Community Update - August 6, 2019

Hey everyone,

Over the past month, we featured two sets of possible changes on the testing tab. After digesting all the discussion and feedback, we’re ready to announce the final set of changes in the upcoming balance update. These changes will be updated to the balance test mod later today, and the final set of changes will go live on the ladder on August 20th, the start date of season 3.
Before we reveal the final list of changes, we’d like to go over some of the changes we decided not to move forward with:

  • Warp Prisms no longer start with the Warp Conduit passive ability and warp-ins will take 11 seconds when not near a Warp Gate or Nexus, up from 4. The Gravitic Drive upgrade now has the added functionality of granting Warp Prisms the Warp Conduit passive ability, reducing warp-in time from 11 to 4.

We saw a lot constructive discussion surrounding this proposal, and we believe a change along these lines could have a lot of interesting consequences. However, we felt the impact of the change using the numbers proposed would be too great, especially for a mid-year patch.

  • Zealot Charge additional impact damage decreased from 8 to 0. After researching Charge, Zealots will still retain the ability to always hit a fleeting target at least once.

This change was originally proposed to address multiple concerns, such as the potency of all-ins in PvZ, the frontal pushing power of the Protoss army, especially in PvT, and the overall potential for harassment when used with Warp Prisms. However, after further consideration, we now believe the totality of the remaining changes proposed are sufficient to address these concerns for now.

New Change

  • Infested Terran Infested Rockets weapon cooldown increased from 0.95 to 1.14.

In the last community update, we proposed fixing a bug, which allowed Infested Rockets to ignore armor. This was in lieu of a different proposal from a previous update to decrease Infested Rockets attack damage from 14 to 12. Though these two changes are comparable, the bugfix is a much greater hit to the Infested Rocket’s effectiveness against naturally high-armored air units.

Following this last update, we received additional feedback that even with the bugfix, Infested Terrans would be still too powerful against Protoss late-game armies. While we considered going forward with both the bugfix and the damage decrease, we thought the combination would synergize too much at weakening their damage output against high-armored air units. And while this is desirable to some extent, our primary intention was to temper the Infested Terran’s strength against Interceptors. Thus, we’d instead like to go with an approximate 20% weapon cooldown increase, which would more evenly reduce the Infested Terran’s effectiveness against all air units. This brings us to our final list of changes:

Final Changes

  • Stimpack upgrade research duration decreased from 121 seconds to 100 seconds.

  • New upgrade: Enhanced Shockwaves: Increases the radius of the Ghost’s EMP Round from 1.5 to 2. Cost: 150/150. Research time: 79 seconds.


  • Overlord/Overseer Pneumatized Carapace upgrade research cost decreased from 100/100 to 75/75.
  • Infested Terran Infested Rockets weapon cooldown increased from 0.95 to 1.14.
  • Bugfix: Infested Terran Infested Rockets weapon will no longer ignore armor.


  • Warp Prism cost increased from 200 minerals to 250 minerals.
  • Warp Prism pick up range decreased from 6 to 5.
  • Carrier Interceptor build time decreased from 11 seconds to 9 seconds.
  • Nexus Strategic Recall cooldown increased from 85 to 130 seconds.

The remaining changes proposed over the last month have generally been well received, and we’re confident in moving forward with this finalized list. As always, we thank you for your valuable continued feedback. We’ll see you on the ladder!

–StarCraft II Team


I think this is a solid start! The zealot change was a bit too far, but it can be brought back at the end of the year if you choose.

This is going to be an interesting patch!


lol… that’s not gonna fix the late game PvZ issue we are having… zerg will still auto win when reach late game evenly with protoss. look, you nerf the all in, buff late game protoss so we at least have a chance of winning?

PS: zerg nydus has been untouched? 4 queens and lots of speedlings in my main by minute 4 is so bs. I have to open robo now, otherwise i die to this bs every game vs zerg. cuz with other opening, i couldnt even kill the damn thing!

gonna take a break from this bs meta, see you next balance patch~(or never)


good change- but im scared bout overlord speed every game and emp late game may be to strong


Big balance patch idea: remove infested terrans and give infestors another ability. No one likes free units. They are frustrating to play against and it’s a bit insane to put all of Zergs late game holes into 1 unit the infestors. Spread it out introduce a new unit. Modify swarm host to be an anti air unit. Idk entangle may not have ended up being the Best spell but at least it removed infested terrans for a week. Please get rid of them.


thanks obama :us: :muscle:


You’re absolutely delusional. The late game nerf to the infestor is huge. The bugfix in itself constitutes a damage-reduction from 17 to 12 vs Carriers, assuming lategame with +3 upgrades. Thats a 30% dmg decrease. On top of that they shoot 16,666% slower. So the new dmg now is 12*0,8333 = 10. So overall a dmg decrease from 17 to 10 aka 41%.

Also you can just kill a nydus by pulling workers and maybe a zealot or 2. Just need vision in your main base. Really not that hard…


These look solid.

I want to commend Blizz for how you guys have handled these latest balance changes. The communication and transparency have been awesome, the multiple batches worked out great in focusing community discussion and the reasonings and overall end results are very positive.

Whether these changes have large impacts or small, healthy or unhealthy, the process by which these changes came about is what I think the model should be for balance changes in the future.


Well, we really don’t need people like you in the community, so go ahead, take a break.


I think that ideal change would be the following: “Zealot: Charge ability always starts on the cooldown”


Yay another change that will just force terran to be more gimmicky and do more all ins/ 2 base timings, since lategame will still be the same in tvp and tvz !
This highlight well how poor designed the game is now …


I hope a big re-design is coming. Protoss still needs to go mostly air because their ground army is terrible. Re-work the collo into a AA unit, do some changes to the stalkers. The toss, like terran, can have an all ground army, both races will have viable choices, air or ground. Would also be nice if toss actually have to control zealots rather than a-moving a bunch.


Protoss nerfed
Zerg nerfed
Terran buffed

Just your regular balance patch.

Zergs will still dominate the late game because Zerg players are simply better at it. You can’t nerf skill.


These changes look to be ok. I don’t like the nerf on infested terran, but I don’t spawn them because they’re either mostly or completely slaughtered long before ever hatching from the too long incubation or immediately after before ever getting off a shot be it rocket or machine gun. I still worry about the early terran aggression with the shorter stim time, in TvZ and TvP, but we’ll see how it plays out. the rest looks good.

Thanks for keeping the Zealot strong.

Please keep the Zealot strong. Weaken other stuff if you must. Keep the Zealot a holy terror on the ground.

DISCLAIMER: i play 60% of my games as Random and 40% of my games as Terran.


Good changes, definitely in the right direction and Blizzard team deserve some appreciation for their communication and dialogue with the community and pro players.

IMO the Zealot still needs to be toned down in some way. Charge doing damage without the Zealot even hitting its target makes 0 sense in terms of design. Too bad we will still have to deal with Nydus and Swarm Hosts being untouched as well, both are way too cheap for what they do.

Zerg late game even with the IT nerf will still be the best by quite a good margin too. Fungal + Infested Terran + Abduct + Parasitic Bomb + Broodlords + Neural just counters every single army comp from both Terran and Protoss


Reasonable change, but I feel that the infested Terran is not the only problem. Unlike Terran can choose Tank or Liberator (ghost emp is stronger as well), Protoss has few way to kill mass infestors under the protection of spores and brood lords. They may still cast their spells and retreat safely. They may also use neural on all Protoss capital ships and fungal the lesser ones in the last battle.
High templars were used against mass spell casters, but feedback could no longer kill them anymore unless they have full energy. I may also suggest to buff feedback a little bit, like 0.75 damage per energy drain against psionic target, and keep 0.5 against everything else.


I think that zealots still need some kind of nerf, maybe not as impactful but something needs to be changed. They should either be tanky or do a lot of damage and for now they do both. Charge damage should be nerfed to 4 or you should consider decreasing their armor/shields instead. But at least warp prism and recall which are the most frustrating to play against are being adressed so it’s good to know that blizzard balance team is listening to the players.


Thank you balance team. There are currently 5 Protoss player out of 8 total that are in contention to qualify for Blizzcon. Just 1 Terran and 2 Zerg are in the top 8 for Korea.

5 out of 8 are Protoss for Korea for Blizzcon. What horrible balance that is. This patch should help a little, but it may be too late.