Co-Op Mutation #331: Together Forever

The enemy has developed a new type of armor. It is calibrated to absorb the energies of one commander’s attacks, and render the user invulnerable to that army. It also includes a single-use emergency recharge device that restores the armor to full health. Coordinate with your ally to cover each other’s weakness and bring victory to the first Ascendant.

Just Die! - Enemy units are automatically revived upon death.
Polarity - Each enemy unit is immune to either your units or your ally’s units.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Network Administrator] [Twotuuu Chaotic Power Couple]
[CtG Lone Puppy] [Dr Lila Renegade Commander]
[CtG Devouring One] Sticksbender Desolate Queen
[CtG Best Buddy] llllllllll Lone Puppy
[CtG Keeper of Shadows] [Lowko Best Buddy]

[Reddit Post Link]


  • Half of every single attack wave and every base is immune to your or your ally. This means you cannot split between separate attack waves; both need to attack the same location simultaneously.
  • Just Die! revives enemies after their death animation. They respawn with full health.
  • Only the units immune to your army will have a [polarity shield icon] on top. Another way is to mouse over the enemy unit and look at the selection circle:
  • Hybrids also respawn upon death, and will continue to support Amon’s champion.
  • Immobilization Wave, Time Stop, and other movement/attack restricting spells still work on enemy units immune to you, but they deal 0 damage.
  • You can manually target the enemy units immune to you, but it will do 0 damage.

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Mutation difficulty: CtG - YouTube
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Commander of the Week winner of last week:

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Mutation overlap 145 this week 2nd

1st clear Mengsk P3+Zagara P1

Mutation (Together Forever) play list

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One of those chained at the hip mutations, bleh.

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What if you’re conjoined though? :crazy_face:

“Will your ally kill you, be good. or suck?” the mutator. XD

Ah this will be fun random queue.

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“Together Forever”…but not with me.
Polarity bleh. Especially on Chain of Ascension where unlike Lock&Load, the enemy win by default when occupying the same area around the objective.

1st two tries - Abathur + Zagara - Failed
3rd try - Abathur+ Tychus - Failed
4th try - Zeratul P1 + Tychus P3 - SUCCESS

Oh yeah solo queue is fun. Tanked 9 losses. Two Dehakas were instantly deleted first wave. Three times lost at last hybrid base due to not enough time. Story continues…

Remember, when in doubt, solo the mission :wink: .

Tech to add mind control ally to solo polarity when? :laughing:

Had a p1 Swann ally. He never really made units – in fact, he didn’t take his natural until about 20 minutes in – but it worked fine.

If you can get past the big wave in the beginning, you know which one, you good.

Recall doing Polarity on CoA as well. My Raynor ally tried take out a bunch of BCs with a bunch of Marines, but that wasn’t enough. I couldn’t just OS them, and that, was that :frowning:

Went P2 Mengsk (I didn’t have P3 unlocked at the time) with a P2 Stetmann.

Stetmann’s FAST zones allowed us to move anywhere quickly which was a huge help in the late game. However, his overcharged HUGS was key. Weakling Troopers with healing and shields was a massive help. Additionally, the Stetalites all over the map slowed the attack waves down because they would pause to kill each one they passed.

We spent so much time chasing down waves, fighting the hybrids, rescuing Jinara, rescuing our expos, etc that the final hybrids spawned before we started clearing the final base. We had no choice but to charge in. A full mandate Dogs of War distracted them as we smashed through. We finished off the hybrid with Jinara around the expos area.

From there we never left her side as we walked her all the way to the end. We only defended her and ignored all the attack waves. This was where the Stetalites came in handy: the Stetalites slowed the waves down so much that they never reached our base(s).

In the end, we pulled it off. A little messy and hectic, but never in serious danger.

We decided early on to skip the bonuses.


Did this as Vorazun P2 and Nova P2 ally.

My idea was that Dominate would counter Just Die! (As only had to Dominate them once) and Withering Siphon would counter Polarity (as Withering Siphon does damage to all units. Is it a bug? Is it a feature???).

Super fun! The Protoss ground comp couldn’t stand up to the CC of Centurions, Dark Templar Void Stasis, Corsair Disruption Web and Dark Archon Confusion. Dominating an Arbiter was just GG as suddenly all of our units could benefit from Strike from the Shadows.

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Yeah it’s a known bug. The withering siphon doing damage to polarized units.

Oh yeah. Mc Arbiters has a surprising range of abilities. Aoe cloak (to all but arbiter), You also should have i think a aoe teleport unless disabled that can strand allies on cliffs.

Pretty fun unit, and yeah neat interactions. I mean yeah, i don’t think i’m being dishonest here when i say that everybody learns more about the builds they play, and the mode’s and unit interactions they main. Some of the only ways to learn about odd brutal+ interactions seems to hear about them or run into them. Some of them just seem bizarrely spaghetti coded lmao. (I should probably go do my daily raids by now lmao. )

Hi Octo! Was a fun game. Cool to see you are such a community contributor. I was on BNET forums to look at tips for how to play han and horner and came across you a bunch.

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it’s mutation like these i miss all my friend who used to play. <_<
Queuing for a random ally with polarity is just asking for a painful moment.

Was a rough one. Went P2 swarm hosts but they literally couldn’t reach any biomass due to respawned polarized units moving past toxic nests. Opened with 3 roach → bruta instead and it worked out. Once past the mega wave mass SH made it pretty easy.

Tychus is a really good commander in this one. Rattlesnake heal was really clutch early on.