Costs of structures

It could be more expensive and to need more build time for building a structure because they have much more hit points and size and because those factors are out of proportion with the costs.

Care to elaborate? Structures are intentionally far more durable than units. Thats the tradeoff for them being, well, structures.

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suply depoe shuld b much moer biger, sence it can onlee fit for SPEHSS MEHREENS n it. I agree

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Depots were actually bigger in Brood War, but they also weren’t square back then.

true, and the pathing was much different, too. Comsat station, no mules, no injects, no warp gate… Arbiter recall :rofl:

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I don’t care to elaborate, it’s true that they are more durable and I want them to be more appreciated.

Cool. Then i dont care to give your idea any consideration. If you arent going to make any effort to explain why its needed, im not going to make any effort to think about your idea.

This idea is not wise in my opinion. As it is likely a game breaking meta change.

It’s a giant buff to zerg, due to hatcheries being both worker and combat unit producing structures. Yes Zerg makes more hatcheries than CCs and Nexus but fewer structures overall . Structures costing more, and taking longer to build is a nerf to races that build more structures, so not Zerg.

I am of the opinion that StarCraft II would be more fun with these macro mechanics removed.

Ignoring the one obligatory good player (Serral), Zerg does need a buff right now. Although I think this would be one of the worst ways to do it. It’s not so much Zerg needing buffed anyway as much as Protoss needs nerfed.

except that you’re sitting here responding, while adding nothing to the conversation. Typical Kelthar. How’s Lockdown?

i think a lot of things got changed from SC/BW to WoL and so forth that did speed the game up, but didn’t necessarily make it more fun. I like the premise behind the ideas of Warp Gate and Inject Larva, but MULEs seem a bit meh; they’re pretty bland and sort of thrown in there to give the terran an ability I think. Mostly injecting is just so bland… you drop mules, you see an income spike immediately. Chrono boost and you can catch up or get ahead. Inject? Now I wait 40s before anything happens… Maybe zerg players are the more patient race.

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A conversation requires both sides to participate. I invited him to, he declined. Not sure what more you expect then.

Reynor? Dark? Not good players.

Anyway I don’t disagree about balance changes being needed. But we’re talking about a change that affects every single building. Not sure what the effect would be but it be game changing. Maybe it would make the game better for all I know (longer build time would certainly slow the game now, lot’s people feel SC2 is too fast too enjoy).

But a change like this could break the game (yeah some people think it is already broke but let’s put that aside for a sec). It would certainly blow up all timings and build orders as we know them.

Considering this game might get balanced like once a year, seems unwise to make big changes, better to take a more careful approach.

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The only building right now that needs a price reduction is the fleet beacon.

*The only building right now that needs a price doubling is the fleet beacon. Fixed that for you.

Sorry, I think u misunderstood me, I mean I don’t care to do buildings in the game.

You dont… what? Huh?

I dont understand.

I don’t care to do structures while game running because is necessary.

What do u mean with elaborate?

I mean describe it in more detail. Tell me more.

Barracks cost 150 and have 1000 HP then the proportion is 1.5:10 and a single marine cost 50 and have 45 HP then the proportion is 1:0.9 just observing the costs and HP.