Community Update - July 16, 2019

Hey all,

Two weeks ago, we announced our plans to propose and test two separate sets of possible changes for the next big Versus patch. Since our last community update, we’ve gotten a great deal of constructive feedback from the fruitful community discussions around the first set of changes proposed. We are now ready to introduce Proposal #2, which will replace Proposal #1 in the testing tab later today. Partly because of generally positive feedback, both possible iterations of the next patch will include the following:

  • Stimpack: Upgrade research duration reduced from 121 to 100 seconds.

  • New upgrade Enhanced Shockwaves: Increases the radius of the Ghost’s EMP Round from 1.5 to 2. Cost: 150/150. Research time: 79 seconds.

  • Carrier: Interceptor build time decreased from 11 to 9.

  • Nexus: Strategic Recall cooldown increased from 85 to 130 seconds.

In addition, we saw a bug report circulating around various community forums describing how the Infested Terran’s Infested Rockets weapon ignores armor. We plan to roll out a fix for this along with this upcoming patch, but since this bugfix has a similar effect to our initially proposed Infested Rockets change, we’ll be replacing that change with this bugfix.

  • Bugfix: Infested Terran: Infested Rockets will no longer ignore armor.

Proposal #2

For Proposal #2, we’ll be including the above changes, but removing our most experimental change involving Warp Prism warp-in speed.

Removed Changes:

  • Warp Prisms no longer start with the Warp Conduit passive ability and warp-ins will take 11 seconds when not near a Warp Gate or Nexus, up from 4.
  • The Gravitic Drive upgrade now has the added functionality of granting Warp Prisms the Warp Conduit passive ability, reducing warp-in time from 11 to 4.

Though this change is a significant redesign, it does a good job at addressing multiple issues in one condensed stroke. Some of these issues include the strength and variety of Protoss all-ins in PvZ, the harassment strength of Warp Prisms, and the overall power level of Protoss. In its stead, we’d like to make the following additions with Proposal #2:

Added Changes:


  • Overlord’s Pneumatized Carapace upgrade research cost decreased from 100/100 to 75/75.

We hope this change will address the difficultly Zerg has in the early game, when scouting their Protoss opponents—specifically, their ability to differentiate between tech choices and the various Immortal-based timings. In our initial feedback from professional players, we heard varied opinions regarding the efficacy of this change, so we want to be very careful that Overlord speed openings don’t become omnipresent in either ZvT or ZvP.


  • Warp Prism cost increased from 200 to 250 minerals.

The Warp Prism is perceived as a powerful unit with a lot of utility, providing both harassment and all-in opportunities. We believe this cost increase will more accurately reflect the unit’s power level.

  • Warp Prism pickup range decreased from 6 to 5.

We view Warp Prism ranged pickup as one of the more positive additions to LotV—it provides for many skill-testing micro opportunities, encourages Protoss to poke at their opponents without overly committing their army, and allows top players the ability to distinguish themselves. On the other hand, the large pickup range can be frustrating to play against and contributes to the potency of Immortal all-ins. As such, we think there is room to adjust the opponent’s ability to interact with the Prism and the level of risk the Prism must put itself in while it juggles its cargo. Our primary concern with the suggested change in the current landscape is that it could potentially impact PvZ macro openings more than it would PvZ all-in openings.

  • Zealot Charge additional impact damage decreased from 8 to 0. After researching Charge, Zealot will still retain the ability to always hit a fleeting target at least once.

Zealots contribute greatly to the power level of Protoss in all matchups, whether they’re used in direct engagements or as part of a harassment role in combination with Warp Prisms. In both these roles, we believe Zealots might be slightly too powerful relative to their cost and the control required to use them. Our intention with this change is both to lower the frontal power of the Protoss army and to slightly diminish the strength of Zealot harassment throughout the game.

In PvZ, this change will also allow unupgraded Zerglings the ability to take additional hits from Chargelots without +1 ground weapons, allowing them to be much more resilient to Charge-based timings (including popular ones that involve Immortals). It would also restore the relationship between weapon-upgraded Zealots and carapace-upgraded Zerglings, an interaction that dates back to the original StarCraft.

Our general rationale for breaking apart all the aforementioned changes in Proposal #2 from Proposal #1 is that we believe they represent two distinct approaches to addressing many of the same issues. For the Charge change specifically, we believe not only that it has overlap with the Prism warp-in speed change, but the severity of both changes combined would also be too extreme for a mid-year balance patch.

As this change is one to a core Protoss unit that is used at all phases of the game in all matchups, we plan to be extra attentive to how it plays. If it does end up going live, we’ll careful monitor just how significantly each Protoss matchup changes in their respective mid-games.

Testing and Feedback

Now that you’ve heard both proposals and are familiar with all the possible changes for the next balance update, it’s time to deliver your feedback. Which proposal do you like better? Is there anything you would tweak from either proposal? We look forward to hearing from you once again!

–StarCraft II Team


MUCH more reasonable.

But we can address the fact that Cannon Rushing is a major topic right now? Even if it is balanced, I am not convinced it is healthy for the game. Let’s find ways to make it less cheesy.


Reasonable set of changes.

Thanks for not gutting the Infestor.


Oof, FeelsGoodMan )))

Great changes!
The only thing we are missing is changes to the infestor! Neural is too good at 9 range and not very fun mechanic! watching a protoss or terran army kill itself is not exciting


This is cool but when do you guys will fix the oracle damage bug? that you adressed at the beggining of the year? you said that it will get fixed after wcs winter, and well wcs summer had ended and you never said something of it again.

for the rest of the poposals I like them I think they are better than the last ones :slight_smile: Thanks!


These changes seem really good and reasonable. I really hope the charge nerf makes it through, it’s been long overdue tbh. Getting a additional attack dmg with charge is OP.


I like the Zelot nerff (one of the Protoss core units) called …“change”.

We are in full Orwell-speak.

Good job:

  • Recall: Nerffed …sorry changed.
  • Prism Nerffed …sorry changed.
  • Zealot Nerffed … sorry changed.
  • Carrier (Building Interceptors will not take one minute and a half but…one minute and 10 seconds) …that is a huge buff.

Please address next the Storm:

  • Storm changes from damage 80 in 3 seconds in damage 81 in 8 seconds.

This is all good and well.
But how will this change the fact that zergs win like 80% of the games in lategame stage on pro level?
I don’t know. Maybe this is supposed to be the case. That zerg is just strong lategame?


So no real warp prism nerf? Which is the only nerf relevant in terms of zvp recall is much more significant in tvp.

I understand the overlord speed buff. But what zvp needs is ZERG having a percent of protoss’ harass potential. Which is most easily done with drop overlord upgrade in hatchery tech. So that zerg has harass potential without alling with nydus.

All this talk about zergs infestor heavy late game being good is related to this as well zerg has no early game no real harass potential and realisticly no mid game agression, protoss can hold much more supply in roach ravager agression with prism immortal juggle and shield battery.

So in conclusion because zerg has no harass potential, no real early attacks viable not even real mid game attacks zerg has to play late game with infestor bl. There is no reason to wonder why zergs play this way, it is what is viable. So nerfing infestors, nerfing zerg late game requires giving zerg at least some non-allin harass potential. Same with zvt zerg cannot kill terran without hive tech and has to stay on creep, push creep towards enemy bases needs spore support to engage.

As late game potential of zerg gets weaker and weaker eveypatch and terrans late game gets buffed every patch there is a need for balancing early game options as well.


Great changes Blizzard.

Just remember that never in the entire history of SC2 or even BW has there been 7 players of the same race in the quarterfinals of a premier Korean tournament until the last GSL Super Tournament, where there were 7 Protoss players out of 8 players.

That’s 20 years of pro BW and SC2 in Korea where we never had 7 player of the same race in the quarterfinals, until the last GSL Super Tournament. Protoss is just broken.


With that out of the way:

Much more reasonable set of changes. Tackles power of units without affecting how those units are used, or how Protoss plays in general.


Most zergs we see in that late game, and wining thouse late games are top zergs so I actually think that is the first reason of most late games Zergs wining.
But outside of that part of the problem was actually the infested terran just melting everything in the air with the bug fix of it no longer ignoring armor will probably change a lot the way late games are saw. So I think we need to see what happens maybe still will be needed a slight adjust


Read the hole thing bro :3


Instead of doing that, why not reduce the cost of burrow to 75/75?. Burrow would be a great upgrade to get as response since you could do burrow micro with roaches against the all-ins which tend to lack an observer.

Reducing the cost of burrow also promotes more Zerg burrow play in general, especially TvZ which always has explosive action.

I see the logic of allowing Zergs to get overlord speed slightly quicker, however I think you are not considering something with this change. Nydus worm rushes.

Decent change, the WP has always felt like it should cost a little more for how much you can do with it.

Good change that should have been done a while ago. This directly addresses the main complaint in ZvP about the warp prism which is the abuse of the 6 pick up range, while still allowing for WP pick up micro.

This change should have been done years ago, so good work.

Giving Charge damage made the Zealot have such a huge power spike against so many different unit compositions.


I like proposal number 2 way more (about the WP and zealot changes).

I still don’t like the stim research decrease though.

I’d say go with proposal number 2 for the WP and Zealot changes and go with everything else from proposal 1 minus the stim buff and WP changes.


so still no change/nerf for infestor but everything nerf protoss to a point they will have no chance because you nerf the timings with a compensation for late game pvz

while its reasonable for pvt
zergs will even more dominate pvz with the changes

I don’t understand
why you bliz never consider combine the attacks of viking aa to one stronger rocket
or fixing the splash issue of libs air-attack from full flat 1,75 radius to smaller dmg circles for 100% and a bigger circle for like 50%dmg that you buff its aa massiv without breaking the game


Gateway units heavy PvT gets nerfed again!

After nerfing upgrade times from last balance patch on March 25, 2019, com’on blizzard, you are gonna nerf zealots and buff stim ?!

Blizzard pretty much persuades Protoss players to go Colossi and try to survive the mid-game like what they did in WoL when Medivac had even no speed boost…


Right… remind me how many of these tournaments has protoss actually won compared to terran and zerg? Just this year:

Toss: 2
Terran: 3
Zerg: 5

This year and last year combined:

Toss: 4
Terran: 7
Zerg: 14

Yeah sure seems super broken XD. But on a real note I’m for the most part fine with the changes. Am interested to see how a couple of them play out though.