on it.


  • Increase W.I.L.D Missiles by 100/100 Min/Gas > 150/150 Min/Gas


  • W.I.L.D missiles now targets random units granting more spread damage (best to use with disabling then enabling ability). It is not a splash.
  • W.I.L.D missiles Cooldown decreased to 5 seconds > 3 seconds an Charges decrease to 10 seconds.
  • W.I.L.D missiles damage are reversed, 15 damage (40 on armoured)
  • increased missile speed (so they can hit their target)

New Salvage mechanics
Unfortunately, I couldn’t implement this mechanic because it was too difficult and my skills insufficient to implement it. So what it is, whenever enemy destroys an enemy structure, the player and Ally can pickup 30% of its cost.
Currently the Salvage mechanic is only effective to handful of commanders that uses cheap and many units like Raynor, Zagara, Stukov etc, New Salvage mechanic make sure that all Commanders better benefit in their economy



LT Nikara

  • Each outlaw weapon upgrade give +5 Nikara’s Super Heal as well as improving AoE healing Burst (Heal/regen)
  • Each outlaw armour upgrade give +1 hp to Nikara’s own regeneration.



Legendary Legion

  • Zeratul’s heroes from legendary Legion gets a hero tag as well as summoning shimmer.

Telbrus Legion

  • Set Telbrus’s Shield Heal from 50 to 70.
    His Storm is 40% stronger than normal, so I think this is appropriate.

Zeartul (Hero)

  • Give Zeratul Void Fury with Void Templar



Mecha Battlecruiser Lord

  • Have Stettman’s Battle Carrier lord to attack air units.

Mecha Baneling

  • Remove damage cap from Mecha Banelings

Mecha Zergling

  • Have Synthetic Adrenal Pumps to trigger longer frenzy at cost of 5 Egonergy (Every attack draining 1 egonergy seems unnecessary and tedious to use).



Sky Fury
Improved Sky Fury’s Level 2 & 3 abillity.
Link: [ ]
So I proposed the improvement on two things:

1. Level 2 Tactical Realignment (Represented by Hydralisk’s Frenzy)
They can be activated as soon as they attack 7.5 seconds (cooldown for 15 sec). Increases Attack speed by 75%.

2. Level 3 “Evasive Maneuver” + “Phoenix Protocal” = "Phoenix Barrier"
Instead of Sky Fury getting separate Level 3 abilities in each form, I decided to combine them and be able to be used in any form .
I gave much more improved version called “ Phoenix Barrier ” which actively decreases all incoming damage by 50% and have Sky Fury to be enveloped in 480 Shield when taken fatal damage.
I will be now be implemented on all form of Sky Fury.

I also added Heroic bonus damage to already existing Massive bonus damage.

  • To Developers Please fix the 2nd Level ability bug where the effect disappears when you transform into different form while benefiting from the effect.

Shock Division

It’s damage in Siege mode is underwhelming compared to Nova’s Heavy Siege tanks that costs lower gas (150 gas each) .
Heavy Siege Tank = 150 Gas for 55 (+25 Armoured)
Shock Division = 425 Gas ~ 340 Gas for 40 (+30 Armoured)


  • Also Please fix Bulwark Aura by increasing its Aura to 5 or 6 instead of 1 or 2.



All Summoned Co-op Unit

  • Enable summoned units to benefit from Attack speed mastery (Alarak and Zeratul)
  • Please disable Vultures mine abilities from earliest waves. They are too efficient in killing your army.

There are bugs in two special units in DoN.
1. Choker
If Dehaka leap at same time Choker’s tongue latch on to it, Dehaka becomes unable to move but he will be able to attack and use ability.
Also, this bug doesn’t work on Kerrigan.
Link is here:

2. Hunterling
Sometimes when Hunterlings and its target are in one place (like against a wall or a corner) they become stuck, Hunterling are unable to jump to the air but your unit remained stunned and immoblised.
And when Hunterling finish jump animation (even they don’t jump to the air) they still stun your unit all over again.

Personal Thought
There is one thing that concerns me, While Choker can’t stun massive units (Including level 5 Dehaka), Hunterlings can even against Frenzied massive units like Ultralisks (and Tyrannozors). I think this is a bug.

Hybrid Dominator
I have 3 complaints.

  1. Plasma Blast is a powerful splash attack, it has 50 energy cost can you make it more expensive?
  2. You cannot Dodge its Plamsa Blast bolt when you clearly had. According to the Starcraft2coop, it has impact area of 20 so you cannot actually evade its attack even if you dodge the blast.
  3. Plasma Blast will damage all units in Nova’s Gryffin Airlift and Tychus’s Medivac. This needs to be fixed

Enemy Science Vessel
Their useage of Irradiation is ridiculous, at least when Raven use Seeker missile you have a chance to run away but Irradiation have too much damage, no cooldown, stacks, costs 75 energy and their effect barely visible for you to put them away is too powerful.

Can you increase the irradiation Energy cost, cooldown and make its effect more visible so you can separate them?

Enemy Battlecruiser
Battlecruisers can shoot 2 300 dealing Yamato gun in consecutive execution. Instead of increasing cooldown time (as Battlecarrier Lords benefit from this) I’d like their energy cost increased to 100 > 115 so they have pause before shooting their Yamato Gun.

Thank you.


A lot of work clearly went into this, so koodos man.

While I don’t agree with some of them, I believe these should be considered by the team for future balance patch (for better or worse).


