Crashing during authentication


I have been battling this all day since finishing isntallation. It crashes while authenticating 100% of the time with this error code.

-Updated GPU driver
-Updated Windows
-Optimized settings in GeForce for the heck of it
-Tried changing SC2 CPU affinity to use less cores
-Error says installation files are damaged, scan & repair says no files are damaged
-Tried running in x32 for the heck of it then changed it back to x64
-Tried running BNET as admin
-Tried running in full screen and full screen borderless
-I don’t really have the option to delete and reinstall, I am away from home and used up my hotspot data to download.

Hey Izoli,

Looks like these crashes are being caused by OneDrive syncing your Documents folder. Starcraft II saves files in the Documents folder on your Windows user profile, so if OneDrive is syncing it then it’ll cause this crash on launch.

Try disabling the Documents folder sync in OneDrive settings. Note that just uninstalling OneDrive will not work, so the sync has to be disabled first. This link should help: