Co-op progression stuck at level 5

My commanders Reynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis are stuck at level 5. Im at level 300+… I tried to restart Battlenet but the problem remains.


I have the same problem. BUT the Heroes I bought remained level

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I have the same problem (Raynor/Kerrigun/Artanis = 5lvl). BUT the Heroes I bought remained level/
Also current lvl was 1000+

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I have the same issue, Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis are back to level 5. Others remained the level they are.

I have the same problem they got reset to lvl 5 although the prestige is still there, so I am stuck with Reynor at lvl5 but still have my prestige.

I have same bug Raynor 5 Kerringan 4 Arthanis 5 and Abatur 5, where can see answer?

Me too!I have the same bug!

I have the same problem too!

I have the same problem too…

Experiencing same issue hope this gets fixed, thank you

Мои командиры Рейнор, Керриган и Артанис застряли на уровне 5. У меня уровень 86+… Я пытался перезапустить Battlenet, но проблема осталась. когда эта ошыбку убирёте?

Same issue with Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis being reset to 5 after advancing higher than that.

Hey folks,

I passed along this recent recurrence of commander resets/capping.

Hey folks,

Give it a try now. Be sure to completely log out of the game and the launcher, wait about 30 second, then log back in.

If you still are having trouble, reply back here in the thread.

I have the same problem, all commanders are only level 5

I just noticed my Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis had their prestige levels reset back to P0 too. It happened earlier this year to some of my other commanders as well. Slowly working them back up but useless if more keep resetting. Can’t work on my ascension level if I’m spending time trying to prestige all the commanders again.

All my commanders got reset to level 1, except Karax to level 2. Could you please fix that? Thank you!

I also encountered the same problem

Hi, I did what you instructed but it is still capped at lvl 5.

OMG, capped to level 5! It happens again. I met the problem a few months ago this year, and it was fixed automatically after 2 weeks. Should I wait 2 weeks again? Why does it always have the bug?