Dealing with Stank

How do people handle Stanks on DoN? Structural defense seems to die quickly to it, and units outside of high-defense ones (like Immortal, Ultra) get pulverized.

Let Dehaka indulge in his twisted vore fantasies. :joy:

In all seriousness, though, you really need some hard-hitting anti-armor ordnance, like say Siege Tanks and call-downs in general. Be prepared to replace static defenses with workers on hand.

If we’re being really specific, Swann’s Cyclones also shut down Stanks pretty hard.

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IDEALLY you’ll only have to face 1 the first time he appears if you can clear fast enough. 2-3 on the next night if your running behind. You should always be done by this point outside of cheesy defense strats.

Aside from that, hard hitting units with either tanky units or cheap, units, spread out to delay the Stank.

if you are trying to hold out forever to see how long you can last its best to try and tank the Stank with anything you get for free like hero units, calldowns, spawned units/structures, etc. Otherwise you will slowly run out of units or resources to repair.

Generally my favorite way is to simply agro the stank with a hero unit and then have the hero unit run circles around the stank.

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Best - Win before N3, avoid entirely.

Good - Calldown/abilities, no cost.

Decent - Long range, hard hit units.

Poor - Low bulk/short range units.


Adding onto what I said about Dehaka (lol,) it’s also in good form to station some Impalers at each entrance; when their spine attacks damage the Stank, it’ll inflict the “Tenderize” effect on them, which allows for Dehaka’s Devour ability to run at only 25% cooldown vs. the norm, upon killing units with it.

Meanwhile, forgot to mention: every Stank checks under their bed at night for Crooked Sam. :skull:

Stank seems to do extra damage vs buildings so it’s better to use units to tank for your static.

You bring your army in and take it down.


Swarm it with units, use top bars, put things like Siege Tanks or Reavers on the high ground… There is a number of different ways.
IIRC, I think Abathur’s Disabling Cloud stops a Stank in its tracks. But don’t quote me on that, as it’s been a while.

Lol, I can’t even remember last time when I actually had to deal with Stank. Fast clear of the map best counter.

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Warp in some Immortals on double (or triple) Robo with Artanny, and activate shield.

Dehaka actually just eats it… So hilarious

Maybe I do get nice allies on there (I’m pretty sure they choose the maps while I go random map though). I rarely see the stank as well, so it’s just never been an issue for me. Similarly, my allies clear it just fine.

I imagine the general idea is you either make units that hit hard against armor or maneuver whatever units you have to deal with the Stank at the moment.

Just hit F2 and right click on the stank

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The elites will tell you, the best way is to finish before you face the stanks. Stanks don’t come out till night 3, and elites finish by Day 3.

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As much as I respect those guys that play nothing but DoN, I really only play it now if they put the mutation on it.

Played a ton of it this past summer with the last stimpack. It’s a good map. The bonus is challenging to get, which always makes the map funner. I like the Hellion mission in WoL too.

Aye, as Swann I had Tanks on uphill, but didn’t stop it from rampaging through the defenses. If what you said is true about the building, then building Thors instead of Turrets is probably the way to go.

Let’s see, so the heavy units are Immortals, Ultralisks, and Thors, yes? So is it wiser to always assume Stank would come, and get those out as soon as possible ?

No, I wouldn’t bother doing that. Gauge it yourself in terms of your own average timings.

If you usually take at least 3N, then there’s only a 50% chance Stank spawns once. If you would need at least 4N, then I’d get more prepared for it likely to show up during one of those 2 nights.

That said, it shouldn’t cause you to go out of your way to make different units to deal with it. As Swann, tanks alone is enough as long as you are continuously producing. N3 falls after 17min, and that’s enough time to max out (if not close to). Similarly by N4.

Now if you want to make other units, that’s fine. Thors are technically better at burst than Tanks, but only due to the (300mm cannon?) ability. Assuming you can cast on Stank, given how slow it moves.

As other commanders, any unit that does bonus to “armored tag” will do. I wouldn’t use Ultralisk (due to collision size for surround and melee for damage taken). If you’re Kerrigan, Kerrigan alone is enough, spam those abilities or you will die.

Throw Hellbats at it. They’ll be your frontline damage sponges while your heavy artillery wails on the Stank. I think you kill it much easier if you spam Lock On with many Cyclones, though.


Cyclone master race!


Expendable units seem to be the best way to deal with it since it attacks slowly enough that you can whittle it down while it kills whatever you threw at it.