Some of your ideas are fine, but I’m going to pick out a few that I don’t like to whine about, as is tradition:

Omega worms are already ridiculous, why not give them an AoE attack like Glevig while you’re at it. Why not just give them all of Kerrigan’s abilities and we can do omega worm solos with our omega worm leap attacks and our omega worm power slides. Or maybe we can build more than one type of thing sometimes, idk tho.

The entire point of spawn larvae is to be macro busywork. That’s literally why they came up with it, to give people a repetitive action to do since the SC2 UI does everything else for them compared to SCBW. If you’re going to go all the way making it play itself (you can already queue it, it takes like a second), you may as well just get rid of it and give everyone the campaign hatcheries. Anyway, you could make it shoot fireworks from the queen’s hindquarters and still no one but me would build kweens.

We have enough building spam in this mode as it is, please God make it stop the pain is excruciating.

This was a deliberate change so that Tychus can’t just push push push like a pregnant woman from 2 minutes until the end of the game. Other commanders have things like “macro” that slow them down. Tychus needs something to pace him too, or they should just give up and make him a solo commander because there’s barely any point in him having an ally as it is. Even after this change, I never build Marauder Guy or Medic Lady (except to have Medic Lady follow my ally around if they’re playing Artanis or someone else without healing) and rely solely on medivacs for healing, and I suck, so I’m pretty sure anyone can pull this off without being a Micro Machine.

I think the point is that the armor aura covers your bioball (which tends to clump up around your thor) without also affecting your allies, which they perhaps found too impactful in testing. As a practical matter, it seems to do its job of making your troopers die somewhat less immediately even in its puny girly man state.


Detection is a behavior separate from vision range. I don’t entirely know how it works but I thought I saw a detection range of 8 and a detection range of 11 in the behaviors list (I could definitely be remembering incorrectly though)


For me, my simple Karax’ boosts include:
–Reducing the costs of all insta-built buildings by 20% (Pylon, Batt, Cannon, Mono)
–Give Nexus a recall ability. Wide AoE. Targets the buildings above. Removes them from the map, and refunds the resources that they cost. I’d say, make this a 1 to 3 minute cd

Maguro’s ideas are interesting, but it’s quite a tall order that I’m doubtful they’ll get implemented. Now that I think of it, removing or further reducing the upgrades/costs should be enough as well.

Every time old Tychus would Medivac into the action, I’d picture him wearing cop sunglasses, cuing the music from Terminator 2, and just blasting enemy forces with impunity, so I am glad they did something about that.

I’m surprised, as I would’ve thought they would make it 50/50… half of the total life is healed up front, but the other half needs to be regenerated over time, but it seems like he is that OP.

I was going to give Omega worm a channel disruption and an area knockout of ground as it emerges (I was also considering 1 second stun). Unfortunately I couldn’t implement them.

I wish the developers could be more explicit about how Spawn Larva queues by describing them in the description or indicating queues in Hatchery/Lair?Hive. (Looks like they can be done until 32 larva not 19).

I stand by making Virophage upgrades. It’s potential is still untapped and needs to be implemented.

Very interesting example you used there. I guess this upgrade can slide.

I undertand, but it’s short range is still a problem.
I’m sure we can find the middle ground between durable Aura vs troopers that meant to die easily.

From what what I’ve seen so far in the forum, lot of people agree and disagree with lot of things for right reasons and almost never for wrong reasons.
I’m sure same things happen with the developers.

Ultimately it is up for them to decide and implement, all we can do is provide proposals and tests for them.

You are right, but strangely it doesn’t appear in Dehaka’s Behaviour list. I had to go the separate Behaviour tab to access it.

I would like this but Karax’s buildings are highly durable and reinforced with SoA. The buildings are well worth their cost as it is.

I worry that with AoE ability you may refund necessary buildings with the unnecessary ones.

Likely because it’s given to him upon learning his detection ability. Otherwise, dehaka would have detection from level 1.

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I see, good point. But wouldn’t it be locked until Dehaka fulfil the requirement? Or is Dehaka’s Level up is different concept from unit/hero upgrade?
You seem to be quite knowledgeable about editor. Do you tweak the stuff sometimes?

I’ve messed around with editor a decent amount but mostly in triggers. I have done the most basic of basic unit editing (weapon damage, attack speed, health, speed, cost, behaviors). Never understood how to make the hero learning system work, but played a lot of arcade games that utilized it.

As far as I know, there’s no way to “lock” behaviors until requirements are met. It’s either “Add behavior” or “remove behavior” when conditions are met. If I were tasked with recreating it, I would probably make a trigger that basically says
"When “learn detection” ability is used, show icon on command card for “this unit is a detector” and add behavior to triggering unit “detection range 8"”
Or something along those lines. I doubt it’s actually done with that, but it might be similar to how the unit/ability data does it.

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I like the Han & Horner proposals.

Zagara should be a detector imo


In general, Swann needs to do the following: “Vehicle Ship Armor upgrade can now increases armor on SCVs.”

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Zagara herself is Ok as she is. Her Infested Drop improvement is great enough.

This is like praying in the church.

You hope for someone to listen and he basically never answers.

I wonder if even something is done for the anniversary

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Verified, currently the Terran Vehicle Armour upgrade does not affect Swann’s SCV.
thanks for letting me know

I’m hoping they would see this post. At least doing something doesn’t always end with zero result.

Alarark’s vanguard Pellet drop, Dehaka’s Psionic Blast, Shock Division revamp request and Swann’s SCV error are updated.

Give Artanis and/or Alarak the Nexus Recall ability protoss have in multiplayer. Both could use a boost in their mobility.

A lot of these have been said and presented to them by many people before.

I don’t know if it’s just cuz they don’t care to, or they lack the mandate to.

Either way, hopefully they get to it soon.